B&B Monday Update 1/6/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/6/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

Today was mostly a fashion show…

The show starts off repeating Ridge’s first two designs that we saw Friday and the same Italian music. Applause and applause and then Eric’s first two designs are introduced. One is a light blue dress with a ribbon top and the next is an extremely gold cocktail dress with gold gloves to match. Ridge and Eric eye each other. Mass looks on, looking to be in some pain. Bridget asks how he is doing. Mass just sighs.

Okay somebody on the boat that houses the design people judging this shindig has a freakin’ dog in his hands!! Ridge’s third design is introduced. A short skirt with a mesh looking bottom draped over the skirt. The fourth design comes out.

Up at the church, Thorne finds Macy and they hug. He is distressed when she says she couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

Eric’s third design comes out and now we have some English music in the background. It’s a blue cocktail dress, low cut, bare shouldered, and long in the legs. #4 is also introduced as well. Stephanie takes a moment to go hang out with Sally. They go back and forth about who will win the competition and of course the bet they made weeks ago about the winner of the competition. Ridge says his dad’s work isn’t bad. He thanks Eric for this competition. No matter who wins, he has accomplished what he set out to do. Ridge says he is back on his feet now..yeah..with Brooke, I guess. To lighten things up, Ridge says he wanted to do this now in case he was too busy picking up his trophy later. Eric sarcastically tells him to get away.

No Bridget on the short opening today.

Ridge’s fifth and sixth design is introduced with a new song playing in the background.

Thorne doesn’t understand how Macy could be saying goodbye. She explains how her father’s life is in danger. Thorne wants to know what he could do to change her mind. He promises that he will never let her down again. He says he meant what he said when he proclaimed his love for her. He realizes that she loves him too.

Now Eric’s fifth design is introduced. A beautiful black cocktail dress with matching gloves. It’s bare above the chest and has a weird back and train. His 6th design that is turquoise comes out next. Ridge thanks Brooke for the tribute to Taylor. She says it was a way for her to say goodbye to Taylor since she couldn’t at her funeral. Brooke says this could be a new beginning for them. Ridge says that it could very well be.

Thorne tells Macy that she shouldn’t run away, not now. Macy says she doesn’t have a choice. Thorne points out that they always have a choice. She chose to stay away after the accident, to see Sally here, and to come here today. He admits that he has made a lot of bad choices in the past, but he wants to make up for it now. He wants her to listen to her heart. Just then, Lorenzo bursts through the door and yells that Thorne is lying to her and that she shouldn’t listen to him. Huh, how’d he know that she was there? Okay Bradley, that didn’t make a lot of sense.

Outside, the show continues. This part is hilarious. Clarke introduces Ridge’s showstopper. Playing to that rowdy tune whose name I cannot think of at the moment, during each loud drum beat, confetti is blown out of cannons. Then at the big climax, a banner with Sally’s picture (a really large one) is unfurled. All the Forresters cringe at the tackiness, but I think it’s hilarious. The Spectra group is thrilled, except Ridge who playfully puts his hands over his face. Now, the showstopper. Sofia in a white dress, presumably a wedding dress, what with the veil and everything. It’s pretty. Sally doesn’t know how Eric could beat that.

Stephanie introduces Eric’s showstopper. Everyone turns to the water and sees a woman in a white wedding dress in a boat slowly making her way towards the pier. Oh lord it’s Brooke. The way she is positioned at the stern of the boat, she looks like Joan of Ark or Helen of Troy. Sally smirks when she recognizes Brooke. Mass and Stephanie each groan at the sight of her. It is a stunning wedding dress though. The whole crowd applauds as Brooke gets closer.

In the church, Thorne is introduced to Lorenzo. Macy explains that she was just saying goodbye. Lorenzo realizes Thorne is trying to convince her to stay. Thorne says Macy can make up her own mind. Lorenzo tries to convince Macy that she is better off without Thorne. In fact, he almost destroyed her. If she wants to stand on her own, she needs to walk away now, with Lorenzo. Macy looks at both men a few times.

Brooke makes it ashore. The judges get ready to make their final decision regarding who the winner is. They say it took a lot of work (yeah the hardest one day a year job in the world, right?). She slowly reads that the final winner is…..we’ll find out next time.

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