B&B Monday Update 1/13/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/13/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

Could it be any freakiní colder??

Ah the big old Ridge mansion.

Ridge sighs as Brooke brings him some wine. He realizes he should have paid Bridget to stay and take care of the kids. After all she needs the money and sheíd be able to ditch that lousy coffee shop job. Brooke points out that she doesnít really need the money and that she likes that job. She thinks Bridget is trying to build a life for herself. Brooke tells him not to worry. Heíll have plenty of help with the kids. Ridge says it isnít that, but mainly heíll just miss having her around. He walks to the terrace and takes in some air.

Bridget wheels her luggage into her apartment with the bright red door. Hah, matches her suitcase. She makes herself a cup of tea, or at least starts to, when CJ pops by. He welcomes her home with some flowers and a hug. He asks her if she is home for good or is this just temporary and then offers to finish making her tea for her. As he pops it in the microwaves, Bridget lays her head on the table. She tells him she is home to stay. She tells him she had a good time in Portofino, but didnít do many exciting things. She was with the kids most of the time. CJ thinks that is a bummer, but Bridget said it was great spending time with them. Just then, Mass knocks on Bridgetís door and asks if he can have a word with her. Bridget uncomfortably mutters ďUmmĒ and then the credits roll.

CJ splits to give them so privacy as Bridget gets her tea out of the microwave. She offers Mass some, but he declines. Mass notices that she has moved back into her apartment and bluntly says that was a mistake. Bridget can see why he and Stephanie get along so well. They always say what they feel. He asks her why she moved out. She says that it was just time to leave. Mass points out that Ridge didnít think so and doubts he understands why she left. He adds that he doesnít even think Bridget understands how special it was over there. He means the connection she made with the children and Ridge. Bridget says anyone could have fallen in love with those kids. After all they are so wonderful. She goes on to say that Ridgeís effort to be strong for the kids is amazing as well. Mass tells her she really knows Ridge, unlike most people. Hmm who could he be referring to? Bridget thinks it funny she grew up knowing Ridge, but she never knew his true strength. She can see why Brooke loves him so much. Mass disagrees and says that Brooke doesnít love Ridge, at least not the way that she does.

Brooke figures there is more going on with Ridge than meets the eye. Ridge agrees that his making such a big deal about Bridget leaving doesnít make much sense. Brooke thinks it has to do with the post-Italy let down and adds they were living in a fantasy world there. Now they are back to reality; a reality without Taylor. Brooke wonders if the party was a mistake. Ridge thinks it was a great idea and tells her he appreciates her efforts. Brooke says she just wants to make things easier for him. Suddenly, the doorbell. Itís Catherine. Brooke called her over to get the kids ready for bed and get them into their normal morning routine tomorrow. Ridge thanks Brooke for her thoughtfulness. She also suggests he go down to the spa after he kisses the kids goodnight and unwind. She feels how tense his shoulders are. She even remembered to turn it on a few hours so itís nice and warm for him. Wow, Brooke thought of everything! Brooke says itís her specialty to turn up the heat. Ridge says they should meet down there. He walks off, but Brooke pulls him back and they kiss. Turn up the sexy saxophones. Ridge edits his previous statement and says they need to meet down there right away.

Bridget says she is too tired to get into another fight about her mom. Mass says he doesnít want to do that. She says that of course she and her momís love for Ridge are different. She loves him like a brother, but Mass says that Bridget told Stephanie that she lost a brother. Bridget says after some thinking, she realizes she hasnít. Mass says that is why the feelings have changed at the house; she knows Ridgeís true paternity. Bridget claims her uncomfortable feelings stem from keeping this secret from Ridge, but that isnít why she moved out. Mass figures that she didnít really want to move out. She didnít want to give up the closeness she shared with the family and Ridge. Bridget says that she and the family will still be close, but doesnít think Ridge needs a lot of hand holding at this point. Mass counters she is wrong and that Bridget needs Ridge as well and that is what is frightening her now. Bridget is clueless about what he is talking about. He adds she is afraid of her growing feelings for Ridge. Uh-oh.

Ridge soaks up in the spa as Brooke comes to check on him. She still has her dress on. Ridge wonders why she has so many clothes on. Brooke says her swimsuit is at home and besides this was more for Ridge than her. Ridge says he feels wonderful. Brooke asks if there is anything else she can do for him. Ridge gives her a sideways glance and she tells him he ought to be ashamed of himself. Ridge says no dirty thought crossed his mind, even once. Brooke jokes that Ridge must really be depressed.

Bridget canít believe that Mass would say something so disgusting. That he would have the gall to accuse her of being interested in her own brother. Mass says that Ridge isnít her brother anymore. Bridget says she will always think of him this way and tells Mass to stop twisting her words. Mass thinks that on some kind of level there is some interest in Ridge, but Bridget cuts him off and says that he is way off base. She demands he leave immediately. Whoo.

Brooke gives Ridge a massage and he seems to be enjoying himself. Once Ridge says he feels better, Brooke gets up to go home. Ridge wonders where she is going off to. Brooke says her other daughter, Hope needs her too. Ridge jokes that all the Logan women are abandoning him tonight. Brooke sarcastically admits it must be a monumental blow to his ego. She does say sheíll be back, soon and often. He wonít even miss her. Ridge wants one kiss before she leaves. She blows him one, but he wants the real thing. She protests, but complies. They kiss, but then Ridge pulls her into the hot tub with her. Brooke canít believe he would do something like that, but laughs of course. Ridge says she is free to go now, but Brooke feels the need to splash him a few times in revenge.

Mass tells Bridget she has nothing to be ashamed of. Bridget thinks Mass has something to feel ashamed about for thinking dirty thoughts. The conversation moves on to Brooke and how horrible she is for Ridge. Bridget realizes how desperate he is to get Brooke out of Ridgeís life that he will say or do anything. Mass says Brooke will be out of his life, but not because of anything he says or does. She will not be enough for Ridge and he eventually will get bored with her. Unlike Bridget, Brooke doesnít know the real Ridge. He sees him as glamorous and fun, but not what he can truly be. The only reason Ridge is seeing Brooke right now is out of desperateness, loneliness, and depression. Hmm, maybe thatís a bit overdramatic, Mass. Mass points out that Bridget knows the real Ridge. Bridget tells him to shut up and demands he leaves. He complies but adds as he leaves that she shouldnít take too long in her decision on what to do. This prompts Bridget to slam the door in his face. She sobs in a panic with her back to the door.

Coming soon: will Mass get his way and get Bridget into Ridgeís love life?

Ugh, barf.

See ya tomorrow.

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