B&B Monday Update 2/24/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/24/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Mass and Bridget continue their heated talk outside Eric’s office. Mass can’t see how going to Copenhagen will help anybody. She retorts that she’ll be so busy she won’t be able to think about anything. Mass says that down deep Bridget wants Ridge. Bridget tells him to leave and says he’ll be waiting around a long time for his wishes to come true. With that Bridget stomps into her father’s office.

Gladys Pope, played by Phyllis Diller, pays Sally a visit. Turns out Sally called her because she needs some good disguises. Sally explains the situation with Thorne, and about how he has a roommate. Gladys knew about Macy’s return and is happy to help. Sally wants Gladys to join her in her undercover work. Oh this oughta be great. Gladys is hot to trot over Thorne. She bluntly says she wouldn’t mind popping “his top” when referring to his six pack. Whew. How old is she like 85? Another one of her lines had to do with “exposing” Thorne. Gosh now there are 3 women after the guy. Hehe. Sally and Gladys get to work on their disguise. Gotta love the Phyllis Diller.

Speak of the devil, Thorne smiles to himself. He’s probably pretty proud of himself for ultimately getting rid of Lorenzo. Brooke notices it and is happy that he has Macy back. You know I know Brooke brought a lot trouble on herself, but wouldn’t she be a little angry that Macy nearly killed her and wrecked her car? Brooke never once admitted what happened was her fault. She said Macy was nuts. I wonder why she would suddenly get over it. Stephanie wanders to the door of Eric’s office and finds Bridget. The two step back outside, where Mass is not anymore and discuss her trip. Stephanie assures her this is the right thing to do. She wants her to focus on herself and promises the family will take care of Ridge and the kids. She advises her to grab this opportunity and never look back. Stephanie announces Bridget’s arrival at the party and everyone cheers.

Question how can no one see Mass standing out there? He managed to wander back and bumps into Ridge. Ridge is in no mood to talk because he wants to find out why Bridget is leaving town like this. Mass assures him he has all the answers. The go to Stephanie’s office to talk about this.

At Thorne’s, Tricia marvels over her turkey and bastes it. MMMM. Turkey. She says Thorne is going to love this. Just then, there’s a knock at the door. Oh my god! It’s Sally and Gladys in workmen uniforms! I can tell its Sally. She looks like a cowboy turned repairman while Gladys looks like a very old short guy with a bushy beard. Gladys’ disguise is great! Anyway they ask if Tricia is the Mrs. Nope. Gladys asks if she is the mistress! Hah! Sally quickly glances at her and Gladys covers that she meant the mistress of the house. Tricia says she lives over the garage. Then Gladys remarks that she bets Tricia likes to keep Thorne’s chassis warm. What?! Oh my god. When Tricia asks what this is about, Gladys tells her to cool her jets. Sally manages to cover that that is the company name. They are there to service the hot tub which they do once a month. Gladys chimes in that if they are late it causes many a sleepless nights and cackles afterwards. Sally covers for her again and says her partner is getting over a cold. Anyway they are finally let in. Tricia shows them the way. Sally tells Gladys to cool it a little bit.

Mark, Bridget, and CJ talk. Mark doesn’t kiss her, but CJ does. Mark discusses studying research (on the human body) in Denmark, but I doubt it’ll happen. Anyway CJ says he’ll never forget what Bridget did for her and then says it isn’t too late to change her mind and stay. Stephanie jumps in and jokingly says it is too late and says Bridget wouldn’t give up an opportunity like this.

In Stephanie’s office, Mass says there has a lot been kept from Ridge. He will explain it all. Uh-oh.

Gladys sneaks up on a Sally who is digging through clothes in the living room. Sally screams, but Tricia isn’t there or something. Anyway, Gladys says her lousiness at undercover work is indicative of her plethora of marriages. Anyway neither of them has found any incriminating evidence suggesting Thorne and Tricia are together, unless the jockstrap Gladys found is Tricia’s. Tricia comes in and wonders why they aren’t working. Sally says they are and Gladys suggests they are doing the “PHB” balance test on the water in the pool. Tricia and I both think its “PH” balance. Anyway they cover that it’s a new highly scientific and accurate test. Tricia then notices Sally’s red hair sticking out of her wig as the two walk towards the pool. Gladys says the water is “5.3.”

What?! That’s really damn acidic. Tricia points that out too and the “workers” go to check it out. Tricia realizes it is Sally and says things are only going to get worse.

Eric makes a speech to honor Bridget. Brooke recalls when they gave Bridget her first medical kit when she 5. She and Eric urge her to “kick butt” over there. Then she mentions meeting Taylor and how Bridget wanted to be “just like her.” Oh the subtle writing. Bridget says thanks for the party and agrees she will miss everyone so much. As Thomas and the girls walk in she notes she needs to start seeing things how they really are. Thomas tells her she can’t go and runs to hug her.

Mass discusses the change in Bridget’s behavior since coming back from Europe. Mass says Bridget found out something that changed the entire situation over in Italy. Mass is about to tell Ridge the truth. Whew!

The two undercover agents realize they aren’t getting anywhere and agree to leave before they blow their cover. Just then the phone rings. Devilish Tricia paged Thorne to make it look like he was calling her first. She makes it appear like she is having some dirty sex talk with Thorne but in reality they are discussing turkey. Here are some highlights: “succulent breasts,” “warm butter on my thighs/legs,” and my favorite “stuffing.” Shocked, Sally falls into the hot tub. Tricia laughs. Gladys goes to get the wig, which isn’t on Sally anymore out of the tub.

Thomas is angry that Bridget is leaving. Bridget tries to comfort him. Stephanie notices Ridge isn’t there and becomes concerned.

Mass almost ALMOST tells Ridge he is his son, but stops short just before the end of the show.


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