B&B Update Thursday 12/20/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/20/01

By  Matthew

5 days Ďtil Christmas!

Kristen and Tony are back at home and visiting with Eric and Stephanie. They are so both happy to see them. Kristen tells them about their trip and how it was eye opening. Before too much talking ensues, Eric and Stephanie find all the pictures they took and run over to the couch to look at them. Hah. Oh well, this gives Kristen and Tony some time to kiss.

Stephanie and Eric ask Tony if the trip was tiring and if he could keep up with his meds. Yeah heís doing well. Okay guys he isnít an invalid. Stephanie comes across a picture of Zende and asks who he is. This prompts some looks from Kristen and Tony, which in turn prompts looks from Eric and Stephanie. Hehe. Kristen explains how they met Zende and how he represents the tragic side of Africa.

Kristen and Tony tell Eric and Stephanie about how millions of kids are orphaned because of AIDS. Wow Zende is spelled with an ďeĒ two days in a row. I guess closed captioning lady #2 won out. Stephanie realizes that Zende has captured their heart.

At her house, Brooke is still feeling the pangs of guilt and shame for getting pregnant via Deacon. But she has to quickly put on a brave face for Amber and Rick who come down the stairs. They say that Bridget is coming over alone, thankfully. Deacon is busy playing with Eric. Rick says that they should get Brooke to a doctor, because she still isnít feeling well. The doorbell rings and itís Bridget. Brooke wants to discuss with them a meeting she and Eric had. She politely tells Amber to shove off because it has nothing to do with her. Amber is cool with it and does her needle point.

They sit down and Brooke explains how they all were going over their estate because if any of them were to die with the assets still in their name, there would be big tax consequences. Yep, gotta love the olí death tax. Actually that really only effects extremely rich people because most people who die donít have large estates, but anyway. Bridget thinks this is pretty morbid, but Brooke is right to be planning ahead. She explains how Ridge is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to his inheritance. The two kids ask what sheís getting at. Does she want them to give some of their stock to Ridge? Brooke isnít sure, but they have to figure out something and now.

Brooke asks if they would be willing to do that. Amber is eyeing Rick throughout this scene. The two kids both agree that Ridge has given his all to Forrester Creations and deserves more than his puny share. They ask Brooke what she thinks. She thinks he deserves more as well. Brooke looks pretty wiped out and they want to know whatís going on with her. She tells them not to worry and everyone agrees to give Ridge a bigger piece of the pie. Brooke goes to rest and Bridget tells Rick they have to figure out whatís going on with her.

Up in their room, Amber and Rick do some more estate talking. Well, first Rick is worried about Brooke. Amber says she probably has the flu and thatís why she isnít thinking clearly. Amber has the opinion that Rick giving up his stock is a mistake. Long story short, she tells him he has to think about the future of his children before he gives away ďtheirĒ company. I donít know Amber thatís putting the cart before the horse. Sheís not going to tell him what to do, but she just wants him to think about it a lot before he commits to it.

Rick wants to talk this over with Ridge. Amber says that Ridge wants control of the company and there isnít much middle ground to discuss. Amber says that Rick is trying to be the good guy but some times in life you have to be tough. She thinks he may regret giving up the company to Ridge. She wants to know what they are going to tell their kids one day when they ask why uncle Ridge owns their company. I doubt they would.

Ridge is walking around his house with a drink and stewing about what happened earlier. Taylor gets home from shopping and is ever so happy. She even has the damn magazine with him on the front cover and like everyone else, reads him an excerpt from his own article. He explains how tough of a day itís been for him. He tells her how Brooke, Eric, and Stephanie are thinking about transferring their stock. Yeah, itís all about tax reasons, but what I want to know is, are Brooke and Ridge supposed to be the same age? I donít see why she would want to transfer hers yet. Sheís still relatively young. Probably younger than Ridge. Taylor realizes their transferring it to Ridge and his siblings, but mistakenly thinks sheís married to the new owner of Forrester Creations.

Ridge sarcastically says heís the owner, but Taylor doesnít realize it and thinks heís upset about their own tax problems. Nah, but actually heíll be one of the owners. Taylor can understand that after all Ridge has siblings. Ridge asks if he is being greedy by wanting more. He asks Taylor what she thinks he deserves. Taylor comes up with a 30-40% ballpark figure. Sounds pretty good. He clues her in on what heís really going to get. She canít believe it. He tells her that Rick and Bridget will be the prime owners of Forrester Creations.

Taylor doesnít buy into the fact that Rick and Bridget could be running Forrester Creations. Well itís kind of true. Brooke will still be CEO, but theyíll have controlling interest. Taylor doesnít think this is right. Ridge is the most shocked with Ericís attitude. Taylor thinks heís trying to be fair, but isnít sure why he wouldnít want Ridge in charge. Well Ridge could be in charge, but w/o controlling stock, heís a figurehead. Taylor tells him not to take it personally and hopes he doesnít question how Eric feels about him. Ridge says he doesnít know who Eric is anymore and that he doesnít feel like heís his dad anymore. He even contemplates starting his own company. Yikes.

Brooke calls Ridge and tells him how she, Bridget, and Rick have agreed to give him some of their stock in the company. Ridge is speechless. Brooke tells him to give her an hour or so and then to come over so they can sign some papers. Ridge gets off the phone and does a big ďYES!Ē to himself. Hah!

Taylor asks who was on the phone and Ridge explains what just happened. Taylor says that things do turn out they way they are supposed to. Oh geez. Dammit Amber! Man I could have had something nice to recap for tomorrow and Christmas Eve, but I bet itíll be spoiled. But really, Ridge is coming across a little greedy in some of the scenes.

See you tomorrow...