B&B Wednesday Update 2/19/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  2/19/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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The show starts off in Portofino, well I think. Sally has another romantic encounter with Fabio. Oh of course this must be a dream. Fabio is smitten with Sally and vice-versa. They passionately kiss and Sally moans loudly (REALLY loudly). As we fade back to reality Sally screams, “This is paradise!” Hahaha. Classic. Darla runs in thinking she was having a heart attack. Annoyed, Sally asks why Darla can’t tell the difference between a heart attack and pure ecstasy. Anyway Darla has flowers from Stephanie. She guesses the queen bee wants something. Sally knows it what this is about. She wants her support concerning Thorne and Macy’s reuniting. Sally admits she isn’t totally opposed to the idea.

Darla knew Sally would come around. She imagines a big wedding and a grand honeymoon. She is sure there is only one woman in Thorne’s life these days. Yeah. Anyway, just then Tricia pops in. She claims she has some information regarding Sally’s daughter Macy. Hmm, what are you up to Tricia?

Tricia says she is a psychologist and she is setting up a practice in LA. Anyway if they need some guidance, since Sally’s family is going through an adjustment period with Macy’s return, she is available. She gives them her card. Sally says she’ll think about it, but they usually handle their own problems. Tricia lies and says Thorne told her Sally would be stubborn. Tricia then misleads Sally and Darla by revealing she is Thorne’s roommate. Tricia leaves to drop off an article for Ridge. Sally is furious that Thorne would keep this from them. She thanks God Macy hasn’t been taken in by him.

Macy opens the door to an eager Thorne. She recalls that Lorenzo told him to stay away. Where is Lorenzo by the way? Macy smirks that he is hopeless, but Thorne says he is in love. More coy talk from Thorne ensues. Finally Thorne says that Macy’s husband wouldn’t mind if the two of them shacked up. Macy is a little confused. Thorne shows her how he got her death certificate revoked. Macy is shocked. She is even more surprised when Thorne says they are still married. She gains her composure and says that it is just a meaningless piece of paper. Thorne believes this is the “gods” way of telling them they should be together. He adds they shouldn’t mess with the gods’ plans. He asks her to be his wife, again.

Macy says she can’t do that. She owes Lorenzo, but never claims she loves him. Great Macy. She does realize that Lorenzo loves her. He dares her to tell him she has no feelings for him and if she does he’ll leave and never come back.

Macy doesn’t say anything and all but kicks Thorne out. Thorne agrees to leave, but not before a huge kiss. Whew! Macy is a little dazed and confused.

Stephanie and Eric watch Mass, Bridget, and Thomas in his hospital room. Apparently Bridget stayed the night. Also, Ridge went back home to check on the girls. Thomas wakes up and is happy to see her. Stephanie seethes in anger when Mass encourages Bridget to permanently move in to Ridge’s house. She huffs away, prompting Eric to ask her what is wrong. She claims she is just emotional about Thomas being in the hospital. Eric brings her back into the room. Eric surprises Thomas with Laker tickets (center court and on the floor). They joke about how close they’ll be. Stephanie takes a minute to pull Mass outside for another chat.

Eric bets Thomas that if he sees him on the basketball court, all well, he’ll be the happiest man alive. Thomas apologizes for worrying everyone and promises to never do this again. He knows alcohol isn’t a way to solve problems. He admits he thinks Bridget is the best.

Ding ding! Round 2 for Mass and Stephanie. NOTHING NEW IS COVERED! Mass says Stephanie is being selfish by wanting to protect her own ass from the truth. Stephanie claims Mass is being selfish by wanting his son for himself.

Mass and Stephanie continue to argue, but again they cover no new ground. Seems as if they are at an impasse. Mass storms out. Frustrated, Stephanie calls Bill Spencer. He looks about the same. We haven’t seen him since August 2000, right after Macy died actually. Anyway, Stephanie was looking for some abortion pills to spike Morgan’s drink with. His office looks different. She asks Bill for another “favor” and it’s a doozy. If Bill can help her out with this, she’ll take him out to dinner for a year. Wow. Bill realizes this is important. Yep. What is she up to? Is she going to kill Mass? Nah. That’s too hardcore for Stephanie.