B&B Update Wednesday 12/19/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/19/01

By Matthew

Ding! Let the fireworks begin!

Stephanie asks Ridge to join them in their discussion on the distribution of their assets. Before Stephanie can tell Ridge about Ericís plan, Eric asks Ridge what he thinks. To be honest, he hadnít thought about it until today. Go Massimo! Eric says they arenít getting any younger. He looks at both Brooke and Stephanie when he says this. Brooke looks a little surprised by that remark, but it is the truth. Eric says theyíve been readjusting the provisions for the estate. Hehe, now itís time to get technical and break out the pie graphs. Eric tells Ridge that he and Stephanie own 49% of Forrester Creations (how sad) and that the four children will each get a 5th of that, with Rick and Bridget sharing the last 5th. This translates to 20% each for the four and 10% each for Rick and Bridget. However, in terms of the whole stock the 4 kids each only have 9.8%, but when you take into account Rick and Bridget inheriting Brookeís portion, they each get over 30% of the total stock. Doesnít sound fair to me either Ridge. He says they have to be kidding him.

Ridge asks if they all think this is fair. Stephanie shakes her head and we get a blank stare from Brooke. Eric asks whatís unfair about it. Heís given his all to the company and to only get 9.8% is ridiculous. Eric says that Ridgeís contribution isnít being contested, but he does have 5 other siblings. Right, but none of them have given what Ridge has. Eric says it isnít about that, but rather, distributing the assets equally. Ridge asked who would run it if the three of them (Eric, Stephanie, and Brooke) suddenly end up dead. Hah! Hmm, well Rick and Bridget I suppose. Brooke says that they wonít want to change anything. So heís supposed to trust them? Well they are your half brother and sister. Ridge says a business isnít run like that. He says heís the most logical person to run Forrester Creations. He wants the lionís share of the stocks. Stephanie agrees with him. Eric tells him to stop it. He doesnít want to fight about this. Too late dad. Ridge says that Felicia and Kristen donít even work for the company and they stand to get as much as him. Eric reminds him that he was paid handsomely over the decades he worked for them, but Felicia and Kristen werenít. Ridge says it isnít just about money, but rather, dedication and loyalty. Ridge is shocked that Eric doesnít see that. Heís feeling totally ripped off!

Stephanieís turn. She thinks Ridge is the most capable person to run Forrester Creations. Ridge asks for Brookeís opinion. She says she canít make that decision. This is an issue between him and his parents. But even if Ridge got all the inheritance, Brooke still has control. I donít get how he could ever run it unless Rick and Bridget take their smaller shares and donít combine them. Moving on to Eric. Eric says theyíll compensate him in some other way. Maybe Brooke will make him CEO when she steps down. Ridge takes that to mean that heíll have controlling interest. Nah, a CEO doesnít have to have controlling interest. Eric points out that Brookeís share is larger, but Ridge adds that Brooke will divide hers up so heíll have the most. Eric canít believe heíd cut out his brother and sisters. Ridge thinks heís earned it and adds he wouldnít have hung around this long if he knew it was going to come to this. Ooh, burn baby. Stephanie interjects and says he makes a valid point, but before she can say anymore Ridge says he should have been offered 50 percent of the company right there. Eric canít believe heís negotiating with him. Ridge says the 10% deal isnít an option. Eric complains how Ridge is putting him in a difficult position. Ridge is the oldest son and feels he is most qualified to run Forrester Creations. Dammit he said you could run it! But that wonít work, because Ridge is sure heíll have to make some unpopular decisions, but wonít have crap to back it up with. Well what should Eric tell the other kids? Ridge said that would be one of those unpopular decisions. Hah! Definitely. Eric refuses to do that. He wants to be fair to everyone. Ridge is sorry he spent all these years working his ass off and says he should have ďcruised around SohoĒ like Felicia, because then he would have earned the 9.8%. He storms out saying he wonít forget this. Stephanie looks like she could strangle Eric. Eric just looks in pain.

Mass eyes the family portrait some more. Sally tells him he should let go of this before he goes crazy. She says that Ridge doesnít want to have anything to do with him and heís an adult. Mass thinks his attitude will change, but Sally fears it will only be worse once he knows the truth. Mass knows he must know the truth eventually, but not now.

Massimo tells Sally about the present he sent to Ridge. Sally thinks itís funny, but warns it could backfire. Ridge could get the meaning and charge into Ericís office looking for more of the pie. If he gets it, then that wonít weaken his and Ericís relationship. Massimo is okay with that.

In Africa, Kristen is looking through the pictures they took on their trip, but Tony says they need to get going to catch their plane. Kristen thanks him for taking her there. He thanks her for being there with him. They flip through some more photos. One of them is a gorgeous sunset, but the next one is the picture taken with Zendi and them. And now I officially hate the closed captioning lady, because today ďZendiĒ is spelled with an ďe.Ē Maybe they have two closed captioning ladies at CBS/Bell-Phillip Productions who canít agree on how it should be spelled. They grow sad remembering the orphanage and how he must live.

Bakari tells Kristen and Tony that they are almost ready to leave and wants their bags. Tony points them out. Bakari realizes something is wrong and asks whatís the matter. They tell them theyíre sad to be leaving, but promise to come back. Kristen tells them how Zende touched them and how they wish they could do more for him. Bakari says heís lucky compared to the children on the streets. Two thirds of the orphaned children in Africa are the results of AIDS. Ouch. Kristen wants to stop by and say bye to Zende, but unfortunately, there isnít enough time to do that. That doesnít make Kristen happy, but she understands. Bakari leaves to take the bags out. Kristen apologizes to Tony for getting upset, but wishes they could do something. Tony suggests they pray. Kristen agrees it would take an act of God to combat the problem in Africa. Just then, Zende sneaks in and hides. Hmm, I know he wants a ticket out of there.

Zende comes out of hiding and gives Kristen a bracelet. She gives him a hug and wants to give him money, but he doesnít want it. Zende says they have given him something and points to his heart. Awwww. Just then Bakari says they must leave now or theyíll miss their flight.

Kristen tells Zende not to forget how special he is. She hugs him again. Zende has a gift for Tony as well. Itís a funny mask. Itís to ward off evil spirits. Tony gives him a hug. Bakari says they have to leave now. Kristen wants to give Zende a ride back to the orphanage, but there isnít time. They say their painful goodbyes. Then Kristen remembers the photo of them together and gives it to Zende. They leave as Zende cries. I can so smell adoption in the future. But do they really want to screw him up by bringing him back to LA to be on the show. Any regular character on the show goes through so much hell and theyíre only in LA.

Program notes. If you want to see classic and semi classic episodes of B&B get ready. Christmas day itís Brooke and Ericís wedding. On New Years Eve Ridge and Brookeís wedding (was there only 1?) is airing and on New Years Day the Thorne/Brooke wedding will be shown. Enjoy!