B&B Update Tuesday 12/4/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/4/01

By Matthew

Brooke tells Megan not to talk like that. If you recall, Brooke became ill at the end of yesterday's episode and Megan asked if she could be pregnant. Megan asks what else it could be. Denial time folks. Damn, where are all the condoms? Megan apologizes to Brooke for freaking her out, but Brooke did screw with Deacon. Megan asks if they used protection. That's a big no, Megan. Megan can't believe that Brooke would actually have sex w/o protection. Yeah, considering I bet she's told Bridget a million times to use protection if she ever has sex. Apparently, the whole Deacon ordeal happened so fast. Yeah right. Well, the second and third time they had sex they used protection, just not for number one. Uh-oh. Megan rushes out to get a pregnancy test. If Brooke is pregnant, she needs to know now. This seems weird, wouldn't a woman her age, know if she was THAT late. I mean this happened weeks ago. Also, wouldn't she know when she was "fertile?" If I were a girl, that'd be marked on a calendar so I would know when not to put myself in vulnerable situations.

Brooke can't believe that she might be pregnant, especially not with Deacon's kid. She recalls their sex-capades. Megan gets back with the pregnancy test. Brooke doesn't think it's necessary, but Megan says if it's negative she can tell her she told her so. Brooke says it's going to be negative. Yeah.

Brooke takes the test and she and Megan wait for it to finish. Brooke is very nervous. Okay it's been long enough. Megan goes over to look, but Brooke stops her. Megan stops and tells her to look then. Brooke can't do it. Megan gets tough and tells her to look at it. Brooke looks up in shock, but we don't actually know what the test results are.


At the church, the priest continues with the ceremony. The priest calls Liliana up to the alter. I guess she's got a speech. She talks about how great their relationship is and quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson. Cool. Stephanie then stands up and says a few words. She talks about how courageous Tony and Kristen are and how she admires both of them. She quotes some words from George Elliot, the author. It's a beautiful quote, but check the transcripts for specifics. The words really move Kristen.

The priest goes on with the ceremony, again. Tony and Kristen say their "I do's." They make their pledges to each other. They both promise to meet all their challenges together with love.

Bridget remarks how beautiful the vows were to Deacon. She wishes they had a wedding like this. Yeah, eloping to Las Vegas ain't what I call romantic, but whatever. Deacon looks a little sad. Amber looks even sadder and Rick looks disgusted. I guess at what Bridget said, or maybe that Amber was looking Deacon's way. Rick is just still hormonal at 20. Tony and Kristen get to the ring part of the ceremony. They promise to honor and cherish each other. They finish up and smooch. How lovely. Everyone is happy, even Stephanie. Kristen tells Eric she loves him and hugs him. Cue in applause and slow motion of everyone clapping and even smiling. Rick smiles! Wow. Thank god the recessional plays without an interruption from illness or a mean person. The two walk out as everyone watches. The two kiss and rose petals fall from the sky..okay kinda cheesy. Then Tony picks Kristen up and spins her around to Latin music. Okay my definition of Latin music is very broad, but you get the idea.

Eric and Stephanie thank father Rivera. Eduardo and Liliana thank Eric and Stephanie for the wedding and to Eric for standing up for Tony. They all remark the marriage will be great.

In the limo, Tony and Kristen are joyful that they finally got married and things are good. Kristen is now Seņora Dominguez. Oh god, limos scare me after what Eric did. Tony has a surprise for Kristen. It's plane tickets. They're gonna go to Africa on a safari. Nice.

Bridget is smelling flowers in the church when Deacon comes up. He asks her if she's ready and asks her if she's okay. She's cool, but weddings tear her up. Deacon says he should have given her a wedding like this. Bridget is okay with it. Bridget suddenly gets an impulse to do something and it involves Father Rivera. Hmm, another wedding?