B&B Update Thursday 12/27/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/27/01

By  Matthew

At Insomnia, Ridge orders a cup of coffee when Massimo spots him. Never failing on a good opportunity to talk to his son that doesnít even know he exists, Massimo approaches Ridge. He congratulates him on Ericís turning things over to him. Iím sorry that was a bad sentence. Anyway, Ridge doesnít like the idea of Massimo still talking to Stephanie and heads out. Massimo says to himself that things will be different some day.

Later on, Massimo goes into dreamland and imagines how Ridge will react to the news that he is his father. Letís just say I think he can keep on dreaming. Ridge is all ďIím sorry I hated you.Ē Itís really sweet, but a complete fantasy. Ridge is first going to deny the truth, and when he gets passed that, heíll hate Massimo for wrecking his life with such a bombshell.

At Forrester Creations, Bridget has already figured out where Brooke is! She went to all the trouble to keep it a secret and then Bridget managed to find out via the caller ID. How priceless. Sheís going to visit her, but realizes she canít because of the stock transfer meeting. Amber says itís important that Bridget be there, because she and Rick will run the company one-day. Bridget doubts her significance since she doesnít know the first thing about it. Rick and Bridget leave Amber who would rather look at some sketches then go to the boring meeting. I see a developing story line with this.

In Ericís office, the meeting is getting ready to start. Jonathan, Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and Ridge are there. Ridge tells Stephanie he saw Massimo, but says he didnít say anything mean to him. He didnít want Massimo to spoil the good things for him. Connor shows up and everyone wants to know what Brookeís plans are. Connor wants to wait on Bridget and Rick, so they do.

Deaconís looking for Bridget downstairs. Amber tells him sheís up in Ericís office in a meeting. Deacon is more interested in finding out if there were any new developments with Brookeís ďbreakdown.Ē Amber says that no one knows what Brookeís problem is right now, but is confident Bridget will get it out of her. Deacon doesnít think thatís a good idea and is thinking of convincing Bridget not to go up there. Brooke needs her space, but Amber tells him not to get in the middle of things. Itís a lose-lose situation. Deacon agrees. Amber says itís crazy how their respective spouses will one day own the majority of Forrester Creations. Damn, California is a no-fault state so theyíll get a piece of it too, when these marriage dissolve.

Amberís being a little snooty in this scene. She says Ridge is pouting because heís getting less than Rick and Bridget. Amber also still thinks that Rick and Bridget will get some stock from Eric as well. She says Ridge canít do anything about it and Rick is next in line to run Forrester. After him, she thinks little Eric (i.e. Little D) will run it. This blows Deaconís mind. Deacon laughs that Ridge should have married Brooke when he had the chance.

Bridget and Rick finally show up to the meeting. Everyone is all welcoming and excited that this is the two kids first board meeting. Iím thinking things will turn sour as the day goes on. Eric runs the idea of not giving any stock to Rick and Bridget because Brooke will be giving them her half so theyíll still have more than the other Forrester kids will. They seem okay with it. Jonathan and the other Forresters worked out a compensation plan for Ridge, since heíll only have 12.25%. Apparently, itís a large salary, judging by Rickís reaction, but not a bad reaction. The kids say they can sign off on this plan, but of course this all is relying on Brooke to split her stock evenly to her two kids as planned. Hmm, what about baby #3?

Okay the moment of truth. Conner is going to open the letter from Brooke. Okay it turns out Brooke isnít transferring any stock as of yet. She does say that at her death or sooner, if she chooses, the stock will be divided equally between the children. Notice that it doesnít say Rick and Bridget. So if Brooke has more kids, then the stock is split between all three of them or whatever. Hmmm. Very interesting. She names Ridge as interim CEO while sheís gone. Everyone is all happy and cheering and drinking. How nice.

Massimo says that he sees trouble in the future, unless Ridge has ownership of Forrester Creations. One day theyíll need each other. Heh, nice.