B&B Tuesday Update 3/4/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/4/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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I wanna be on “Star Search”!!!!


“The Bold and the Beautiful” will be preempted on Thursday March 20th and Friday March 21st. I got my weeks confused. On those days instead of Y&R, B&B, ATWT, and GL you’ll see NCAA “March Madness” (college basketball). What will I be doing? Hmm, takin’ a break.

On with the recap.


In the doorway of the Forrester mansion, Stephanie begs Ridge to stay so they can talk and work through this together. Ridge wonders where all that “togetherness” was when she was hiding the truth from everybody. Ridge vows to tell Eric everything. Things get heated when the two walk back into the house. Ridge says things are so different now with everybody including his brothers and sisters and his father. Stephanie strictly tells him to not devastate his father like this. Ridge refuses to perpetuate Stephanie’s lies. Stephanie retorts that Portofino should have taught Ridge how much Eric loves and adores him. Ridge again refuses to be the bad guy on this. Just then, Eric walks in.

Stephanie thought Eric has business down town. Pssh, yeah but that’s all done now so he can spend the rest of the day with HIS family. Ridge lays it on thick about how Stephanie has been manipulating all of them, much to Stephanie’s chagrin and well, horror. Things move really quick and I think Ridge might be spitting out the truth in the next few minutes. Ridge says Stephanie’s game is finally up and he won’t let her get away with it anymore.

Eric tells Ridge to watch his mouth around his mother. Ridge slams Stephanie some more, but then admits that Eric has always kept this family together. Well, ‘cept when he went after Brooke, Sheila, and Lauren. He hugs his dad very affectionately. Eric wonders what is going on. Is this about Taylor, Brooke, or Thomas in the hospital? Ridge says he has lost his family. Eric promises that he, Stephanie, and the kids are not going anywhere. When Eric guesses that Ridge is feeling upset about the fact that Thomas was sick and could have died, he understands his mentality. God knows, Eric couldn’t imagine losing one of his sons. Those words stop Ridge from telling Eric the truth. Stephanie suggests Ridge go home to his kids, and he does just that.

Eric isn’t upset Bridget turned down her scholarship to Copenhagen. He feels that Ridge needs her and he is happy to have his daughter around. Stephanie feels it’s a mistake that she turned it down, but if keeping his children in his life makes him happy, then who is she to take that away.

Catherine catches Thomas playing a handheld video game. She surprises him so he messes up and “dies” which is indicated through a quick “blip” noise. Anyway, she tells him he has a book report to be working on that is due soon. Thomas hasn’t even finished the book yet. Catherine realizes he is despondent about Bridget leaving. Thomas wonders who Bridget is. Hah, typically child response. She asks him to make it through a few pages while she finishes the girls’ bath. When the doorbell rings, Catherine yells for Thomas to get it. Hmm, are kids supposed to the answer the door, especially with no windows or peep holes? I mean this is LA. Anyway, Thomas is pleasantly surprised to find Bridget waiting for him.

Thomas can’t wait to tell everyone about the news that Bridget is back in town. Bridget explains how Ridge stopped her at the airport. Mass waltzes in the door to see Bridget and Thomas talking and happily smiles. Thomas makes Bridget promise she won’t up and leave like that again. Bridget promises him that. Thomas runs to tell the girls about the news. Mass is overjoyed to hear that Bridget is staying, though she doesn’t look thrilled to see him.

Bridget bursts Mass’ bubble by revealing she and Ridge have talked their feelings out and have realized the notion they are in love is a “joke.” The picture goes a little funny here which I’m not sure is the responsibility of the cable feed or the director. Mass’ smile quickly fades.

More boring talk between Bridget and Mass. Long story short, Mass advises Bridget to be there for Ridge, even as just a friend. He wants her to support him so he isn’t too vulnerable to ol’ Brooke. I think Bridget can handle that.

Rick finds out from Brooke that Bridget stayed in LA. Brooke thinks there is a mystery man in Bridget’s life that kept her in town, but it isn’t CJ, or so Brooke thinks. They wonder who else it could be. Brooke thinks she might have to get Rick to do some investigating. Rick washes his hands of that and wants to leave Budge alone. Finally someone with some sense. Rick uses this as a segue to ask Brooke about the ring Ridge gave her. She says that relationship is dead in the water as of now. She may have blown it with him for good.

Brooke explains how angry Ridge is and how she made some bad calls recently. She has lost Ridge’s trust. Rick wonders why Brooke is being such a quitter about this. He advises her to fight for Ridge, but to be smart about unlike in the past.

Ridge visits Taylor’s grave again. The inscription reads “Dr. Taylor Forrester,” followed by “Dedicated Mother and Wife,” and then on the following line it reads “Dedicated Care Giver.” He admits he couldn’t tell Eric the truth. He wonders what he is supposed to do now. He misses her so much and needs her advice. Ridge explains how he has no one to talk to about this. He certainly can’t speak to Stephanie about this, or Brooke, or any of his siblings. Everyone in some way or another is involved in this. What about Dr. Quick? Oh that’s right. She’s now Trashy Tricia, the woman who screws things up rather than helps people. Anyway, Ridge asks for a sign. Just then, a hand reaches down and touches Ridge’s shoulder. He turns around and is apparently very surprised. Is it Taylor? Haha or maybe even Bridget? Hold the phone! This scene is almost identical to the Macy/Thorne reunion in 2001. After breaking up with Brooke, Thorne visited Macy’s grave and “a hand” reached down and touched his shoulder, just like here. Thorne turned around and was very surprised by what he saw, just like here. Oh writers/directors, give me a break.

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