B&B Update Tuesday 12/11/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/11/01

By Matthew

We pick up where we left off at Café Russe.

Sally can't believe what she's heard. Massimo is actually Ridge Forrester's father!? Massimo tries to play it off as a hypothetical thing, like if he was Ridge's dad. Sally figures out that he's lying. It makes sense. He was involved with Stephanie when they were in college and so was Eric. She deduces Stephanie passed off Ridge as Eric's. Ridge Forrester should actually be Ridge Marone. Massimo has had enough and grabs Sally's arm. They both exit.

Tony is outside looking around at the wilderness. I guess this is supposed to be Africa. Okay, I'll believe it. He goes back inside the hut to find Kristen searching for some rolls of film from their trip. She says she must have lost them when they were giving money to the kids. It was such chaos. Tony says not to worry, she can take lots of pictures on their safari tomorrow. Kristen is a little down about the poor children they saw. She hates that they are out on the streets. Kristen says Africa is so contrasting. The land is beautiful, but the people live in such poverty. Tony wonders if they should have gone somewhere else. Kristen is happy they came though. They have no reason to feel sorry for themselves. They smooch.

Oh geez, Kristen and Tony are in bed. They talk about the things she bought. She bought a fertility doll for Bridget. Hah! They talk about how Bridget got the ball rolling with the family. Kristen marvels at how a year ago she had realized she was doomed to be alone. Now her life is so full. She can't wait to see what happens next. Hey a CBS daytime motto! They kiss some more in bed.

The lovebirds are out of bed. Kristen is writing something. We hear some men coming from somewhere speaking in a native language. Kristen and Tony become concerned and Tony tells Kristen to stay there. An African boy comes onto the patio out of the jungle. Kristen spots him. She calls for Tony, but the boy begs her not to tell.

At Eric's office, Ridge, Stephanie and Eric enter. Ridge wants to know why she told Massimo where they would be. Stephanie was just trying to tell him to keep his distance. Eric says that worked like a charm. Stephanie promises that Massimo will leave Ridge alone. Ridge is more concerned with Mass' obsession with her. Stephanie claims he is just an old friend and to stop being a drama queen. Ridge wants Stephanie to stay away from Massimo as a birthday gift to him. No dice. Ridge can't understand why Mass has such a hold on her. Stephanie gets some water and looks pretty nervous.

Stephanie apologizes that Mass interrupted Ridge's b-day party. She's also sorry they got off on the wrong foot, but that doesn't give him the right to tell her who to be friends with. Ridge wonders if Eric has a say in this. Stephanie points out what say does Taylor have in his and Brooke's relationship. Oh, that's apparently different according to Ridge. He can handle Brooke, but Stephanie can't handle Mass. Stephanie says that Mass has made a lot of sacrifices for her, but isn't willing to divulge them. What's the point? Ridge is only going to see what he wants to see. Stephanie says Mass is a sad and lonely man. Ridge is doing a lot of boo-hooing about that. Stephanie says he could be more compassionate. Ridge brings up this is hurting the whole family. He wants to know why she is putting this relationship ahead of her marriage and family. He wants to know what is really going on. Uh-oh.

Stephanie wants to know what he means by that. Ridge thinks Mass is after her. Stephanie knows him better than anyone else. Ridge says that's fine and if Eric wants to live with it, fine as well, but keep him the hell away from him. Stephanie agrees. Eric breaks the fight up. He and Ridge leave.

Heidi is putting a caller on hold in Mass' office just as he and Sally enter. Heidi is so happy Mass is back. An associate, Chang, is on the phone and it sounds like he wants t o back out of a deal. Apparently, someone named Dalrymple has gotten to him. Don't ask me who these people are. Random associates we may never meet. Mass needs a minute. Heidi tells him Chang will still talk to him, but he has to do this now. Sternly, Mass tells Heidi to leave. She realizes he is serious and tells Chang Massimo will call him back shortly. She quickly leaves. Sally realizes how badly he wants to talk to her, because he refused an important call. Sally says he can't convince her that what she heard was a mistake. Mass admits Ridge is his son.

Sally is still stunned, but realizes it makes sense. Ridge and Mass are alike in many ways. Their temper is one main thing. Sally wants to know why he's protecting Stephanie after she lied to him. Nah, babe, she didn't know. Sally doesn't believe that. Nope, she thought it was Eric's baby and that's why she married him. She was really in love with Massimo. Mass explains how he found out the truth. The blood type thing. Sally is happy Stephanie is afraid. She's waited along time to hear it. Mass says not to look at it that way. Sally has a weapon to use now. This will be justice for Macy. Sally's going to use it. She wants to bring down the house of Forrester. Hehe.

Massimo can't believe Sally is talking about revenge. No, it's more a divine justice. Mass scoffs at that notion. Sally says he wouldn't understand. He hasn't lost a child, but realizes he kinda has and apologizes for that. She hasn't been thinking about the effect on him. Sally thinks he would have been miserable if had married Stephanie. Mass sees it another way. He'd have an heir. Sally tries to persuade him he can still have his heir. He realizes that it can't happen if the truth comes out the wrong way. He tells her to keep her mouth shut about this. Sally refuses to. Massimo curses and says Ridge will hate him even more. Sally doesn't care, she still has to do this. Mass pleads with her not to. Sally says she has no chance to ever see Macy again. All this talking makes me think Macy's coming back. Sally has something to make them pay for their crimes on Macy. Sally apologizes, but says she has no mercy left.

Sally says Stephanie doesn't give a damn about him. All she cares about is her assets. Macy didn't fit into the image and neither does Mass. Mass has a call and it's Stephanie. Stephanie says Ridge is angry that Mass interrupted his party. She says he has to stay away from Ridge and the family and hangs up. That wasn't wise. Sally jumps all over this. Mass realizes Sally is using his tragedy to help her. Mass angrily says the truth will come out when he's ready. Mass practically threatens Sally to not say anything. He asks her if that's clear. When she doesn't respond, he curses and they glare at each other. Yikes!!