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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/7/01

By Matthew

Happy Friday!!

Amber thinks that she should stay out there. Rick says he won't leave her in the middle of the desert. Eh, she has family in Furnace Creek. Rick doesn't like the idea of Amber hanging out with her mom again. I guess her mom is back from New York. Amber tells him not to worry. She won't use the baby against Rick. She wants him to be apart of the baby's life as much as he does. Amber says she can't live with Rick with his attitude towards her. She wants his love, but he can't give it to her.

Amber asks for a favor. She asks him to drop her off at her aunt's place on the way back. Rick wants her to come home and think about things, but Amber's been doing that for weeks. She's tried everything to break through his anger, but nothing has worked. Or maybe he has gotten past his anger, but he doesn't give a damn anymore.

Rick says he wants to get passed this, but it's hard. Amber says it's hard for her too. She has to live with what she has done and watch Rick treat her like a stranger. Amber says she's suffering and it isn't good for the baby. Amber promises to keep her doctor's appointments and keep Rick informed of the baby's progress. Rick doesn't want her to leave him. What does he want her to do? He does want her in his life and it isn't just about the baby. That pleases Amber, but she needs to feel loved. Right now all she feels is deep, dark, and cold resentment. She needs to know if he really wants her as a partner, wife, and lover. He looks down and she realizes he doesn't. She wishes it would have been different this time, but she had to screw it up. She goes back to the grave and prays for God to watch over their baby. She tells the baby she loves him. She gets up and says she'll wait in the car. Rick stops her and says maybe they can make it work this time.

Rick says he wants to get passed this, but he needs her help. She says she will. There isn't anything more important to her than her family. Amber promises to never jeopardize their family again. She apologizes for making him suffer. This is all more than she could have ever asked for. Amber wants Rick to tell her he believes her, but only if he really means it. Rick wants to believe her and asks if that is good enough for right now. I think it passes with Amber because she is overjoyed. They hug. Suddenly Amber is in pain and uses the grave cross for support. She tells Rick to get her to the hospital pronto.

At Spectra, Darla and Sofia are looking at a design that looks good, but Darla can't decide whether to use a belt or sash with it. Sally is preoccupied with something and Darla asks her what's up. Sally doesn't say anything and Darla infers this has to do with Massimo. Well Sofia is a little lost about this whole thing.

Sofia asks Sally if she's in love. Sally says if she is in love, not to worry, she'll get over it. Yeah both Sally and Stephanie are at the age where things aren't as dramatic as they were, say before menopause. Sally just wants to get back to work. Being the romantic woman she is, Sofia says this is wonderful. Darla clues Sofia in that there's a small problem. Well, maybe not that small. It's Stephanie. Sally suspects that something is going on between Stephanie and Mass, but not an affair. It's some kind of secret and she's going to find out what it is.

Sally has no idea what they could be hiding. Whatever it is, it's thrown Mass for a loop so it has to be major. I'd say. Darla asks her how she's going to find out. Sally uses an animal metaphor.

Sofia wants to know what Sally's "little bird" is. Darla says she hired a private eye. Well, almost Darla, actually she just called in a favor with an ex-cop friend. The phone rings and it is the ex-cop. Impeccable timing. He says Mass is at Café Russe and so is the Forresters. Sally tells him to get out of there, because she'll take over. Hmm. Interesting.

At Café Russe, the Forrester clan is sitting down to dinner. Surprise, surprise, Taylor is not at her husband's party. Hmm.I think we'll start seeing her in a week or so. Eric and Stephanie are talking about how docile Ridge was as a child. He didn't cry or anything. Man were they lucky. Usually, first borns can be a huge pain in the ass. However, once Ridge was 6 months old, he started talking and hasn't shut up since. Haha! Ridge is taking all this pretty well. I swear B&B should do a roast for one of its characters. I'd laugh 'til I croaked.

Just then, Massimo walks in and the waiter is kinda looking at him funny, because he gazes over to the Forrester table. Then, he just sits down right behind them, but there are some plants in the way so they don't see him. I don't think this is the kind of restaurant where you seat yourself. But okay whatever. Eric tells Ridge how proud he is of him and all his kids. They toast. Massimo over hears this and bitterly says Ridge is his son and realizes he must be told the truth now. Theme song time. Okay answer me this, has Stephanie ever worn a dress with her shoulders exposed? I see it everyday on the theme song and wonder why she's so spiffed up.

Massimo gets his drink. Yum and eavesdrops some more. Eric tells the whole family, plus Deacon, about Ridge's little league story. Ridge was a great hitter, but Eric forgot to teach him how to run the bases. So after he hit his first ball, Eric jumped out of the stands and ran the bases with him. They both got a homerun. Massimo's bitterness level skyrockets.

Stephanie gets up to what I assume is to go to the bathroom. Massimo watches Ridge and sadly reflects in his head how Ridge despises him. He imagines what it would be like if he were in Ridge's life. Basically take the same scene and insert Mass in Eric's place and you've got Mass' fantasy. Although it doesn't make sense because Mass would never cheat on Stephanie so throw out Bridget and Deacon. Also, Thorne is a product of Stephanie and Eric, so he wouldn't be the same. But, yeah what can you do. The waiter interrupts the fantasy to ask Mass if he wants another drink. Nah just bring him the check.

The waiter brings Mass the check and he signs the credit card bill. Mass turns to watch Ridge some more. He's mad about all the birthdays he missed that Eric got to spend with Ridge. He scoffs that Eric is a mere tailor. Should he let this go on? He does realize that Ridge is happy. Mass gets up and starts to walk out. Then he stops and turns around and says Ridge is his son and he must tell him so, to himself. He walks over to the table. The camera is from his view as walks up. Thorne is the first to spot him and then everyone looks uncomfortable. Eric asks him why he's there. Well, he has to say something to Ridge and he won't leave until he's said it. Uh-oh. I bet Stephanie would lock herself in the ladies room if she knew this was happening. We'll find out the rest on Monday. Have a great weekend!!

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