B&B Update Friday 12/28/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/28/01

By Matthew

Happy days on B&B!

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Eric are hard at work. Megan runs in saying there are different news organizations that want confirmation about the change in power at Forrester. He tells her to tell them to check the website. Nope, it’s down. Stanley the nerdy web guy comes in to tell Ridge that the site is down. They’ve been having server problems. Ridge tells him to do whatever it takes to get things up and running. My guess is that is an easy way for Ridge NOT to have anything to do with that. I can’t see him knowing a lot about web servers or the Internet in general. Stanley gets right on it. Eric thinks Ridge will be a great and effective CEO. Eric thinks Brooke’s departure is permanent, but Ridge isn’t so sure. He still wants a bigger piece of the pie to secure his position.

Ridge is telling Megan he wants reports from all divisions. He also wants business plans for all the departments. Megan and Ridge tease each other a little, but Eric cools it. Don’t worry it’s all fun. Ridge wants to bring back the classic era of Forrester. He’s really bent on this “classic” thing.

In Brooke’s office, Stephanie and Taylor check out that Brooke is really gone. Stephanie has waited for this day a long time. Stephanie thinks Brooke doesn’t have much of a life to come back to. Stephanie clues Taylor in with what Brooke said to Deacon. She blames him for the problems in her life. This makes no sense to either of them.

Stephanie throws one of Brooke’s slips/dresses into the garbage and states this used to be her office. Taylor says Brooke has scummed it up. Stephanie wants to change all that. She wants to take back her office!

Stephanie throws a picture of Brooke, back when she debuted her bedroom line, on the floor. She starts to unmake the bed in her office. Taylor says not to do anything rash, but admits the office is cheesy. Stephanie says it’s lewd and it smells of Brooke. Taylor wonders how many times Brooke posed naked on it for Ridge to walk in and see. She wants to get out of there. Stephanie remembers how she decorated every single room when they first moved in there. Brooke has destroyed the image of Forrester Creations. She’s angry with herself for letting Brooke destroy the company’s reputation. Just then, Megan walks in. Stephanie demands that Megan get some guys in there to get the bed out of Brooke’s office immediately. Megan slowly does what she says.

Stephanie instructs the movers to dump Brooke’s bed in the dumpster. Megan walks back on and gazes on. Eventually she informs Ridge and Eric what Stephanie is doing. Ridge is shocked, but doesn’t look like he’s doing anything about it.

At Brooke’s house, Amber and Rick are talking about the meeting last night. Well, just after he gets off the phone with Brooke. Rick thinks she’s feeling a little better. Rick can’t understand why everyone picks on Brooke. Oh god. Maybe you’re blinded by the fact that she is your mom, but look at some of the things she has done. She was completely relentless in August and September during her pursuing of Ridge. Not to mention how she broke up Thorne and Macy and made everyone accept the marriage, only to end it six months later. No one on this show is an angel, but she has done some cruel and uncaring things. So I don’t really care that everyone picks on her. Rick tells Amber that Ridge is CEO now. Amber seems a little disappointed, but expected it. Brooke didn’t give away any of their shares, but Eric decided not to include Rick and Bridget when he breaks his stuff up. Amber looks shocked.

Amber is a little too mad about that and seems greedy. Rick tells her it’s no big deal because they’ll still have controlling interest. Amber doubts Ridge’s ability to be CEO, but Rick thinks he’ll be fine. Amber has a lame brained idea that because Rick is actually Eric Forrester II, Eric wanted him to run the company one day. Get the hell on Amber. Amber asks Rick to keep an eye on Ridge. After all, the company is more Rick’s than Ridge’s.

Rick isn’t worried because Brooke asked Ridge to not make any changes and why would he change something that has worked so well? Rick thinks that everyone knows Brooke has made the company the great thing it is today. The BeLeiF formula has cashed in majorly. Her men’s line and bedroom line are great too. Rick goes so far to say that even Stephanie respects her. Yeah, try again Rick.

Amber wants Rick to go down to Forrester to make sure everything is cool down there. Rick compares Amber to Brooke. They’re both smart and have good instinct. People may not like them, but they respect them.

Here’s a pretty mean scene. Stephanie really badmouths Brooke. Rick overhears it all, and actually asks the movers who approved the bed being removed. All Stephanie’s doing. Here’s part of what he hears. Stephanie says that Brooke confuses the work place and the bedroom and is always parading around in her underwear. She doesn’t know what has inspired that whore. Yeah, she actually uses the word whore. Rick has been getting madder and madder as he hears this, but that was the last straw. He demands to know how she could talk about his mother like that. Uh-oh. Taylor looks a little guilty, while Stephanie doesn’t appear to care. Oh boy is he livid!

Have a good weekend. Also don’t miss the 2 classic episodes of B&B on Monday and Tuesday.

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