B&B Update Wednesday 12/26/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/26/01

By Matthew

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and also enjoyed the B&B episode from 1991. Everyone looked a hell of a lot younger then. Okay well back to the present.

Out in Africa, Zende can’t believe that Kristen and Tony want him for their son. They tell him they couldn’t stop thinking about him. They ask him what he thinks about this. It doesn’t take him long to accept their proposal. Ahh, how sweet.

Zende goes out to put a flower on his brother’s grave before they all take off for the airport. Kristen and Tony never considered the culture shock for him and wonder when they should deal with it. Mummy Tisha says it will be hard for him, but the benefits out weigh the risks in this case. She begins to lose her composure as she explains how much they are giving him. Zende gets back with his coat with the silver lining. He says goodbye to Mummy Tisha who starts to cry. We find out Zende’s new full name is “Zende Forrester Dominguez.” How nice. Tisha tells him to always write her and tell her how he is. They leave for the airport as some orphan girls hug Zende and tell him goodbye.

Back in LA, Brooke is upstairs in her room packing for her “get outta town” retreat. Brooke isn’t packing a lot though, because she’ll have to buy maternity clothes eventually. Oh, I would of thought she would have kept the ones she had during her last pregnancy. Megan tries to console her and says no one will find out the truth. Brooke doesn’t want it to come out, but she really could care less about anyone’s opinion of her, except her children. She couldn’t bear that. Megan suggests she give the baby up for adoption. Brooke isn’t sure she could do that, but she’ll figure out something. Megan worries that even if Brooke tries to pass the baby off as some random guy’s, he may look a lot Deacon. Haha, I just imagined Deacon’s head on a baby’s body. Megan is quick to blame Deacon for this whole mess. She thinks he took advantage of Brooke. I think they were both horny fools, but that’s just me. Bridget knocks on the door and asks Brooke if she needs help. Brooke sends her away saying she’ll be down in a minute.

Bridget goes downstairs joining Amber and Rick in the living room. The three are really confused about Brooke’s sudden desire to depart from the LA scene. Amber figures it’s her, but Rick says Brooke assured him it had nothing to do with her. Bridget thinks it could be Ridge, but Amber thought she was over him. Bridget and Rick both doubt that, even though Brooke has said she was over him. Rick says Brooke’s behavior reminds him of her last meltdown when she ended up in Barbados. Yeah that was pretty rough. Hopefully nothing like that goes down this time. Brooke comes downstairs with Megan.

Brooke says she’ll miss both her kids so much and adds an apology to Amber for leaving her out. Rick is concerned about her leaving before the stock transfer meeting. Brooke has already talked it over with Connor, and he’ll go over it with both Bridget and Rick. Brooke hopes they will support her decision regarding the stock. Brooke starts to say some of her goodbyes. The kids want to know where she’s going and how long she’ll be away. Megan says they need to cut her some slack, because she’s going through a rough time. Rough time my ass. If my mom just was going to pick up and leave, I’d at least want to know where she was going. Her picking up and leaving would be a shock to me anyway. Bridget says Deacon is coming over to say bye to Brooke, but Brooke has to leave. Bridget wants the two of them to work on their relationship when she returns. Brooke and Megan leave.

Amber thinks Brooke is ashamed for going after Ridge and getting rejected. The two kids aren’t sure that she is ashamed. Amber says they know her best, but her behavior resembles Amber’s when she feels that way. Deacon knocks on the door. They tell him that she took off when she found out he was coming. Bridget says it isn’t like her to keep her feelings bottled up. I think Deacon has an idea about why she’s so upset. But, it’s ten times worse than he thinks.

Rick tells Amber to go lie down. Hah. Yea, he’s overprotective, but loving, so Amber obeys and goes upstairs. Rick goes to get her some milk. Deacon is worried about Brooke, and Bridget thinks it’s sweet. Deacon does think that she’ll get through it. Bridget is worried that Brooke won’t let her help her. She’s a little hurt by that. Deacon feels it will all work out in the end.

In Eric’s office, he and Stephanie are discussing the whole “problem” with the estate and Ridge’s inheritance. Stephanie tries to act all suave and wonders if they should maybe put all the children’s pledges to support Ridge in writing. Eric jokes that Ridge will have a sign on his door that says he’s CEO and that’s enough writing for him. Stephanie throws out the phrase “binding legal authority,” to which Eric responds that she has been hanging around Jonathan (their lawyer) too much. Before Stephanie can say much else, Ridge enters with coffee. Apparently they’re having a meeting with Jonathan. Stephanie wonders why he only brought four cups. He clues her in that Brooke is leaving town and won’t be at the meeting. This surprises both Stephanie and Eric.

Ridge explains how Brooke is mysteriously leaving and how Connor has all the instructions about the stock transfer. Stephanie thinks Brooke is going to drop a bomb on them because Ridge rejected her and that’s why she doesn’t want to be around. Ridge doesn’t think so though he doesn’t know what her problem is. Just then, Brook enters.

Stephanie thinks it’s ridiculous that Brooke is going into hiding. After all, she is CEO of Forrester Creations and should be available if they need her. They can get in touch with her via Megan. Ridge and Eric are a little more understanding than Stephanie. Brooke says she doesn’t owe Stephanie an explanation or anything for that matter. She worked hard for her 51% of the company. Okay her skills as a chemist were apart of that, but she did some bad things too. She tells Stephanie not to forget it. Stephanie says Brooke would never let them forget that. Brooke declares that she is not resigning, but taking an indefinite leave of absence. She says bye to Eric and Ridge. After she leaves, Stephanie complains she didn’t say bye to her. She claims to have forgotten her notes and quickly leaves. The two men know Stephanie never takes notes and know where she’s really going.

In the hallway of Forrester, Megan introduces Brooke to her driver and almost spills the beans about Brooke’s location when Stephanie walks up. Megan and the driver head for the car. Stephanie respects Brooke’s decision to keep her destination a secret, but doesn’t understand how she could leave Bridget when she’s still married to Deacon. Brooke says she has tried to help Bridget and failed miserably. Stephanie says Brooke has always been a poor excuse for a mother, but to leave because of one small personal crisis is low even for her. Brooke keeps her mouth shut about what’s going on. Stephanie goes around the corner when she realizes Brooke isn’t saying anything. Brooke turns to the elevator and waits. It opens and Deacon is on it. Brooke says she isn’t leaving because of him, but says she hates him for what he’s done to her life. Okay that made no sense, but she’s pregnant so I guess it doesn’t have to make sense. Brooke goes on to the elevator. It closes and Deacon turns around and walks way as Stephanie walks out from the corner. I think she overheard most of that. Cue in dramatic music, and puzzled/inquisitive looks from Stephanie. Hmm. I wonder how much she really knows from that.