B&B Update Wednesday 12/5/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/5/01

 By Matthew

Geez, Christmas is in 20 days?? Bridget goes back into the church with a dress in her arms. Hmm, I think my guess yesterday was right, she IS planning a wedding with Deacon. Only Deacon doesn't know it yet, but he will soon. Bridget says he'll get the surprise of his life, but I don't see how Deacon didn't see her; I mean the church isn't that big. She scoots off.

Deacon quizzes Father Rivera on where Bridget is. She'll be back in a minute, but Deacon still wonders what is going on. Suddenly Bridget calls his name and we see her in a wedding dress and veil. Deacon says she looks unbelievable.

Deacon doesn't think this wedding would be right since Bridget's family isn't there. Bridget says it's just for them, to wipe they slate clean sort of. Deacon figures out the whole scheme now. Rivera says that Bridget told him they had just survived a bad part of the relationship. But they are still together and that's all that matters. Deacon promises to spend the rest of his life trying to be worth her. They get ready to get started. Bridget gives Deacon a wedding ring. He loves it and they kiss. He leaves to go work out everything with the priest and Bridget goes to the back of the church and slowly marches up to no music. Still nice though.

Father Rivera goes through the ceremony with Deacon and Bridget. The do the vows and have a huge kiss at the end. Remember kids, there is a priest right there. I mean the poor guy doesn't get anything.

A her and Rick's "house," Amber's doing shots, nah just kidding, she's drinking some water and looks bored. Rick comes in and Amber asks about Eric. He's fast asleep now. Amber suggests they should have left him with Helen tonight, so they could have some quality time together. Rick says he has exams coming up, (hey me too!) so he has to study, but he says it in an "I wouldn't want to do anything with you, if I had the time" kinda voice. Amber notices it and tells him that's fine. She'll entertain herself like she's been doing a lot of lately. She calls to check her messages and see if Ginger is up for some fun. Rick says he isn't blowing her off; he really does have to study. Amber gets a weird message for Rick. One of his buds at Forrester says that Bridget borrowed a dress, but what's really weird is the kind of dress it is. Okay we already know it's a wedding dress.

Rick can't believe Bridget would borrow a wedding gown. Rick characteristically thinks Deacon is up to no good. He's worried Deacon might change his mind again. Amber speculates the reason they are renewing the vows is because Deacon is really committed now. Rick is skeptical he can be faithful to Bridget. Amber thinks he can because they have moved past their problems. She goes so far to say she envies them.

Rick wants to know what that means. It means Deacon and Bridget weren't acting at the wedding, but they were. Rick says he's trying. Amber feels like Rick is shutting him out and the tension is terrible. She asks him to let his guard down so she can show him what kind of wife she can be. She tells him needs to be excited and the baby.

Rick doesn't know what she wants him to say. How about asking her how she is for starters. And asking, "How's the baby?" doesn't count. Rick apologizes for his preoccupation. No it's been an avoiding Amber kinda thing. She tells him she isn't afraid to look at the future and she'll win his trust back, but she needs a chance first. She says if Bridget and Deacon can overcome their problems, so can they.

Brooke is in total shock from the results of the tests, but Megan seems to think it's negative, because she apologizes for overreacting. Brooke shows her the test, and it's a big yes for pregnancy. I've heard if it says you aren't pregnant, you still might be, but if it's positive, get ready for a bundle of joy in 8-9 months. Great, Brooke is pregnant and now I get to talk about how she's pregnant for the next 9 months, god willing. Brooke can't believe this is happening. What has she done? Megan tries to calm her and asks what she can do. Nothing, enough has been done already. Megan claims it wasn't Brooke's fault, because she was all vulnerable from what Stephen (her dad) did and yada yada. It's both of their faults. They are both way to old to make a mistake like this. Anyways, Megan keeps on defending Brooke, but it doesn't make her feel better. Megan says that when Bridget finds out how Deacon took advantage of Brooke she won't be that mad. We all know that's not true, and Brooke does too, because she says no one can know about this.

Megan tells Brooke not to panic. Brooke is really upset about betraying Bridget. She won't ever forgive her. How could she be so dumb to have trusted Deacon? Megan says it was just a big mistake. We get the "it was wrong, but b/c I'm pregnant, it wasn't a mistake." I'm a little more liberal and I'll say it was a mistake, because I don't think children should be brought into bad situations like this. It really isn't fair to them. Brooke wonders how she's going to figure this out, since she can't undo it. Abortion? Maybe? I don't Brooke is considering that because she keeps talking about how the baby will change everything for everybody.

Brooke is sobbing at this point and can't believe what she's done. She's screwed up her life and her kids' life and she's so ashamed of herself. Ouch. Well, at least she does admit when she's wrong. I have to give her that.