B&B Friday Update 2/7/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/7/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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"The beginning of the show is a close-up of a picture of Ridge and the kids. We are in Bridgetís apartment. Hey where is Taylor? Donít tell me they already got new family portraits. Ridge gives Bridget some water to drink. Bridget says he should go home, but he assures her that Stephanie is watching the kids. Bridget says itís so hard. Sheís been running herself in the ground to keep busy, just so she could function. They both agree that wasnít best. Bridget says her one refuge was with the kids and Ridge. Ridge realizes that when he and Brooke got closer, thatís when Bridget pulled back. Bridget didnít want to interfere. They talk about how Bridget used to look at the tabloids and defend Brooke and how she ended up not seeing Deacon for who he really was. Ridge says Bridget should have been able to trust Brooke.

At Sallyís a ďWelcome home Mom and MacyĒ sign is shown. Darla gets the food ready and just then, Sally, Macy, Lorenzo Clarke, and CJ enter. Darla is thrilled to see them. CJ learns that Macy is staying with Sally until she is back on her feet. Clarke warns her to be careful as she comes and goes to keep her presence in LA a secret.

Thorne talks with two reporters and leaks that Macy is back in town and that she has gone home with Sally. He warns them to hurry over there and break the story and to not leak how they found out. After they leave, Tricia comes out and canít believe he actually ratted Macy out. Thorne says he is doing her a big favor. Tricia isnít sure Macy will see it that way.

Thorne says Macy is a performer and that her true calling is to be in the spotlight. She gave that up for her dad, but now that she is back in LA she wonít be able to leave again. Okay Thorne that was the most self-serving use of reasoning I have ever heard. Heís basically undermining Macy to trap her in LA.

Sally gets fussed over by the whole gang. Sally says she would rather go over some sales report because they have been resting ever since they got back from Portofino. Clarke and Macy talk about who she was able to cure Sallyís broken heart.

Ridge encourages Bridget to let out all her feelings. Bridget asks Ridge to do the same. Ridge tells her from now on theyíll face things together. Bridget later explains how she overheard Deacon and Brooke talking on the baby monitor about how they loved each other and about their baby. Then she explains how Stephanie gave her solace and took her to Massí. Then she explains how they went to the cabin to confront Brooke and how she helped deliver Hope. Bridget thought she was over all this, but now rehashing it has made her realize she hasnít.

Tricia doesnít think exposing Macy is the best way to keep her in town. Thorne disagrees and says LA is her home. It will remind her of what is important to her; her family.

Lorenzo thinks he and Macy should head back to Europe. CJ and Clarke beg her not to as someone knocks on the door. Darla says she didnít invite anyone else and is confused. Just then, shouts from outside begin and the phone starts ringing like crazy. Macy is confused and asks what the hell is happening.

Thorne says this is his opportunity to help Macy after what happened and what he caused her to lose.

Darla makes the mistake of opening the banging door and tons of reporters come flooding in. They get pictures of Macy before they are shoved back out the door. Then, the phone rings and Lorenzo answers. Itís Thorne. He tells him he is watching the scene on TV. He taunts Lorenzo and says that is Macy futures. Darla and Clarke are horrified when they see a helicopter whirling around. Lorenzo finally lets Thorne talk to Macy. Macy realizes that Thorne did this. Thorne says Macy is the only person who matters to him in this world.

Bridget says nothing is changed by talking about this. She adds this is too painful to talk about. Bridget admits she was too ashamed to tell anyone else about this. Ridge assures her she has nothing to be ashamed about. Bridget laments how she didnít see it coming. She breaks down in Ridgeís arms, again. Ridge lets her know she will always be there for her. She thanks him. Have a great weekend! "

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