B&B Update Tuesday 12/18/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/18/01

By Matthew

Massimoís in his office looking closely at the picture Stephanie gave him of Ridge, Taylor, and the kids. He knows that Ridge has gotten the package he sent by now. He hopes it opens his eyes about the situation with Forrester Creations. Massimo takes comfort in the fact that Ridgeís real father (him) is watching out for him. Thereís a knock at the door and itís Sally. Sally makes it a point to notice that Heidi (or how she put it ďthe guardĒ) was not around to keep her from getting in. Massimo says itís not a good time, but she isnít staying. She just wants to know what to wear on their date tonight. Massimo totally forgot and apologizes. Sally realizes that Stephanie stopped by and itís distracting him. Massimo says that Stephanie is worried about the secret coming out. Well, yeah thatís obvious. Massimo is worried too. Sally tells him that she will not say anything; after all, she gave her word. Mass is worried about something else though. Massimo says he just canít pretend that Ridge isnít his son. He wants to guide him through life and tell him what his worth is. Sally wonders how he could do that if he canít be in contact with Ridge. He doesnít say anything and she realizes heís up to something. Whatís he done? Massimo admits he sent Ridge a very enlightening present.

Sally wants to know what he means by that. He tells her that he sent Ridge a warning that his future may be in jeopardy unless Eric does something. Sally thought they were talking about Ridge. He explains that Eric hasnít started his estate planning yet and Ridge will have to pay for Ericís incompetence. Ridge will only get a small piece of the pie under Ericís plan. Massimo canít let that happen to his son.

Sally understands how Massimo wants to be involved with Ridge, but he shouldnít involve himself with Forrester Creations. Mass points out Ridgeís three kids to support. Sally says they are doing well. Nah it isnít about the money. Itís about loyalty. Heís worked there out of his love for his family, but ironically it isnít his family. Massimo points out how Brooke and her kids will have totally control over Forrester Creations. Sally wonders how warning Ridge will accomplish anything. Eric has control over the company stock and its distribution. No one can change that.

Mass wants more for Ridge than to be drawing pictures. He wants him to be CEO and if he were at Massí company, he could give that to him. Eric only has millions, but Mass has billions. Gee, only millions. Sally points out that Ridge doesnít need his protection, but he may need his guidance. Massimo is going to see that Ridge makes it to the top.

Opening credit note. They put Megan on the opening credits. If you havenít seen them in a while, theyíve got different credits they vary depending on the day. Some are longer than others, but they all sound similar. Normally it always starts off with Eric, Stephanie, and Ridge and ends in the reverse order like it has since around í87. Well, with the addition of Megan, Ridge got cut off the end. Okay that was random, but there are some fanatics out there that might be interested.

Ridge is looking through the present. Thereís no return address. We actually get to see what it was. Itís a small sliver of a pie. I want to say itís either apple or peach, but the lighting is bad. Ridge reads the letter inside the card. It basically says the piece is his slice of the Forrester pie and to get what he deserves. It adds to never settle for anything less. Gee, how cryptic.

Ridge reads the note over and over to himself. Then lo and behold, Taylor knocks and enters. Wow itís a been a while. They share a nice long kiss. Taylor tries to smooth things over because she went out and bought a car without asking Ridge first. Whoops. Apparently their car always needs repairs and she couldnít pass off the great deal. Itís a champagne colored SUV with better gas mileage than their old car (what the hell kinda car did they have that would get that terrible of a gas mileage); it has 4-wheel drive, and a removable third row of seats. Ooh how nice. Ridge seems a little annoyed, but in the end it doesnít matter. She notices heís distracted about something. He explains the card and the package. Taylor thinks itís just a marketing ploy from another company. She knows heíll get more than a small piece of the pie. I mean heís the heir-apparent of Forrester Creations. Taylor has to jet to do some shopping. Later on. Ridge thinks more and more about the letter.

Ridge keeps thinking about the letter. It concerns Ridge because he thinks it may be a warning. He wonders what it all means. He taps his fingers on the box and then we go over to a scene with Massimo where heís doing the exact same thing. Hah! Later on, Ridge wants to know what someone is trying to tell him.

Stephanie canít believe Eric wonít discuss this anymore. Things start heating up a little and Eric says theyíve already decided to split the company equally between the children and heís not changing anything. He wants to know why they need to change things now? The plan was very simple and straightforward. One of Stephanieís problems is Rick and Bridget. She doesnít think itís fair to give them one sixth of their shares, because they arenít her kids and theyíre going to get inheritance from Brooke. The other kids probably wouldnít like that. Eric admits she has a point, and theyíll take care of that, but he isnít going to cut the two totally out. They are his kids. Eric says the idea of Ridge having the controlling interest of the company is what is bothering him. He doesnít think it makes sense. Of course it does, Stephanie argues, heís made a large contribution to the company and he should get to control it. Eric disagrees and they take a break. Just then, Brooke walks in. Stephanie seizes the moment and asks Brooke for her input on a matter about Ridge. Yeah, thatís Brookeís favorite subject right now.

Brooke is surprised Stephanie wants her input. Stephanie asks her if she thinks Ridge is important around Forrester Creations. Thatís a big yes. Sheís trying to make her point of course. Brooke asks if Ridge is thinking about leaving. No, no. Stephanie explains that she and Eric are discussing their estate and Eric wants to give equal shares to all the kids. Eric jumps in to say that Stephanie felt that way until now. Brooke thinks this is a personal matter and doesnít want to be involved. Too late deary. The decision they make will affect Forrester Creationsí future and in turn her stock.

Eric says this wonít hurt the company. Stephanie feels it will destabilize things, but Eric says nothing will change. Brooke will be CEO and Ridge will be head designer. But what about when/if Brooke steps down? Brooke interrupts to ask whatís going on. Eric explains that Stephanie wants Ridge to have a larger stake in the company. Eric doesnít see how that will hurt anything. Well, for starters, itís insulting to Ridge. Brooke says Stephanie has a point. Eric points out how that wonít be fair to Thorne, because he works there too even though his job isnít as glamorous. Stephanie says they need to take that into consideration as well. So what will they base the shares on? Hours worked? Years of service? That pretty much kills Kristen and Felicia right there. Stephanie says if they go along with Ericís plan, Ridge will be insulted and what would keep him from leaving? He could just as easily start his own company. The whole thing is an unfair to Ridge after what he has done. This will all affect Brooke and Forrester Creations as a whole.

Brooke wants to know if Ridge would really leave. Eric thinks thatís ridiculous. The loyalty factor weighs into why Ridge would stay. Heís helped to build the company and he wouldnít just walk away. Brooke points out that even if Ridge had all of their stock, sheíd still be in control. Right. Stephanie says itís more than about power, itís about respect. Stephanie says that in the end everyone wins, with Ridge in control. Eric clarifies that to mean profits. Well of course, theyíre in business for profit. Nah they created this for independence. They agreed that no matter what the kids did with their lives, they would all get an equal share. No questions about it. Eric says this is a family business and it should stay that way. Brooke agrees. Stephanie says she thinks Ridge will disagree with both Brooke and Eric and she wonít blame him for being hurt. Just then Ridge walks in. Heís glad they are all there, because he has to discuss the future of Forrester Creations with them. Everyone eyeís Stephanie who probably thinks Mass may have done something.