B&B Update Friday 12/21/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/21/01

By Matthew

It’s the first day of winter and boy does it feel like it today.

Let’s start out on happy notes. Kristen and Tony are enjoying their first night at home after the honeymoon. Both of them are half naked and acting very sexy. Heh. Cue in kissing and mood lighting and it’s a party!

Both Tony and Kristen are glad to be back in their own bed. They remember the wedding and honeymoon. Kristen wonders about what their “silver lining” will be. If you recall, a lot of people including Father Rivera, said that although their marriage would be hard with Tony’s disease, every cloud has its silver lining. Next, they both think about poor Zende over in Africa. Then they both pull out their own pictures of Zende and gaze at him. It’s kinda funny how much they care about him to put picture of him on their night stands. We all get to gaze at the picture of the three of them and everyone is grinning (smiling) from ear to ear. This makes me wonder why no one really smiles on the opening theme. Eh, I guess looking more mysterious is cool or at least more candid.

Kristen hopes Zende doesn’t have AIDS and although it’d painful to think about, she wants to know. How’s she going to find out? Okay my question is answered here. Both she and Tony have already written Zende letters. I hope they got a reliable address because “To: Zende / CO: Mummy Tisha / Orphanage / Africa” ain’t gonna cut it. Kristen notices that the inside of Zende’s jacket has a silver lining in the picture. Okay, turn up the corny meter, but it’s Christmas so I’ll shut up. Basically the two decide to go back and adopt Zende. Wow! What a weird family they’re going to be.

At Ridge and Taylor’s house, Taylor isn’t sure what would have motivated Brooke to give a portion of her stock to Ridge. Ridge doesn’t think she’s up to anything, but feels there’s something strange going on with her. Taylor thinks that if she isn’t up to something, this “problem” of hers is a doozy. Taylor also finds it odd that Rick and Bridget would give up a part of their share as well. Ridge says it’s a decision they won’t regret. Ridge suggests they go over to Brooke’s and sign some papers.

I’ll sum up Amber and Rick’s conversation because it’s primarily a repeat from yesterday. Amber tells Rick that he shouldn’t give up the option of someday running Forrester Creations. Or, in other words, he shouldn’t give up his rightful portion of the stock to Ridge, at least at this point. Rick really just hoped they could all run it together, but you really can’t do that in a successful business. Amber says that when Brooke retires, he’ll be out of school and ready to take over. Okay, question: When is Brooke retiring? They make it sound like Brooke will retire in the next few years right after Rick is out of school, but dude Katherine Kelly Lang can’t be much into her 40’s. On the other hand if I was really really rich, I’d retire too, preferably to some place in the Caribbean.

Connor, Brooke’s lawyer, isn’t so sure about this transferring of stocks to Ridge. Brooke apparently has called him over to draw up the papers necessary for something like this. He wants to know what the rush is since Brooke isn’t retiring in the immediate future. Brooke says that the last few months have taught everyone about the uncertain world we live in. Is that a World Trade Center reference? I think it is. Brooke wants to get her affairs in order, though she isn’t dying or anything. Connor says that although Brooke’s love life has been chaotic, in terms of business, she’s been very effective. Brooke has had enough and tells Connor to drop it. Before he drops it, Connor adds that Brooke should think of her children.

Connor tries another tactic and tells Brooke to not do anything at this point. When Ridge comes over tell him you’ve reconsidered. Heh, well I’d be ticked if I were Ridge. Connor says it’s not in her or her children’s best interests to give away a part of Forrester Creations. Just then Rick and Amber come down stairs and Rick announces he’s reconsidered. Doh! Brooke has already called Ridge and he’s on his way over now.

Rick wants more time to think about something this huge. He also feels Brooke is too “fried” to be thinking about this as well. Connor suggests that the three of them go upstairs and he’ll handle Ridge. Hah! That’s a mature way to deal with your family. Sick a lawyer on them. Nah, thankfully Brooke wants to handle this on her own and instructs Connor to leave. She tells everyone she’ll handle Ridge, but whoops too late. Ridge is ringing the doorbell now. Rick answers and Ridge and Taylor come in with some bubbly. Ridge thinks this is the most gracious gesture anyone has done for him. He promises they won’t regret this. Oh boy.

Rick tries to delicately explain to Ridge how he feels. He says they all agree he deserves more. Taylor realizes something is up and asks what Rick is trying to say. Rick tells Ridge he has changed his mind and doesn’t want Brooke to give away what is to become his and Bridget’s. But Bridget already gave the go ahead so couldn’t Brooke give a portion of hers away? The anger in Ridge’s voice starts to build, as he asks why he doesn’t want to give him anything. Rick says it doesn’t feel right, but Ridge wants to know what doesn’t feel right about giving him more since he has helped build the company. Rick claims that’s just because Ridge is older. Nope, it’s about contribution not age and if Rick were in Ridge’s shoes, he’d feel the same way. Brooke tries to appease things, but to no avail.

Amber chimes in that actually two companies own this family. Ridge wants to know what the hell she has to do with it. Oh geez. Rick jumps in to say this was all his decision. Ridge can’t believe any of them and storms out with Taylor. Ding!

I guess we’re not going to get any kind of Christmas reference on the show this year. Oh well, at least it isn’t quite as sad as last year with the whole Ridge/Taylor/Morgan thing.

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