B&B Update Monday 12/17/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/17/01

By Matthew

Okay, I thought Hunter Tylo would be back by now, but I guess her new contract is in the process of starting.

I guess Rick is in his office, but all the offices look so similar. I can tell itís downstairs in Thorneís department. Why isnít Rick studying for exams? Man, my life was totally on hold for that week, well except for writing these recaps. Hah. Anyway heís busily going over some figures and in walks Amber. Sheís got lunch for him, but she promises sheís taking it easy. Rick asks her to stay and eat with him. Ooh and she made it just like he likes it, extra lettuce and no tomato. Lettuce to me is just water, but tomato is great. How could you not like tomatoes? Oh well..They sit down and eat.

Amber asks Rick why heís working down here now. Thorne wanted Rick to go over some purchase orders, but these arenít orders for dresses and stuff, more like material and fabric. As we all know Thorne is in the material department. Amber asks him if this is what he wants to do. Rick isnít sure. He liked the marketing department (the one he previously worked in), but this stuff is interesting too. It is? I worked in a bookstore and I had to order books and stuff. It was the most boring job Iíve ever had. But hey important jobs arenít always fun. Amber thinks what heís doing just looks like a bunch of numbers. Rick breaks down what they do down there into 3 steps: look at sales projections to know how much material to order, find the best/cheapest company to buy from, and arrange for the shipping of the material. Eh, not too bad. Amber says sheís already lost. Hmm..okay?. Amber says that what the Forresters do is quite fascinating. Rick had no idea she felt this way. Rick asks her what sheíd want to do. Well when Amber was younger she used to make her own clothes. I guess that would make her a designer. She admits some of it was outrageous, but some of it was cool. Rick thinks sheíd make a great designer. Rick gets a buzz and has to go sign for a shipment that has just come in. Amber eyes a sketchpad and gives it a whirl.

Amberís working on a sketch and wow it looks pretty good. I would fail miserably at that seeing as how I canít draw to save my life. Rick comes back in and is impressed by the sketch. I hope Amber doesnít pull a Morgan and fall off her chair. Apparently Amber spent most of her free time in Furnace Creek either singing or drawing. Yeah she had to do something to keep from going insane. Rick says she should work at Forrester. Amber says with Brooke around sheíd have a better chance working at Spectra. Hah! Besides sheís busy taking care of Rick and the kids right now. Yeah, but she has a natural talent. Hmm, oh the possibilities.

Amber goes off in la-la land as Rick works/eats. She daydreams about having her own line of clothes. Sheís at a fashion shoot with the runway and everything. Throw in the weird music and out of focus shots and weíre all the way there. Rick comes out and introduces the designer ďAmbrosia Forrester.Ē I like her designs, but clothes shouldnít drag the ground. Amber comes out and the audience throws roses at her and then someone gives her a bouquet. She looks like sheís just won a pageant or something. Then this cameraman on crack takes her picture. Okay come back to the real world Amber. She realizes sheís being silly and that can never happen.

Massimo tells Stephanie that she canít shut him out. She has to make a decision either he gets to be with Ridge or her. Stephanie says she wishes there was someway to make this easier, but he canít have Ridge and it would be preposterous for him to have her. Stephanie expects him to stay away and wants to know what positive effect the truth could have on Ridgeís life. Duh! Massimo could give him his company and he could do so many things with it. You know, things like end world hunger and the crises in the Middle East. Nah, Ridge already has a company. Massimo reminds her that Brooke Logan owns 51% of the stock, so technically it couldnít be his. In fact, heís just an employee there. Stephanie counters that he will succeed Eric. Well so heíll get the majority of Ericís stock? Well, not quite because the stock is for all the children. Oh boy, there are plenty of Forrester heirs running around. Massimo asks Stephanie if she is okay with the fact that Ridge is getting a small piece of the pie at Forrester instead of a fortune from him. He makes a good point.

Stephanie counters that Ridge will take over once Eric retires. How will that happen if Brooke doesnít step down? Okay she meant heíd be the head designer. This is a family business and is none of his business. He says if it affects his son it most certainly is his business. Stephanie tells him that Ridgeís future is quite secure. Massimo thinks that is good and asks how their estate planning is going. Stephanie just looks at him. Oops, they kind of havenít done that yet. Massimo laughs that this is typical of Eric. He gives half his fortune to Brooke, so he might as well give the rest to the government. Stephanie tells him the company was built for the kids so itíll be all right. Massimo wants to know if this includes Rick and Bridget. If it does, Ridge will get a tiny sliver of the company. Stephanie looks like she never thought about that before. Uh-oh.

Massimo says that Ericís financial plan is foolish at best. Massimo says plenty of successful companies have fallen after the creator dies and the heirs canít agree on anything. Stephanie claims that wonít happen with them. Think that one through Stephanie. If you got all the Forrester kids in one room I bet there would be conflict. Itís bad enough they have a huge age range, but they donít all have the same mother either! She says the other kids know Ridge is in charge. Massimo asks if the other kids like Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia will want to have an input. Stephanie first says they wonít then changes her mind and says they might, but itís never been a problem before. Thatís because Eric and Stephanie are there to have the last word. They can settle all conflicts because they are in charge. If everyone has an equal share, who makes the decisions? Theyíll have to vote on everything. The only stabilizing factor will be Brooke because sheíll have absolute power. Stephanie doesnít think Brooke will do anything stupid, but can she really be trusted? Massimo thinks they should give the majority of the shares to Ridge. The other kids will get smaller shares, but if Ridge runs the company, theyíll be worth more and itíll even out. Stephanie actually agrees with him on this. Stephanie says sheíll take care of it, but he needs to stay out of it. Massimo agrees, but if Eric doesnít show Ridge the respect he deserves, he will get involved.

In his office, Eric opens a bottle of champagne with Thorne, Ridge, Megan, and two random models. Nice models though. Thorneís reading aloud part of the article written about Ridge in ďEye on Fashion.Ē Ridge is very modest and is kind of embarrassed. Thorne tells him this is a big deal and Eric canít remember a more flattering article in the magazine. Everyone toasts to Ridgeís success in the fashion industry. Happy time.

Eric reads a little blurb from the article on Ridge. Ridge tells him to put that away. He thinks the article is a little misleading. After all, Eric is still in charge. True, but Ridge has designed the most successful collections for the company. Heís taking Forrester Creations where it needs to go. Eric says this is a fatherís dream. To have your children follow in your footsteps is a wonderful thing. Thatíd be true for good jobs only. Eric says heís proud of him. Aww, poor Thorne. Kinda left out there.

Eric is all alone in his office now and heís looking at a sketch when the door shuts. Itís Stephanie and she has to talk to him now.

Oh geez. Let the conflict begin. Stephanie suggests they sit down with Jonathan and the other lawyers and do some estate planning. Eric says heís already been doing that, but just preliminary things. Stephanie thinks she should be there too. Well, every year theyíve been giving the kids stock as presents so itís going to work out all the same. So all four kids will get equal shares? Well no, more like all six kids. Stephanie doesnít think that is fair. Yeah it is, they all get a 6th of the company. Stephanie thought he wanted Ridge to take over the company. Yes, he has been slowly taking over the company over the years. Stephanie thinks he should be compensated for that. He gets a huge salary Stephanie. No she means a bigger piece of the pie. Heís carried the design load for a long time so it seems fair. Eric counters that the company is meant to be a legacy for the kids. Well, Rick and Bridget arenít her children. Stephanie says they need to reassess the situation and take into account Ridgeís contributions. Eric says the stock will be split evenly and thatís all there is to it. Oh boy, this isnít going to end here.

Massimoís on the phone with Heidi. He asks her if itís all arranged. Yep. Whatever it is, itís out of the ordinary. Itís for Ridge and itís important. Ridge is going to hear what he has to say. Massimo writes Ridgeís name on the front of an envelope. Man, Massimoís handwriting is just about as bad as mine. We both could have been great doctors.

Megan gives Ridge a package that was sent for him. I know itís from Mass because I recognize the awful handwriting. Ridge notices it is warm and it smells funny, but Megan doesnít have a clue where itís from. Ridge opens it up and is surprised/furious. Of course we donít get to see it. Iím curious as to what Mass sent him.

See you tomorrow!