B&B Monday Update 1/20/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/20/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Happy long weekend!

Ridge flips an address book as he asks Brooke about the food options. Well, they have tons of clam chowder. Ridge asks about the “cracker dealies” that people put in them. Wow how “Simpsons” like (Homer is always using the pseudo-word “dealie”). Anyway Brooke says they have them, but the best if used by date is from March of 1998. Wow, the twins weren’t even alive then. Ridge says that the next time she kidnaps someone she should at least be prepared. Brooke defends herself and says she didn’t know they were going to get snowed in. She asks what Ridge is doing. He’s looking for Bridget’s cell phone number so he can ask her to get the kids and watch them tonight. Brooke suggests Stephanie, but then takes that back after Ridge reminds her how she feels about the two of them together. Brooke gives Ridge Bridget’s cell phone number: “310-…”

CJ is actually nice to someone who works for him for a change. He spots Bridget and wows over her outfit. She wants to know what they are doing tonight. Eh, well it’s surprise. He has to do that so Mass doesn’t follow them. After some ribbing about Mass being her other boyfriend, Bridget explains that he is just worried about Ridge and the kids. Bridget gets a cell phone call. Of course it’s Ridge. He asks her to watch over the kids since he is snowed up in the cabin. Despite having plans, Bridget agrees to do it especially since it’s the first night Ridge has been away from the kids since Taylor died. Bridget wonders what he is doing up at the cabin. Ridge says she should ask her mom. It was her bright idea. Bridget seems concerned. Ridge wants to know if she wants to talk to Brooke, but Bridget doesn’t want to. He tells her the kids are at the after school program. Does Catherine actually work for them anymore? Bridget hates to have to break her date with CJ. Though disappointed, he understands, or at least he says that. He adds that things are moving pretty kick between Brooke and Ridge. The two share a kiss before she leaves. After Bridget leaves, CJ sighs in frustration.

Macy has changed out of her wedding dress and puts down some luggage. She plays around with her wedding ring and sighs. Adam enters and says Lorenzo is going to gas up the car. Macy thanks him for booking them in a wonderful hotel room. Adam wishes he could have given her a better honeymoon, but it’ll be good. Macy says the wedding was beautiful. Adam realizes she wishes her mom could be there, but says someday maybe she’ll know about Lorenzo.

Back at Spectra, Clarke tries to revive an unconscious Sally who is on the floor. He takes his jacket off and covers her. Darla walks in, unaware of what is happening and immediately is by Sally’s side. She asks what happened. Clarke explains that Sally collapsed. The paramedics are on their way. Just then, Thorne leads in two EMTs. One of them looks like the man that worked on Taylor at the Forrester mansion. They ask for all the details. Clarke explains that she clutched her chest, was in a lot of pain, and then collapsed. The male EMT says she is breathing, but has a weak pulse. Darla tells them Sally hasn’t had any history of heart problems. Well, I think her weight might have something to do with this. The paramedics decide to put in an IV in route. Clarke tells Thorne they’ll ride with Sally in the ambulance and tells Darla to call CJ and get him to the hospital. The EMTs get Sally onto the stretcher and head out. Darla tells them to stay with Sally the whole time. Darla tells Sally to hang in there.

In the emergency room, the two EMTs wheels Sally to a room. Mark is there and doesn’t need all the specifics from the EMT. Sally has a low blood pressure and when asked by Mark where it hurts, just mumbles. Mark tells them to get her to ICU, stat! Whoa we get some weird camera angles. The camera and Thorne and Clarke just about run into to each other. Clarke finds Mark and he tells them Sally had a heart attack. He can’t stay and chat. Clarke and Thorne look at each other. Wow it’s just like ER!

Bridget brings the kids home. Thomas isn’t happy to hear that Ridge is up at Big Bear with Brooke. Bridget tries to reiterate that he didn’t want to be stuck up there. The four of them decide to cook franks and beans for dinner, like Taylor used to do when Ridge was away on business. Thomas jokes that Bridget cannot cook so she’ll need their help. She chases the kids off to the kitchen. Bridget pauses and thinks about Ridge for a minute.

Up at the cabin, Brooke brings Ridge some clam chowder, eh. I don’t like clam chowder. Ridge is thrilled the kids are being well taken care of. He says Bridget is an angel to do this. Brooke is happy too, but asks if they can think about the bright side of being up here. Ridge sarcastically remarks that he can’t think of any bright spot to being alone up here with her. Brooke is like, yeah right.

Adam understands Macy’s concerns about how fast everything happened. Macy just wishes she could have talked to Sally. Adam knows what Sally would have said to her. She would have said that her baby finally got what she deserved (i.e. Lorenzo). Macy ironically states she is probably worried sick. God how I love this dialogue writing.

Dr. Cooper check out Sally’s vitals. They are stable now. Clarke and Thorne watch from outside the room. Mark is helping Cooper. God they don’t have a great track record with other people on this show. You’ll recall they treated Taylor after she was shot. Well, we all know what happened after that. Clarke takes this moment to ask Thorne about Macy being alive. He asks if she is coming back. Nope, but not for a lack of trying from Thorne. Clarke says “No wonder.” I guess he’s referring to why Sally had a heart attack. CJ pops in and is really upset. Immediately he blames Thorne for what happened. Mark and Cooper come out after the commotion to give Sally’s prognosis.

Ridge brings some firewood in and spots Brooke making up the sofa for him. She says she would take the sofa, but she knows Ridge is too much of a gentleman to make her do that. She says goodnight. Ridge can’t believe she is going to bed now. When Brooke doesn’t move Ridge waves goodbye to her. Brooke asks for a kiss, but Ridge jokes that he is too much of a gentleman for that. Brooke says, lucky for him, that she isn’t and gives him a hot kiss and then heads for bed.

Macy gets ready to leave on her honeymoon. She pulls out her purse and then finds a picture of her and Sally. She wishes things could be different for them. She says they both have to go on the best they can. She assures herself that Sally will be fine.

Mark explains that Sally is in critical condition. Cooper explains how they found some significant blockages in some of Sally’s arteries. They then had to do an angioplasty, which is when they insert a balloon to widen the arteries and get the blockages out of there. They put some stints in the arties to keep them from reclogging. Ugh. Things still look pretty grim for Sally. Mark says they’ll watch her very closely. CJ asks if there is a chance that she could still die. Uh, yea. That blows.

Brooke’s in bed reading a magazine when the phone rings. It’s Bridget. She wanted to have the kids says goodnight to Ridge. Bridget looks surprised when Brooke says she has to “throw something on” to get Ridge. Brooke has an ineesy weensy little bra and bottom on. She uses a blanket to cover herself. She gets Ridge. Bridget puts the kids on speaker phone. Ridge can tell Thomas isn’t pleased he isn’t there. He gets filled in on what the kids have been doing. After the kids say goodnight, Ridge thanks Bridget again. Bridget asks to speak to Brooke. Bridget advises her to take things slow with Ridge. She needs to keep a smart head on this and reminds her about the kids and Ridge’s fragile condition. After the phone call, Ridge gets really close to Brooke, says they have to be smart about this (total verbatim of what Bridget said). Ridge pressures her and they start making out. Just as the music gets really sexy (with the saxophones) the blanket falls off and Ridge and Brooke get even closer. Oh god.

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