B&B Update Thursday 12/13/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/14/01

By  Matthew

Megan can't understand why Brooke is going along with the idea to let Rick, Amber, and little Eric move in her house. The thing is, Brooke has always wanted him to move back home. Megan knows she can't handle it right now and tells Brooke to call them now and tell them not to move in.

Brooke doesn't want to do that because then Rick will surely know something is up. . Megan points out how Brooke is under tons of pressure and is pregnant, which Megan is sure Amber will pick up on, seeing as how she is pregnant as well. Brooke suggests she could lie and say that she was dating someone and it ended before she knew she was pregnant. Not so fast Brooke. Megan has nothing else to do so she's already thought about it and that won't work. It won't work because Deacon will know the baby is his immediately and then the truth would come out. Brooke realizes she's right. She's doubtful that Deacon would conceal the truth after seeing how he has acted with little Eric. Megan suggests another, unpleasant option. An abortion. Megan says it wouldn't be bad and no one would ever have to know. It'd be like it never happened.

Brooke explains about her first pregnancy (Rick). She thought Stephanie and Eric were getting back together and almost aborted him. She gets scared every time she thinks about how close she came. So that's why she can't do that.

Eric is helping Rick move out some boxes from the "house." Stephanie is talking with Amber. She thinks the decision to move is too sudden and they haven't really thought about it. Wow, little Eric!! He's got so much more hair now. Wow, they didn't age him up like I thought they would. Amber points out that Rick is worried about Brooke and tells Stephanie about her crying episode last night. This is enough to surprise Stephanie. Amber thinks it has to do with her marriage ending and Ridge not shacking up with her. Stephanie thinks living with Brooke will be stressful and that isn't good for the baby. Stephanie says she remembers how stressful it was when she lived with Brooke. Amber says she can handle Brooke now that she and Rick talked it all out. Stephanie says she'll miss them being so close. They both get a little teary.

Stephanie is holding Eric when Amber comes in and announces they are ready to go. Rick asks if they can come back later to pick up the stuff. Stephanie jokingly says no, but says they can if they bring Eric. Amber gets sad, because this is the only home Eric has known. She recalls when she was pregnant the first time and scared and how they took her in. Rick breaks up the tear fest and they all say their good byes. Stephanie hands Eric over to Rick and they leave.

Eric says Stephanie is in big trouble now. Well why is that? They're all alone. Stephanie can't remember the last time that has happened. Eric wants to take full advantage of this. Stephanie suggests that Eric make them a delicious martini and they can talk about love and life tonight. Stephanie sees a plus to this. Rick can keep an eye on Brooke. Eric thinks Brooke won't be a problem anymore. Stephanie says she has said that many times, but Brooke always pops up again. The last time I heard her say that was after Brooke and Thorne split and we got that flashback to when Stephanie first met Brooke in '87. Damn caterers!! Whoa they looked different then. Stephanie thinks Brooke will cause some kind of trouble down the road.

At Brooke's, the doorbell rings and Megan asks her if she's ready for this. She'd better be, the houseguests have arrived. Amber's tired and take's little Eric upstairs for a nap. Rick says he thinks that them all living together will be great. Yeah, sure.

Over in Africa, Bakari (Tony and Kristen's tour guide) shows them where the orphanage is. He's happy to do it, because the children of Africa are their most precious assets. The orphanage has a wall and gate and a green panel that reminds me of a mail drop box. It has "Haven of Hope" written on it. Bakari opens it up and it has a small mattress in it and it is revealed that kids (babies) are dropped off here all the time. My heart breaks a little with that. I can't imagine kids being in there, but I'm sure it could be worse. He says they have sensors installed in it to tell them when a new arrival is there. Kristen and Tony are pretty shocked. He leads them into the orphanage. They see Zende, which today is spelled with an E not an I, so I have no clue how you spell the kid's name. He welcomes them to the house. There's a big open room with a few adults but lotsa crying kids (babies) and slightly older ones coloring and stuff. Zende says the older kids are outside. We meet Mummy Tisha next. Zende introduces everyone. She actually lives there with the children. In this house there are 12 kids, but in total there are 60 between the five houses. Tisha is holding a baby who is the newest member of the orphanage. She's a beautiful little baby. Kristen holds her and looks at Tony sadly.

Tisha asks Zende to help her with a kid. Kristen gives Tony the baby and sits down next to a slightly older girl coloring. She talks to her. Tisha says she's a very affectionate girl and her name is Blessing. Her mom named her that because she was dying and would never get to tell her how important she was. Man, how sad. Blessing is a little cutie too.

Tony can't believe that AIDS orphaned all these children. Tisha says they may not be willing to admit this, but it is true. Hmm, just like Zende made up that his family was killed in a car accident. Tisha says the children have dealt with rejection so much that it is a defense mechanism. Apparently, Zende watched his mom die of AIDS. He had been taking care of her and his little bro, who also had AIDS. He eventually carried little bro all the way to the orphanage. His brother died a few months later and is buried at the orphanage cemetery. Tony asks how many kids are HIV positive there. Tisha doesn't know because they don't test for it. There's no point because there is no medicine. Well I see a point. If you know they are sick, you can take precautions not to infect anyone else through blood contact or whatever. Tony asks how long a kid could survive w/o medicine. This is pretty shocking. A baby with HIV has a 50% chance of making it to 1, but almost no chance of making it to 5. How scary. They all wonder what life will be like for children like Zende and the other healthy ones.

Zende, Tony, and Bakari play go fish. I love that game. A random girl grabs Zende's cards. A woman named Cassie who hasn't been introduced gives them back. Zende says that sometimes he just wants to be alone. Oh I can understand that. I've had roommates since I was 16 and before that, you guessed it, siblings. But of course, his situation is much more extreme. Tony says he grew up in a big family too, but took long walks to make himself feel better. Zende says he prayed to God for patience. It kind of worked; the baby Kristen was holding earlier is named Patience. God must have a sense of humor. Hehe. Blessing says she is tired and Kristen puts her down for a nap. Kristen marvels at how Zende can be so happy with all the tragedy that has happened. Tisha points out that all the children need to feel special and to know that they are precious. They haven't gotten that kind of treatment very much in their lives. Zende wins the game and gives Tony a big hug. He and Kristen give each other looks. Hmm.adoption?? That would be a strange twist.

Later on, everybody.