B&B Update Monday 12/24/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/24/01

By Matthew

Itís almost Christmas time!!

Ericís doing a sketch in his office when Thorne enters. Eric wanted to see Thorne to clue him in on the estate planning. Whatever heís going to tell Thorne, heís already run by Felicia. Thorne finds out that Kristen and Tony have gone back to Africa. Eric isnít positive why, but he has his suspicions. Donít worry, I mean the good kind of suspicions, like finding out about a present.

Thorne thinks itís a little early to be doing estate planning, but as we all know, from a tax perspective, the sooner you do it, the better. Eric adds that he and Stephanie want to travel more and see the grandkids more as well. They see their grandkids more than my grandparents did. Itís nice when you all live in the same city. Now we get down to business. Eric informs Thorne that Ridge is unhappy with the distribution of the company. Eric has decided to just split he and Stephanieís 49% between the four kids.

Ridge would get 12.25% now, but he wants controlling interest. Thorne gets a little ticked off that Ridge wants all that. Thorne says heís worked hard too and their salaries are their reward for that hard work. But, he promises to support Ridge no matter what, so he doesnít need controlling interest. Eric says Felicia feels the same way. They should all talk to Ridge to reassure him. Changing gears, Eric tells him that he thinks Tony and Kristen have gone back to Africa to get Zende. Thorne thinks thatís the coolest thing heís ever heard.

Thorne realizes that if Tony hadnít been HIV positive, this whole adoption wouldnít have happened. Thorne is amazed at how the disease has changed them into much better people that could offer Zende a better life. Eric feels bad that he opposed their relationship so much, but Thorne comforts him by saying that maybe Ericís opposition was a test for their relationship. They passed the hell out of that test. Now, Eric can share in this miracle.

Out in Africa, we get to return to the Haven of Hope orphanage and that little mail slot that you can leave babies in. It still bothers me a little, but anyway. Tony and Kristen are so excited to be back. Before they go in, they talk about how their son, Zende is just inside. Kristen wonders if she should have told Tisha to tell Zende what was going on so the surprise isnít too traumatic for him. Oh well, too late now. By the way, her name IS Tisha. We donít get any of that Isabella crap we got before. I know Iím picky, but geez I would think they would at least proofread the closed captioning. Tony says not to worry, because it was meant to happen.

Kristen and Tony enter the orphanage and Tisha points out Zende who doesnít see them enter. Zende is looking at his picture of Kristen, Tony, and him. Itís kind of crumpled probably from all the times heís looked at it. Zende looks like he misses them a lot. Tisha says that he has no idea that theyíre coming to get him, though things are weird because they had to take his picture for the passport and draw blood for the HIV test. Though it wouldnít affect them taking Zende, the couple is overjoyed to hear that he is HIV negative. All the legal stuff is taken care of by the lawyers, so officially Zende is their son. Tisha says that he has been talking about them nonstop since they left. They decide to go over and tell him.

Kristen and Tony greet Zende. Heís so happy to see them. He gives them both big hugs. They tell him they came back for something they left behind. Tony asks him what he thinks would be so special for them to come all the way back to Africa for.

Zende runs to Tisha excited about Tony and Kristenís return. He offers to help them look for what they left. Kristen says that they already found it.

Zende seems a little disappointed. He grows even sadder when he realizes the two are heading back to the States tonight. Zende seems surprised to hear that the couple talked about him a lot while they were apart. Yep they told their family about him and now they all want to meet him. Hah! What a treat. Tony says that Zende should come to LA. Ah, shucks, he canít because he doesnít have the money for the air travel. Tony will pick up the tab and Mummy Tisha just seems to have a passport for Zende. How convenient. Hehe. They slowly explain how they want him to come back with them and live with them as their son. They ask him what he thinks about that idea. Judging by his grin, Iíd say Zende is all for it.

In her office, Brooke is staring at a picture of Deacon and Bridget. Weíre zoomed in far, and then this brochure for ďOjai Valley Inn and SpaĒ covers the picture. Megan says she reserved Brooke some time there. Brooke doesnít seem interested at all. If you havenít already guessed, itís a popular retreat environment for those who need to unwind. Well, my definition of unwinding is a 6-pack and a pizza, but Iím not extremely rich soÖ Megan even took the liberty of getting some numbers of nearby obstetricians. Brooke jumps all over her because sheís afraid of someone finding out about her travesty of a pregnancy. Címon Brooke, Megan is a discreet professional.

Brooke goes on a kind of self-guilt trip here and says that all the things Stephanie ever said about her were true. Megan defends her of course, yada yada. The one thing that interested me was when Megan said that Ridge rejected Brooke after leading her on for months. Okay maybe I have a different definition of leading someone on, but he never said he was going to be with her. Brooke was the one who was out of line most of the time. If I had been him though, I would have put a stop to that non-sense weeks earlier, before it got out of hand. Megan says sheíll make sure everything is handled while Brooke is gone. Brooke says the stock matters have already been handled because she didnít want to leave it hanging. Megan doubts Brookeís decision to deal with that now, considering she isnít thinking to well, but that reservation is interrupted by Ridge. Megan excuses herself and Ridge apologizes to Brooke.

Ridge says he shouldnít have blown up at her the other night. Brooke says itís okay because it was extremely awkward for everyone. Ridge is going to apologize to Rick as well. Ridge says that no matter how much he wanted something, it doesnít obligate her to give it to him. He says that Taylor produced his change in attitude. We never got to see it, but it was probably some tough love. Brooke says that Taylor is good for him. This brings up all kinds of talk about how Brooke was such a fool to think Ridge could be hers. Brooke wonders why she keeps destroying herself. Ridge says she has done well. After he rejected her, she didnít go out and do something crazy. Heh, wellÖRidge can tell Brooke is hiding something and asks whatís going on. Brooke, of course, doesnít want to say.

Brooke informs Ridge sheís ďgoing awayĒ for a while. She wonít tell him where sheís going. Brooke says that she hasnít grown, but in fact sheís gone backwards. Until this point, most of her actions could be backed up by at least good excuses, but this has no excuse. (Her words not mine) Brooke feels so ashamed. Ridge realizes she wonít tell him and says things will be taken care of while sheís gone. They share a hug. Hmm I wonder how long sheís going to be gone.

At the main house, Stephanie greets Massimo at the door. He enters as she thanks him for bringing up the whole estate thing to her. It was good they dealt with it now instead of later. She invites him to have tea and explains that she thinks that she and Eric have come up with a feasible solution, though it took a little fighting to get there.

Stephanie says that Ridge will have complete authority. Heíll have the backing of his siblings, but being the businessman he is, Massimo wants to know if thatís in writing. Nope. Massimo says a verbal agreement is worthless in this case. Ericís solution blows. Stephanie looks pretty discouraged. Thatís all for that until Wednesday.

I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas and donít forget the B&B episode from 1991 tomorrow (Christmas Day). Itís Brooke and Ericís wedding.

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