B&B Tuesday Update 2/18/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/18/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Stephanie tells Mass that Bridget is going nowhere with him. She demands he leaves immediately and adds that he will not continue with this disgusting plan of his. Mass doesnít know what is going on, but explains how Thomas is in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Bridget and Stephanie, of course are shocked. As all three head out the door, Mass describes how Thomas drank half a bottle of vodka because of Brooke.

Thorne either talks to Jonathan on the phone, or leaves a message for him. Heís at his beach house. He tells Jonathan that he had hoped he would have information for him by now and asks him to drop by as soon as he gets any info. He adds that his whole future is riding on this. Ahh, something to do with Macy. Tricia overhears. Sheís looking nice tonight. She guesses this has to do with Macy. Thorne offers her a glass of wine. Tricia laughs that he is being coy, but realizes she is being nosy too. Old habits die hard, especially when you are a therapist. She remembers her old boyfriend wasnít too keen about that trait of hers. Anyway Thorne admits it has to do with Macy and asks if she is satisfied with his response. She responds that it depends on if his future has a place for her (Tricia) in it. Thorne looks away. Uh, Tricia it should be painfully clear to you about where Thorneís heart is.

In Thomasí hospital room, Ridge sits with him. Brooke enters. She asks how he is. She thinks him having his own room must be a sign of improvement. Ridge explains how the doctors have said he is out ďimmediate danger.Ē He asks where she went to before. Brooke says she went to the hospital chapel and did some praying for Thomas. Ridge thanks her for that. Brooke apologizes for all the distractions with her. She asks if Thomas told him what caused this. No, but Ridge knows. He says that all the distractions wonít be a future issue. Brooke agrees and says whatever they have to work out can wait until he and Thomas are ready. In the mean time she wonít bother him, but does offer up her services as a friend. Ridge says she should focus on her own kids, and feels they have taken enough time from their kids already. Brooke slowly walks out the door and peers in as she cries. Ridge gazes at Thomas.

A panicked Stephanie, Bridget, and Mass race around Thomasí hospital floor looking for his room. They find a nurse, who incidentally is one of nurses who worked on Erica after she took a spill in Rickís office. She was also the one who gave Sheila information on her daughterís condition. The nurse tells them where his room (407) is and that he has been upgraded to fair. Eh, thatís good. He can only have 2 visitors and Ridge is already in with him. Mass tells Bridget to head on in there, but Stephanie grabs her and asks Mass what she just said to him. Mass and Stephanie argue, but Bridget tells them to do whatever they need to because she is going in. Stephanie tells Mass he better find some place they can talk privately because this is going to get nasty. Oh boy!

Thorne breaks it to Tricia that a few months ago he would have given it a go with Tricia, but now that Macy is back, he wants to get it right with her. Tricia wonders if this is just about his guilt involving Macy. Thorne explains that it is more than that. He loves Macy and wants to make her feel better too. Thorne drives the knife in further by adding that there isnít any reason for him to look elsewhere for love. Tricia walks away and bursts into tears. He hugs her. Thorne seems surprised by her reaction. Thorne helps Tricia clean her face up after her cry. She explains she hasnít felt like this in a long time or gotten upset like that in a long time either. Thorne is flattered but itís nothing more than that. Tricia tells him he doesnít have to worry. She wonít break down again. Just then, a knock at the door. He answers and it is Jonathan Young, the trusted Forrester attorney. He explains how he had a difficult time convincing the authorities in Europe to send the necessary legal documents. Thorne introduces Miss Quick to Mr. Young. Before he begins he suggests they go in private to discuss this, but Thorne has no secrets. He bluntly asks if Macyís marriage to Lorenzo is legal. Eh, what? Poor Tricia sadly looks down.

Bridget goes into Thomasí room. She explains how Mass told her about Thomas. Ridge says Thomas was asking about her, in fact those were his first words. He adds that Thomas seems to have the same kind of love for Bridget that he had for Taylor. Bridget gets upset and explains how Thomas called her and that she should have known more was wrong. Ridge assures her it isnít her fault. Thomas wakes up and calls out Bridgetís name. The two adults sit on his bed. Ridge says they are the two luckiest guys in the world.

Alone, Stephanie asks what the hell Mass is thinking. This is so sick. Mass canít believe Stephanie is accusing him of something like that. Stephanie says that Bridget is not the answer to Ridgeís problems, especially as his wife and the mother to his kids. Ridge will never think of Bridget in such a way. Stephanie thinks Mass is nuts to even suggest it. Mass says Ridge sees the great character Bridget has and adds that she could hold her own with any woman across the globe. Stephanie sarcastically suggests Mass marry Bridget. Ahaha. Stephanie says she would rather Ridge be with Brooke than Bridget. Stephanie says she knows why Mass is doing this. He wants the truth about Ridgeís paternity to come out. Mass says he needs to know the truth so he can see where this thing with Bridget will go. He even says that he is willing to make that sacrifice for Ridge. Stephanie canít believe any of this. She knows that Mass will be getting exactly what he wants if the truth comes out. Stephanie will be making all the sacrifices. Stephanie asks what that will do Ridge? What about Eric? Mass admits he doesnít care about Eric. Stephanie screams that he doesnít care about anybody but himself.

Thomas remembers he was feeling really bad and thought the vodka would make him feel better. Ridge says that now he knows the truth about alcohol and how it causes more problems rather than solution. He advises him to talk to someone if he has a problem. Thomas isnít sure what exactly caused all this, but admits he was really mad. Ridge assures him he has his full attention now. Heíll always be there for him. Thomas asks if Bridget will be there too.

Because Macy never signed the divorce papers before her auto crash nor got a divorce in Europe, her marriage to Thorne is still legal. Thorne is overjoyed. Oh Tricia, just grab that bottle on wine and head up to your room with an old romance novel or film. Thorne says things are gonna work out. Tricia says the same thing, but it looks like she is thinking. What is she up to?

Bridget tells Thomas sheíll spend more time with them, despite having school and work. Thomas says itís like having their mom home again. Bridget does a lot of little things for them too and she makes them laugh. Bridget says they will be a big part of her life from now on. She and Thomas hug.

Stephanie and Massí argument ends and they walk out into the waiting room. Both of them watch Bridget and Ridge, especially with his arm around her from outside. Stephanie thinks this is all a huge mistake and nothing good will come out of it. She sighs and rolls her eyes a whole bunch.

What will Stephanie do? Does this have to do with Bill Spencer?