B&B Update Thursday 12/6/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/6/01

By  Matthew

And so exam "hell" week begins..

Brooke is still upset about being pregnant with Deacon's kid. Bridget and Deacon stop by to return the wedding gown and say hi to Brooke. Yeah these are the two people she needs to see right now. Brooke already knew about the wedding vows. They come in and Brooke asks whose idea it was. It was Bridget's, but Deacon thought it was a great idea. Bridget wants to know what it'll take for Brooke to change her attitude. Brooke honestly doesn't know.

Bridget wants to solve this problem between them and wants to know why Brooke can't let it go. Deacon suggests Bridget head over to her brother's party. Okay, I missed the boat because I didn't hear about any party. (Rick, Thorne, Ridge?) Eh anyway, Bridget says he won't get anywhere with Brooke, but leaves anyway. He tells Brooke she has to get passed this and forget about what happened between them. She needs to stop stressing out. He says he won't tell Bridget about their affair. Brooke says he may not have control over that anymore. Well is she gonna say something to Bridget about it? Nope.

Deacon wants to know what's wrong. Brooke wishes she could believe that Deacon really loves Bridget. Then Deacon starts acting coy and asks Brooke if that's what she wants to hear. Brooke gets angry at him for playing games with her. She doesn't care about him and he shouldn't either. Brooke's crying because her life is complicated and it isn't just because of Deacon. Deacon says they shouldn't see each other anymore. He intends to keep his vows to Bridget. So, it's over right? He leaves and Brooke cries some more.

Amber and Rick are out in the desert or something. Again, the set sucks. Rick doesn't know why they are there. There are some graves and now I get it. The real Eric Forrester III is out here. Man, all he has is a cross, no stone with his name or anything. Amber is already in tears and Rick isn't far behind, once Amber tells him who is buried there. It's hard to believe how long ago that was. I think that was back in early 99, gosh.

Rick sits on his knees and looks at the grave closer. He apologizes to baby Forrester for being left alone out here all this time. He breaks down. He prays that God has been watching over him. He says he would have had such a wonderful life. Rick wonders if he had been there when he was born that maybe he could have done something to help him. Sobs are abound. Rick walks off a little ways. Amber asks him if he resents her for this and all the lies she has told. Rick adds that he also resents the lies she will continue to tell. Amber asks him if he enjoys being so cruel. Nah. He doesn't.

Amber thinks the baby died because she was being punished for lying before his was born. Well if that were true, wouldn't you have learned your lesson right there and stopped lying? As I recall the lies continued and were even more terrible after the baby died. Rick says that wasn't what caused the baby to die. Amber brought him here because this is where all the lies started and now where they will all end. Rick says actions speak louder than words, so living the no lie life is what she has to do. Amber claims she can do it, but Rick doesn't believe her. She loses it and says she can't go on living like this. She feels like a ghost and Rick doesn't even see her anymore. She cares for him so much and this treatment hurts.

Rick doesn't know what to say. He can't forget all she's done. He doesn't want to fight about this here. He is glad she brought him here, but it doesn't prove she has changed. He suggests they go home. Amber scoffs that she has neither a home, nor a husband anymore. She has a roommate who she adores, and she can't go on like this anymore.

In Massimo's office, Heidi buzzes him to tell him he has a visitor and it's who else but Stephanie. She's surprised he hasn't called her. The conversation eventually turns to Ridge. Massimo has been thinking about Ridge and has come to a decision. He says he can't go on without Ridge knowing the truth. Look out Stephanie.

Stephanie says Ridge doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Well that's because he doesn't know the truth about his paternity. Stephanie thinks he'd want to have even less to do with him if he did know the truth. Massimo is concerned about his aging and who will take over his company when he retires. He's been watching Ridge and sees their likenesses. However, he's been wasting his time "drawing pictures." Hah, and designing dresses. Stephanie says he's an artist not a businessman. Mass thinks that's Eric's doing and Ridge could be a great businessman. Mass says that Ridge is an adult and should be able to make a decision about this. Yeah, Stephanie loves all this.

Stephanie says that Ridge has a good life and just because it isn't what Mass wants, doesn't mean he isn't happy. Mass scoffs that Ridge is just a drone in a family business that will one day be cut up in a bunch of small pieces. Stephanie doesn't see a problem with this. Mass starts talking about all the good things Ridge could do with his company and in turn for the world. Stephanie says that Mass is a businessman, not Mother Theresa. Hah! Mass talks about how he brought markets to third world countries and dictatorships. What has Ridge done? Eh, designed some dresses for some rich puff. Stephanie tells him he's being demeaning, because Ridge is talented. He also works for a company that she and Eric have spent their whole life building.

Mass says he has billions of dollars, but he has no son, no heir. So he's going to leave it all to Ridge. And because of this, he needs to tell him about it now. It'll be a whole new life. How can Stephanie deny him and Mass this. Stephanie says if he values his and her relationship, he'll keep quiet. Stephanie's cell phone rings. The other person on the line has decided on Café Russe. Oh, it was Eric. Oh, I find out it is Ridge's party. His birthday party is happening at Café Russe. Stephanie says that Ridge is Eric's son and he needs to accept it and leaves. Massimo thinks maybe the time has come to clue in Ridge. Uh-oh at Café Russe?? Damn..

The weekend is almost here!!!!!!!