B&B Wednesday Update 2/12/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  2/12/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Rudy and Amber manage to convince Rick and Eric that ďAmbrosia UndressedĒ is their promo video. Uh, what kind of promo video would have that name. Címon donít be dense Rick. Oh wait youíre a Forrester male! Anyway they jet to her office.

Sally and Stephanie discuss mortality and compare their recoveries. Stephanie mentions her stroke and how she got her priorities straight after it happened, well at least the latest once. By the way she is due for another one soon. Anyway she became determined that her kids were going to be happy. Sally thinks that her kids have always been her number one priority. They talk about Macy and how her arrival is a wonderful miracle. Sally has been given a second chance and so has Thorne. Stephanie hopes that one day Macy will be her daughter in law again.

Thorne reiterates that Macy still loves him. She admitted as much in Italy. Macy makes it clear her marriage to Lorenzo is for real, unlike Thorneís to Brooke. Okay I made that last part up she didnít really say that. Thorne says that Lorenzo isnít the love of her life like he is. Thorne says there is no way he is going to let her slip away again. He gets down on bended knee. He proposes to her. Wait, so heís proposing to someone married to him and someone else already? What?!

Amber demands to know where the rest of the tapes are. Rudy points to just the one. Amber wants to believe that all the others have been destroyed, but alas it isnít true. Rudy seems more interested in telling Amber about how hot the video is on the market. He refers to the video as a ďBoner-fideĒ hit. Oh my god. That has got to be one of the cruder, low brow remarks Iíve heard on the show. Amber looks back at him in disbelief.

Rick wants to try and find a way to tie the video into the line. When Eric notices how unenthusiastic Amber was about the video, Rick wonders if her plate is too full. Eric thinks she is fine. They go on to talk about how dependable Amber has been lately. In every aspect of her life, Amber seems to have everything under control.

Rudy seems to like to call Amber ďbabe.Ē He apologizes for not getting the videos back but claims he did try. Hmm. Uh, how did you try? To cheer her up he shows her their first review in ďTemptationĒ magazine. Oh my god. Is this guy dense or is he really trying to convince her all these things are good. Any moron would know that most people, especially those with close families, donít like to be in porno movies.

Sally informs Stephanie that Macy is married. Stephanie admits she knows that, but wonders what Lorenzo thinks about staying in LA. Sally assures Stephanie that Macy promised her she would stay in LA. Stephanie is glad to hear that. She reveals that Thorne wants Macy back and that she intends to support him in that.

Macy canít believe he is proposing to her. He says now that he has another chance to be with her, he wonít give it up. Macy does a 180 and admits he makes a good argument. She did pledge her vows to Lorenzo, but Thorne can offer her so much electricity and passion. Thorne knew she still felt that way. Macy puts her hands on Thorneís mouth next and shushes him. She retorts that his argument is the exact same one Brooke used to lure him away from her in the first place. Oh thank you Jesus! Finally some sense on this show. Thorne is doing exactly what Brooke did back in 1999/2000. Basically heís throwing himself at Macy and it isnít a good way to behave. Thorne is stunned she would say that, but I doubt heíll be discouraged.

More talk with Eric and Rick about all the adversities Amber has faced in the last year. Eric says Amber could have given up on herself (or maybe uh died Eric?). Rick says Amber is a solid member of the family now. Eric says that with Amberís attitude and talent, she might be the one to carry on the legacy of Forrester.

Amber does not see the raving review of her video in ďTemptationĒ as a good thing. Rudy reads the review. Itís so dumb. Iím sorry I donít view porno tapes as art. I think their sex basically. Iím not saying itís a bad thing necessarily, but I laugh when people give out award for the best porno ďthemeĒ or treat a video like that as a real film. Rudyís review is a nice one, the reviewer praises his directorial skills. Ahh Rudy could be Michael Stichís assistance.

Sally tells Stephanie she wonít stand in Thorneís way, but she will trust her daughter to make the right decision. Stephanie seems satisfied.

Macy tells Thorne to leave. They go in circles about their feelings for each other. Bleh. Same old same old. They almost kiss, but Stephanie walks in. Lorenzo comes in and things get a little ugly. Heís cordial when he meets Stephanie, but when she asks if they are going back to Europe, he says itís none of their business. He apologizes but explains that Thorneís intentions have been clear. He doesnít respect their marriage (just like Brooke). Lorenzo goes to make lunch and Stephanie waits downstairs. Thorne assures Macy he will wait for her. He leaves too.

Amber lashes out at Rudy when he refers to this as the ďbig times.Ē She burns down his notion that the porno tape is art. For effect she puts the tape in the player and is horrified to see the tape play that was from the Italy fashion show. Eric and Rick had been watching it before. Doh! She runs over to Ericís office and listens for the sex music. Inside, Eric unknowingly picks up Amberís tape and puts it in the player. He wants to go over something from the Italy show. Amber doesnít hear any music and dashes in, but unfortunately, both gentlemen are watching the tape. They look extremely nauseated. Amberís groans on the tape in right then and there end the show for us. Itís one of those moments that makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. Haha, great show folks.

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