B&B Monday Update 1/27/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/27/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Of course Oakland has to crap out.

Thorne is shocked to hear that Macy and Lorenzo are married. His fears are confirmed when he sees Macyís wedding ring. Thorne is horrified.

Oh god more Rick and Amber make out sessions in Ericís office. This is like last spring all over again. Anyway apparently something is going on because Amber has been working really hard. Oh her new line. Brooke, Kristen, and Eric come in to discuss the future or lack thereof or the Ambrosia line. Things arenít looking so good so far when Brooke downplays why the retailers are really giving them shelf space again. She says it has to do with Ericís competition in Italy as well as their trying to get on Forresterís good graces again. Brooke points out the economic risks in continuing the Ambrosia line. Eric adds that it is also about the focus of the company and how it will always be on high fashion and haute couture. He doesnít want to invest in a line that goes against it.

Lorenzo canít believe that Thorne expects an explanation. Thorne tells him to shut up, but Macy appeases things by asking for some time with her mom. Thorne catches her up on what the doctorís havenít told them yet. Thorne goes to leave but sees Macy kiss and hug Lorenzo. Oh boy is he mad. As Lorenzo leaves, Thorne grabs him and asks what the hell he did to Macy. Lorenzo says he made a vow to love and cherish her. Unlike Thorne he plans to keep his promise.

Amber derails the runaway train of canceling her line, by showing off some her designs that compliment rather than detract from some of Ericís designs. She uses a few example from Ericís Portofino collection. Basically she made them more affordable and for the younger audience. For example, she took the draped waistline and shortened it for someone more her age. Kristen and Eric like what they see. Rick asks what Eric thinks.

Thorne points out that Lorenzo is praying on Macyís insecurities. Thorne adds that she wasnít ready to get married and in fact she was about to leave Lorenzo back in Italy. Lorenzo says that Macy is changed and isnít the insecure woman she used to be. He explains that Macyís family wonít exactly push Thorne and Macy together. After all his actions caused her death in the first place.

Macy apologizes for leaving Sally after the car crash and then again just a few weeks ago. More apologies from Macy. Then she sings ďLost Without Your Love.Ē Itís the one we heard her sing in the bar right after Thorne almost saw her. Thorne recalled Macyís ďdeathĒ in a chilling scene with her voice signing over the action. It was a good scene. Anyway midway through the song, Sallyís vitals pick up. Wait a minute is her heart rate 120?! That isnít good either! In fact thatís way too fast. Thatís Taylor deathbed fast. When Sally halfway wakes up, Macy hugs her.

Eric says that Amberís designs are good and that heíll give her collection a chance. He adds she better make good on her promise to work her butt off. These people work their butt off for like 2 weeks and then take 6 months off. This designer speech is awfully familiar to last yearís Amber design off. In fact it all seems exactly the same; all the way down to Kristen. Yeah yeah be happy, it wonít last.

Thorne says Macy is home now and things will be different. Lorenzo retorts they wonít be in LA for long.

Whatís with all the short scenes today?

Rick and Amber celebrate with some margaritas at Las Olas. Rick says he has all the faith in the world in Amber. Amber toasts to staying out of the tabloids which I think is the best line of todayís show. The two get all cozy and kiss in public, which Iíve warned everyone on the show to not do. Of course, some dorks probably in a bar for the first time laugh at them. Rick and Amber try to ignore them, but they keep laughing. Things get a little tense when one of them sends a drink over to Amber. Its peach schnapps and vodka (aka. Silk Panties). Rick returns the drink and tells the guys to back off. They seem drunk and they keep referring to Amber as Ambrosia. One of the guys asks what she is like in bed. Another one of them adds that they already know. Huh? Amber breaks them up and she and Rick head out. Rick asks if she knows those guys. Truthfully, Amber says no. She does think itís odd they referred to her as Ambrosia since they probably wouldnít know much about clothing lines. The two put it out of their minds and leave.

Lorenzo says they are going back to Italy. Itís a special place for them. Itís where they fell in love and where they want to have kids. Angered at that remark, Thorne says that Macy almost lost her mother once and she would never do that again. Okay, itís fighting time. May the best man win!

Sally wakes up a little more, but then becomes incoherent. Uh-oh another heart attack? Macy wants to get the doctor, but Sally holds her close. Then she tells her to get out right now. What?! Uh oh. Macy is horrified.