B&B Update Monday 12/10/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/10/01

By Matthew

Yay! Only two more exams to go!!

Sally says she knew something is up and is about to run out to Café Russe. Darla tells her that maybe she shouldn't run over there. Wow you can see Saul's picture in the background. Darla says that maybe Massimo doesn't want Sally's help. Sally gets upset and says that if Stephanie hurts Massimo at all she'll have to answer to her. Darla is worried about their secret and warns Sally to be careful. Sally really cares about Massimo and is worried too, but she has enough regrets from not doing anything. She leaves in a hurry. Eric asks Mass if

he wants to say something to Ridge. You betcha. Stephanie comes out of the ladies room and is shocked to see Massimo standing at the table. Ridge tells Mass to beat it and Stephanie runs up and asks what is going on. Massimo informs both of them he has to tell Ridge something and won't leave until he does.

Stephanie tells him he's interrupting the party. Ridge tells him to spit it out. Stephanie tells him it won't happen, but Mass disagrees. Massimo is about to say that he is Ridge's father but Stephanie jumps in front of him and tells him she wants to talk him privately. They move off, much to Ridge and Eric's dismay. Stephanie goes ballistic on Massimo. What the hell is he doing?

Stephanie can't believe he's doing this to her. On the contrary, he's doing it for all of them. Stephanie tells him to let it go. Mass asks her if she could turn her back on her own child. If it was best for him Stephanie would and could do it. Mass thinks Eric is weak and has turned Ridge into a shadow of what he could be. He wants Ridge to be a leader, and they can't do that if they turn away from the truth. In fact, Massimo won't.

Apparently, the party broke up and Eric tells Ridge to catch up with the others and he'll wait for Stephanie. Ridge doesn't want to leave Stephanie alone with Mass. He thinks he wants a showdown with him and maybe he'll give it to him. Eric tells him not to do that. Sally walks in and spots those two and meanders her way out of sight. Ridge thinks Massimo wants to disrupt their lives. Ridge is curious about what he wants to tell him.

Stephanie says Ridge is living his destiny. Massimo thinks he's living a lie. Stephanie says all he can do is wreck his life. He loves his work and his father. Massimo screams he doesn't know his father. Yo, keep it down. He thinks Ridge isn't fulfilling his potential as a human being. He could do something special. He thinks Ridge's life is boring and unmotivated. Stephanie wants to know what she can do to convince him not to tell Ridge. Massimo says there isn't. Stephanie says what he is doing is wrong. Maybe Eric was sent to be Ridge's father and that is apart of his destiny. Ridge would need a father like Eric and that's why it happened. Sally spots the two arguing and starts to eavesdrop.

Ridge and Eric are STILL waiting around for Stephanie. Man, I'd go see what's up. Ridge wonders if Massimo is trying to smooth things over. Eric doesn't think so. Eric knows he came here to say something important to Ridge.

Stephanie is telling Massimo how it has to be. They keep arguing and Sally keeps listening. Stephanie threatens Massimo that if he tells she won't speak to him again and he'll never see Ridge. Mass is pretty hurt. Sally finally hears the magic words and is shocked to hell about the news Ridge is Mass' child. Stephanie says if he really loves Ridge and Stephanie, then he will never tell him the truth. Stephanie leaves and Mass thinks for a minute and then Sally comes out and confronts him. Uh-oh.

Rick waits out in the emergency room and the doctor comes out and says they are running tests, but the baby is okay. Rick goes in to see Amber. They have a real touching scene and Rick tells her not to worry about them anymore. They'll be okay and seeing their baby's grave has changed his mind about their relationship. They kiss and then the doctor comes in and tells Rick to sit down, uh-oh, bad news baby.

Well, it turns out Amber has a strep infection. It isn't harmful to the baby and they'll give her penicillin for it. Well that isn't the bad part, the bad part is the infection caused an inflammation in Amber's kidneys, uh kidney. The transcript will tell you the exact term, but it's really long. It's serious because Amber is pregnant and only has one kidney. The doctor wants to know why she didn't tell him she only had one kidney. Well, she didn't think about it. This of course brings up a previous storyline from years ago where Rick was in a car accident and needed a kidney and Amber donated it. Well the main reason she donated it was because she was too drunk to drive and Rick wasn't a good driver yet, causing the accident. This could be harmful to the baby because Amber had temporary renal failure. Well I think more importantly it could be harmful to Amber. The kidney is okay now, but they can't really treat it. They usually use Cortisone, but since she's pregnant, that's out. So plenty of rest, a restrictive diet, and doctor's visits are in order. This could be a difficult pregnancy.

Apparently the doctor and Rick have left Amber, but Rick returns and says they can go home in a few hours. Rick kinda blames himself for the ordeal since he does have one of Amber's kidneys. Amber tells him not to blame himself. If she hadn't given him a kidney, he'd have died and then they definitely wouldn't be having a baby now. Yay! Another special moment. Rick promises to take care of Amber and the baby like his whole world depends on it.