B&B Update Wednesday 12/12/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/12/01

 By Matthew

One more exam to go.

Massimo wants Sally to listen to him. She's not going to listen to Stephanie's words come out of his mouth. She knows he was convinced not to talk to Ridge by Stephanie and she thinks that is wrong. Massimo thinks Stephanie may be right. The news could totally wreck his life. Sally says a nice dose of humility might do Ridge some good. That whole family needs to know how real people live. Massimo says if she cares for him at all, she won't tell. Sally reminds him Stephanie used that same tactic. Sally says that's all it took to shut him up and she doesn't seem too happy about it. Nah, he's doing this for Ridge not Stephanie. Sally again refuses to keep the news on the DL and tells Mass to get some cigars, he's gonna be a father!

Mass knows how angry she is about Macy's death. Nah. He couldn't know, because he wasn't there. The Forresters used Macy to keep Thorne away from Brooke. When that didn't work and Thorne deserted her, Sally begged them for help, but all they did was laugh at her. They did?? Okay, maybe. Now they are going to know what it is like to be held up to public ridicule. Sally will get a lot of satisfaction out of this. Mass says she can't get satisfaction out of revenge. Mass says that won't bring Macy back. But it will take his son away from him. Then the Forresters will have taken away both of their children.

Sally asks him if he has a plan. Yeah, more like an idea, but he doesn't want to talk about it. He says she knows he won't let this continue indefinitely. Sally thinks he would do it for Stephanie. For some strange reason he is infatuated with her, even though she doesn't feel the same way for him. Mass is beginning to realize that about Stephanie. Sally doesn't believe it. Mass asks for a chance. Sally says that's ironic, because that's all she wanted with him, but that never happened. Mass asks what would happen if he did give her that chance. Would she keep the secret then? Nice offer.

Sally thinks he just feels sorry for her. She would be doing him a favor by keeping him company. Sally says the real favor would be to not tell Ridge the truth. It's a win-win situation then. Sally is skeptical. He has a lot of ways to keep Sally entertained until the truth is revealed. He suggests dinner and dancing at Café Russe, wild parties, and midnight cruises on the yacht. Besides the cruises, Sally can buy all those things herself. All she really wants from him is a chance to show him how good they can be together. Massimo wants that too. They kiss! Wow! Haven't seen Sally do that in a while. She is overcome. They make plans to get together tomorrow night. Mass will send a limo for her. Sally says this could be the start of something very special and Mass agrees. He walks her out. After she leaves, he seems relieved, but also kind of annoyed.

The boy begs Kristen not to tell Tony he's there. She tells him to calm down and sit down. The boy is running because someone thinks he's stealing from the hotel, but he isn't. Kristen wants to know why he is there then. He's returning her film. How sweet of him. Tony rushes back in and says not to worry; the guys were just looking for a little boy. That particular little boy runs and hides behind something. It's a good thing too, because one of the men looking for him comes in behind Tony. Kristen covers for the boy and says he isn't there. The man warns them to keep their valuables safe and leaves. Tony wants to know what's going on. The boy comes out in sight and smiles at Kristen.

Kristen explains that the boy brought back her film. Tony looks amazed. Kristen wants to know how he knew where she'd be. He knew they were on their honeymoon and everyone on their honeymoon stays in the "tent" they are then. Damn nice tent. The tent I was in the last time I camped sucked. Always get one that won't leak through the bottom if it rains a lot. Big mistake! I just noticed the kid has a lisp, hehe. By the way his name is Zendi. Tony introduces himself. Kristen marvels at Zendi's good manners. Mummy Tisha teaches him, but no that isn't his mother. Aww. He asks to look at their camera. Tony shows it to him. We find out that Zendi used to have a brother, but he died. He was killed in a car accident. Everyone was killed. I don't know who everyone is. Kristen changes the subject, because Zendi looks all sad now. She asks to take his picture. Kristen suggests they set the timer on it and then they can all get in the picture together.

Kristen and Tony walk onto the patio with Zendi. Kristen promises to send him a picture. She needs to know his address. He informs them he lives in the orphanage. He asks them to come see it. They agree to before they go on their safari tomorrow. Tony offers to drive him back to the orphanage, but then they'd find out he was there. He says he can make it back. He's used to it. Tony gives him some money for the film. They say bye. Kristen asks Tony if he thinks Zendi's family really died in a crash. Nah, he knows it was probably AIDS that killed them.

Brooke is coming down the stairs in her house looking like she needs to vomit. She knows she can't hide her pregnancy for long and Bridget will know something is up. She fears that if Bridget knew the truth she'd never forgive her. The doorbell rings and Brooke calms down and answers it. It's Amber and Rick. They ask how she is. Brooke admits she's been a little under the weather as of late. Amber takes that as an escape route and says they can come back later. Rick pulls a "not so fast" and they come on in. Rick has brought her favorite food and wine.how did he get wine? He's only 20! I'm 20 and I sure as hell can't get wine, stupid people asking for an ID. Maybe Amber buys the liquor for them. That'll get weird looks. A pregnant woman buying liquor. Brooke says they don't have to do this. Rick is worried about Brooke. After all, when a Forrester misses work, it's serious. He knows she has been depressed. Rick and Amber say tonight only happy topics must come up. One of those is the baby. Brooke isn't very smart and realizes, out loud, that they mean their baby. Rick wants to know whose baby she thought they were talking about.

I guess that got dropped and Bridget came over. She worries about Brooke being alone in the house. By the way the three of them are setting the table while Brooke is off somewhere. Rick thinks he should check on her more often, but doesn't have time. Bridget says they barely have anything to say to each other over the phone. For good reasons, Brooke gets quiet and depressed when she mentions Deacon. Rick says that's for another good reason. She has a right to be afraid of Deacon after what he has done. Brooke has started to come down the stairs and hears some of this. Bridget wishes Brooke could get used to the idea. She misses her and their friendship. Amber tells her to be patient and after she sees how well Deacon is treating her, she'll soften up to him.

Everyone is quietly eating dinner, but Brooke hasn't touched her wine. Ah, a little won't hurt the baby, Brooke. You could pretend. Rick notes this and asks her what's up. She just isn't feeling well. Amber says she should take something. That's what I always do. Ibuprofen can be a lifesaver. Bridget offers to go look in the medicine cabinet for her. Nah, that's okay. Rick asks Bridget what she is doing over the weekend. She's studying of course. Normally I'd be doing the same thing, for at least part of the weekend, but I'm done with school on Friday!! Yay for me! Anyway Rick and Amber are going apartment hunting. They need something bigger than their "house." They also need something closer to work and with a pool, for Eric.

Bridget suggests they live with Brooke. Okay, I'm on good terms with my parents, but I sure as hell am not moving back home, especially if I was married and had kids. Cut the cord, man. Both Brooke and Amber think that isn't a good idea. Brooke is living in a huge house by herself and they need a bigger place. Rick thinks it's a good idea. Then they can keep an eye out for Brooke. Rick thinks it could solve a lot of problems. He's going to be traveling a lot with work and doesn't want to leave Amber alone. It'll be nice to give back to Brooke because she's been such a good mom. Brooke gets upset and says she hasn't been a good mother. She talks about the terrible mistakes she has made. Bridget says she has been a good mom and that will never change. Brooke is crying during all of this. On the raging hormones!

Have a good night...