B&B Tuesday Update 1/7/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  1/7/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

Itís Tuesday time!

The judge is about to announce the winner of the competition when Ridge interrupts. He boldly says he is the winner. Everyoneís like ďwhat?!Ē He then goes on to explain that because of what his dad did, he has made it back and that his dad, Eric is the true hero in all of this. Everyone, but the Spectra group applauds. He calls Eric a wonderful and the victor of the competition. Mass sighs and looks down at this last remark.

Thorne unsuccessfully tries to explain why Macy should give him a second chance. Lorenzo continues to tear Thorneís character down. I donít think it really has much to do with that. Macy still loves Thorne, but she doesnít want to hurt her dad or Lorenzo. Later, Adam enters and tells Macy they have to go. Slowly, she complies and walks out of the church, but not before hugging olí Thorne for one last time. Macy also asks Thorne to tell Sally that she loves her. Wow, seeing the picture of Jesus right behind Thorne is very humbling.

After the show, Sally, Clarke, and Darla go back to Sallyís room amid lots of reporters. Sally is livid that Ridge through in the towel like that. This was supposed to be Spectraís moment of triumphant and it went to hell. She says they worked so hard and came all the way to Italy and for what? To see a Forrester family reunion? Clarke understands her point of view, but says the publicity from what happened will far outweigh what they would have gotten if Ridge won. Sally doesnít really seem to care and wants to start an investigation to reveal that Ridge was the real winner. Frustrated, she storms out to the terrace.

Brooke, still in the wedding dress, and Ridge make it back to Ridgeís room and again the press is going nuts. They talk inside about what Eric did and how Brooke has become a special part of his life. Ridge needs to go check on the kids, but offers to unzip Brookeís dress for her. Oh god. She lets him and heís successful, but they donít get naked or anything. Ridge heads on out.

Ridge canít find Bridget or his kids, so he heads back to Brookeís room. The reporters are back so it isnít easy for him to get in. More happy and sexy talk between the two of them. Brooke says she isnít looking forward to going home. She was getting used to the new setting. Ridge jokes that he could steal a few towels for her. She laughs and says he needs to go check on his kids, pronto. He starts to leave, but comes back and kisses Brooke, hardcore. Then he leaves. Brooke says that she loves him.

In the graveyard outside the Portofino church, Mass kneels before one grave. Oh itís his dadís grave. His dad was Massimo Marone III, born 1910 died 1983. Aw, that stinks. Mass laments that he has failed his father. He brought his son to Portofino, their home, but never brought him to his grandfather. He explains that his son doesnít know who he is and that today he had to watch him honor another man, a man he thinks is his father. He shouts that Eric is a mere dress maker, but he built up a small company into an international business. Bridget watches Mass from afar and she doesnít have the kids with her. Mass doesnít know how he can keep this secret any longer. He also laments that the Marone name will die with him in this graveyard. At one point I think he is going to tell Ridge the truth, especially when Mass talks about his own grandkids. He then says that he must keep the secret, but again isnít sure how.

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