B&B Tuesday Update 1/28/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  1/28/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Finally itís warming up.

Macy canít believe Sally would tell her to go away. She says that Sally begged her to come home with her when she saw her in Italy. Sally says that Macy refused and broke her heart. Macy apologizes for not coming then, but adds she back. Sally asks if she is going to stay for good. Macy avoids the subject, which causes Sally to say that if Macy isnít back to stay then she doesnít want her back at all.

Thorne tells Lorenzo to get used to Macy spending time with her family and adds that he had also netter not get used to calling her his wife. Lorenzo says that he plans to honor his vows and points out that Macy married him of her own will. He didnít force the issue at all. Iím going to point out that Lorenzo is actually accurate when he said this. He did ask Macy to marry him and was persuasive, but he told her that he would stay with her even she didnít marry him then. I mean it wasnít like he said ďMarry me or else!Ē Anyway, Thorne doesnít believe that and thinks Macy is here to stay in LA. Clarke overhears and thankful she is back in town. He is introduced to Lorenzo and is surprised to hear the two are married. He welcomes Lorenzo to the family.

CJ is really distracted at work and the team knows it. Raquel, an employee, says to relax and theyíll take care of all of it. She also mentions that the whole gang is thinking about his mom. Bridget drops in looking for a cellular biology book. I took a class like that my senior year in high school. IT SUCKED! When Raquel and CJ say they havenít seen it, Bridget realizes she left it at Ridgeís and complains about an upcoming exam. She notices CJís behavior and asks what is wrong. CJ explains what happened to Sally. Bridget is horrified and asks how she is. CJ isnít sure how she is, but says things donít look great right now. CJ wants to head to the hospital. Bridget reminds him how strong Sally is. CJ isnít so sure anymore. She was so weak looking at the hospital. He points out that all the pain from Macyís death has finally taken its toll on her. He canít lose her because she is all he has left. He wishes Macy was there. She always brought them hope. Bridget wants to go to the hospital with him, but he tells her to go study. Right now that should be her top priority. Bridget reluctantly agrees and gives him a goodbye kiss.

Thorne tells Clarke to not roll out the red carpet just yet. Ouch. Lorenzo walks off after that remark. Mark finds Clarke and Thorne. Clarke explains that he has been looking for Dr. Cooper everywhere. Mark says he is in surgery. He also explains that he has Sallyís test results back. Things are looking up. Markís hair looks different from the other day. Anyway when asked why Sally is taking so long to wake up, Mark says they have her sedated, but adds it is taking her a little longer than normal to wake up. That isnít a reason for concern though. CJ jumps in at this point and says he wants to check things out for himself. Clarke stops him from going in there. He covers and says Dr. Cooper is in there. Mark gives Clarke a weird look, but doesnít say anything.

Macy says she was so scared she was going to lose Sally. Sally says she knows the feeling. Sally doesnít seem to understand why Macy had to leave in the first place. Macy explains again it was for Adamís safety. She then explains why she couldnít say goodbye in Italy. They had to leave so fast, but she did tell Thorne and Darla to give Sally her love. Sally says that is something you do with a stranger, not your own mother. Macy says Sally means everything in the world to her. Sally asks her if she means enough to stay in LA. Macy says sheíll stay as long as she needs her. Sally says if she doesnít love her enough to stay, then she doesnít want any part of her.

Bridget enters Ridgeís house and finds her book under some pillows on the sofa. Ridge bumps into her as she tries to leave. He wants her opinion on something and adds it wonít take long. He shows her a flashy ring. Bridget says itís so beautiful. He asks if she thinks Brooke would like it. Uh-oh!!

Itís Ericís grandmotherís ring. Wow, sheíd be really old if she was still alive. Anyway Ridge explains it wasnít Taylorís favorites. It was a little too flashy for her. Bridget wonders if it really matters what she thinks about. She thinks Brooke will like it, but wonders if it is too soon. Ridge says he learned two things from Taylorís death. One there are no sure things in life and two if you love someone, you shouldnít wait to tell them. He says he could really use Bridgetís support on this. Bridget says if this makes him happy then she is all for it. To make things more uncomfortable for Bridget, Ridge tries it out on her hand. Oh lord. He slips it on her finger and says this is the right thing to do. Ridge points out that there was a time when Brooke is the last person Taylor would have wanted the ring to go to, but says that Brooke has changed and Taylor saw that change in her. Alarmed, Bridget asks if this is an engagement ring.

CJ notices everyoneís bizarre behavior, especially when Mark ducks out for work really fast. Clarke downplays that and says that Cooper told them to wait outside. CJ agrees to give him 5 minutes, but isnít going anywhere until he knows what is going in there. Díoh!!!

Macy asks her to not do this because they have lost so much time already. Sally says that was her choice. Macy explains that she always missed Sally and sheíll never hurt her again. Sally wants her to promise her that sheíll never disappear from her life again.

Bridget takes the ring off and waits for an explanation. Ridge says he wants to eventually marry Brooke, but this isnít an engagement ring necessarily. Bridget is scared the kids will be hurt by all this. Ridge understands that, but thinks Brooke will be good for the whole family. He is going to organize a get together for all of them (the three kids, plus Brooke, Ridge, and Hope). He is going to give her the ring at some point in the evening, though not in front of the kids. With that, Bridget says she has to leave to study. Ridge asks what is going on with her since they got back from Italy. Bridget completely avoids it and walks out. Outside, Bridget sighs and cries and I see she left her book inside on the table. Great going.

Sally wants Macy to promise her. Macy agrees to stay and assures her that isnít just because Sally is in the hospital. Macy says she wants to be here. Sally is overjoyed and welcomes her home. Hmm, uh Lorenzo?

CJ spots Lorenzo and wonders who he is. Clarke says he is a friend from Italy that Sally met during the trip. CJ has had it and storms in the room. He is thrilled to see Sally up and she practically jumps out of bed to stop him from coming in. Uh, too late. Macy slowly turns around and a mortified CJ asks if it is her. Yeppers. I canít tell what his reaction will be.

See ya tomorrow.

See ya tomorrow.