B&B Thursday Update 2/20/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/20/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Forrester mansion, Bill Spencer thanks Stephanie for being hospitable. She brought him a scotch and water. Stephanie says it was the least she could do and hopes he doesn’t think she is abusing their friendship. She realizes she is always asks Bill for favors. Bill claims he was happy to oblige and on such short notice. Okay what is going on here? Stephanie assures him that Bridget won’t disappoint him. We find out that because Bill is the CEO of a very large pharmaceutical company, he has a lot of weight to throw around. It seems as if he has been able to get Bridget involved in some kind of program overseas. He hopes it isn’t too difficult for Bridget because he won’t be there to help her once the program gets started. Cue in dramatic, concerning music when Bill says his friends at “The Institute” will keep Bridget so busy over the next few months she won’t be able to make a phone call. Uh-oh. Anyway, he has all the paperwork, the itinerary, and visas for Bridget. Oh, it the Institute is in Copenhagen. She says that in time this will mean a lot to Bridget.

Eric gets home after Stephanie’s request. FYI: Bill Spencer has left. Stephanie makes it look as if Bridget was accepted into this intense program (similar to what she is going in LA). Eric is thrilled, but isn’t sure it’s a good idea, at first. He then realizes Bridget might need some distance after everything that has happened in the last few months. He is surprised, though, when Stephanie shows him the tickets to Copenhagen for tonight.

Also interestingly enough, the program is for an entire year.

Eric is uneasy about the suddenness over these plans, but agrees to take care of all the details, including saying goodbye to the whole family. Stephanie says she’ll get Bridget to the airport, but will drop by Forrester to say goodbye before then.

Ridge and Bridget get Thomas home from the hospital. They get him upstairs to bed. As they are doing so, Thomas asks Bridget if she’ll be around when he wakes up. Ridge and Bridget reassure him that although she would like to be there all the time, it just isn’t possible. It is reiterated that this has nothing to do with Bridget’s love for Thomas and the girls. He seems satisfied with this response and apologizes for scaring everybody yesterday.

Ridge and Bridget come downstairs after getting Thomas into bed. Ridge marvels at how Bridget was able to help Thomas. Yada yada. Ridge adores Bridget’s character. He goes so far as to compare her to Taylor. He looks at a picture of the late Dr. Hayes as he does so. He thanks Bridget for her wonderful impact on the family. The two hug, but are interrupted by a cell phone call from Steffers. She tells Bridget it is urgent she meets with her at her apartment, right now. Bridget leaves, but promises to be back.

Sally seems to enjoy a canoli a little too much at her desk. Macy walks up and stops short as she sees her. Sally marvels over the food Lorenzo dropped by. Slowly, Macy reveals that she isn’t legally married to Lorenzo. She is actually married to Thorne.

Tricia overhears as Sally and Macy discuss how she is still married to Thorne. Tricia seems aggravated when she overhears that Macy is confused about what she wants to do. Macy explains how she never signed the divorce papers. Actually, if you recall, she lit them on fire in front of Miss Logan. Macy admits she hasn’t told Lorenzo and wants to think about this before she involves the lawyers. She also realizes a big part of her heart is still with Thorne. Now that they are still married, it has made her stop and think. Sally warns her not to think on this too much. She informs Macy about Thorne’s living arrangements with Tricia, who I feel like calling “Trashy Tricia” after her deception. But hey, we love it right?

Macy is aghast at how Thorne kept this from her. Wow, Tricia deviously smiles as she overhears how upset Macy is and probably how Sally keeps referring to her as a bombshell. Macy doesn’t understand why Thorne would go through all of this if he had another woman on the side. Sally guesses that Thorne has a “Plan B” in effect in case this doesn’t work out. Macy doubts that, but Sally points out his history with Brooke. Sally tells her about how Tricia dropped by and offered her services with the family adjustment. Macy becomes angry when she learns that Thorne told Tricia all about Macy and her family, but not the other way around. She says she told Thorne not to play games with her. Tricia smirks as Macy wonders why he would do this to her. Whew, how dirty.

Bridget tells Stephanie she can’t stay long. Stephanie shows her the acceptance letter to “The Institute.” Bridget is shocked and thrilled about this. Stephanie marvels that Bridget is one of two Americans accepted to the program this year. Wow now that is something. Bridget then wonders who sent over her transcripts and resume. She realizes Stephanie had something to do with this and then accuses her of trying to keep her away from Ridge. Things begin to go downhill at the end of the show. Look out for another drop down fight tomorrow.

Wow now this was a good show today. Tons o’ deception!!

See ya tomorrow.


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