B&B Thursday Update 1/23/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/23/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! & Let it freeze, let it freeze, let it freeze!

Brooke lets Bridget into her office and admits she is surprised she stopped by. She thought she had classes today. Bridget explains she doesn’t have any for a few hours. Bridget looks aggravated. She tells Brooke, that unlike her, she doesn’t bag on her responsibilities. Brooke figures she means the ski trip and assures her that her calendar was clear. Bridget says that is all well in good, but once she dragged Ridge on this trip, it put her in a jam. Brooke apologizes for the inconvenience. Bridget says she put her in an impossible situation and it has to stop.

Ridge says that a man named Zabrovich will give them access to some fort, but he wants a cut in return. Mass scoffs that he isn’t making a dime on this deal anyway. He notes that Ridge didn’t eat his lunch and adds that a little less time on the slopes and little more on business will ease the crunch. Ridge jokes that Stephanie has been playing “town crier” again. Mass corrects him and says he stopped by the house last night to fix him dinner after his hard day at work, but instead he found out from Bridget what he had been doing all day. Mass says its okay for Ridge to take time off, as long as it isn’t with Brooke. Uh-oh. Not this again.

CJ as always is aggravated because Dr. Cooper is still in surgery and Mark hasn’t gotten into work yet. He wants information about his mother and pronto. He wonders if the angioplasty worked as well as why is she still sedated. Thorne tells him to cool it and remarks that his mom is still sedated so she won’t get stressed out by all his negative talk. Thorne walks out. CJ gets angry and goes after him. He tells Thorne that it’s his fault Sally had the heart attack in the first place. Thorne tells him he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. CJ dregs up how Thorne killed Macy and has just about killed Sally now. Clarke comes out and breaks them up and gets shoved a little by CJ too. Clarke says Sally needs her rest and tells him to go home right now and calm down. CJ begrudgingly leaves, but not before giving Thorne a friendly glance. Clarke says it would be a lot easier if CJ knew Macy was alive. Thorne points out that Sally knew Macy was alive but it didn’t do her much good.

In Portugal, Adam reads that Sally had a heart attack. He paces around the room. God they must have nothing to talk about in the foreign press if this makes the front page. Macy and Lorenzo come in laughing. Lorenzo carries Macy across the threshold and refers to her as [Mrs.] Barelli. Ah finally, Lorenzo’s last name. The two become alarmed when Adam says something has happened. Lorenzo asks if is about the men looking for them. Nah, it’s about Sally. Macy reads in horror how Sally had a heart attack. Hey why is the paper in English?

Lorenzo says this news is old now and that maybe Sally is out of danger. Macy panics that she could be dead now. Lorenzo and Adam say Sally is a fighter and can probably get passed this, especially since she knows Macy is alive. Macy reasons that because she turned her back on Sally after she begged her to come back to LA, she broke her heart and caused the heart attack. Lorenzo and Adam say it isn’t her fault. Macy tries to call the hospital, but Lorenzo stops her. He says they could trace the call. Macy says she must find out what is going on with her mom. Lorenzo reluctantly suggests they go back to LA.

Ridge is amazed that Mass has time to worry about his employees like this. Mass reminds him that he made Ridge an heir to his company. Ridge says he is a paycheck and that his involvement with Brooke hasn’t affected his character. Mass attacks Brooke’s character and says that she has made sure that man who just lost his wife is in her bed. Ridge informs him that they didn’t sleep together. Mass sarcastically remarks asks if Brooke got tired of him already and went and “boffed” another Forrester. Uh-oh, Ridge grabs Mass’ jacket. I laughed so much after Mass said “boffed.” I say “boinked” is a more appropriate pseudo-word for that sentence.

Brooke says they were only gone one night. Bridget gives as myriad of reasons why that one night was so important. One, she had plans with CJ, though he understood why she had to cancel. Two, she wanted to sleep in her own bed. Three, she hated to see the look on her nephew and nieces’ faces when they found out their daddy wasn’t going to be home that night. Brooke apologizes again. She adds they were snowed in and they couldn’t do anything about it. Bridget makes an excellent point. Brooke is supposed to be a smart, observant woman since she is a CEO of an international company. She asks why they didn’t get on the roads at the first sign of snow. Brooke retorts they were having a lot of fun and didn’t notice. Things get a little more serious when Bridget accuses Brooke of trying to seduce Ridge. She adds that she has pulled the wool over her eyes again. Brooke counters that she was the one who turned Ridge down for sex. But let’s be honest, I think it had to do with Bridget’s phone call that night, not Brooke’s outstanding character. Brooke assures her that she and Ridge won’t bother her about watching the kids anymore because Brooke will be there to do that. Bridget snidely remarks that Brooke has it all figured out. Brooke asks if that bothers her and notes the tone in her voice. Bridget back pedals and says if Ridge and Brooke keep a smart head about this relationship, she is all for it.

Mass asks Ridge to do something if he is going to, because he is ruining a $3600 suit. Wow. What is it laced with gold? Ridge backs off and tells Mass to back off. Mass adds he’ll risk losing Ridge to pursue this matter. Ridge storms out after saying there is nothing Mass can say to change his mind. Later, Mass calls someone to find out if they have found “him” (i.e. Deacon). He sinisterly laughs.

Clarke and Thorne sit with Sally when Mark enters to give them an update. The tests they run shows strain to the heart muscle. Mark says she’ll have to work like to hell to pull through this. Thorne wonders if she has anything to fight for.

Macy says she can’t leave Adam because she’ll never be able to come back. Lorenzo says the alternative is for her to stay in Portugal and drive her self crazy wondering about her mom. Lorenzo doesn’t like the idea of going to the States, but they have no choice. Adam is for the idea too, though he is a little broken up. Adam says he has to pay for his mistakes, but Sally shouldn’t have to. He tells her to go to Sally.

Macy gets her things ready to leave. Lorenzo thanks Adam for everything. Adam tells him to take good care of Macy. Macy and Adam say their tearful goodbyes. Macy and Lorenzo head to the airport as Adam sobs.

Brooke welcomes Ridge to her office. He complains about how Mass is being. Brooke can tolerate Mass as long as he doesn’t turn Ridge against her. Ridge says that could never happen and they intensely kiss.

At the Lair, Mass walks by a sexy girl who he checks out which makes me chuckle. He finds Deacon, drunk in the middle of the day at course. He calls him a loser and that he is pathetic. Deacon wonders why he is there. Mass says his luck is about to change for the better.

Stay warm tonight, south east!

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