B&B Update Monday 12/3/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/3/01

By Matthew

Deacon and Bridget are greeting people outside the church. My god, the set looks sooo fake. Anyways, Deacon is proud of Bridget for getting Eric to stand up for Tony. Nah, it was all Father Rivera. Deacon says Bridget has the ability to inspire anyone. They start to smooch and then Tony's parents walk up. They thank them again for hosting the party last night. Bridget is just glad it worked out so well. They go on in the church and Stephanie enters and says hello to Deacon and Bridget. She wants to know where Kristen is. How should Bridget know? Well she's Kristen's maid of honor. Nope, in fact Bridget doesn't know who is Kristen's maid of honor. This surprises Stephanie.

Sally brings Kristen a cup of tea and loves Kristen's hair. The stylist is still teasing Kristen's hair, but Sally asks her to give them a few minutes alone. She says Tony's heart will burst when he sees how beautiful Kristen is. Kristen thanks Sally for being so supportive. Kristen says it's crazy how relaxed she is right now. She should be going psycho. Sally says the wedding was written in the stars and the two hug after sharing a special moment. Just then Stephanie walks in and asks what Sally's doing there. Well.giving Kristen a hand. Her maid of honor can do that. Well, Sally is her matron of honor. Stephanie doesn't seem to like that judging by the background music. I need names for these types of music. This is more of a "something was just revealed music."

Stephanie can't believe that Sally is Kristen's matron of honor. I mean, how could she with the way she feels about the Forresters. Kristen explains how Sally has supported her and Tony through thick and thin. Sally promises to be a good little girl. Eric knocks on the door and says it's time, but whoops Kristen doesn't have her gown on yet. She and Sally go to it on getting ready for the gown. Everyone can wait for the bride, right? Stephanie looks rather hurt and just looks on as Kristen gets dressed. Ouch.

Tony's having problems with his tie. Eric helps him fix it. Tony apologizes for not knowing what the best man is and isn't supposed to do. Eric clues him in that he keeps the groom from jumping out the window. Tony's all ready go. He says 6 months ago he felt like the unluckiest guy on the planet, but Kristen wouldn't let him give up. Okay, that was more like 4 months ago. Kristen and Tony met about 6 months ago, but she didn't find out about the HIV until August. Eric says both he and Kristen deserve this and asks him to call him "dad." Time for the cheesy credits. Tony says he won't let Eric down. He also says he'll be a great husband. Eduardo, Ridge, and Thorne come in announcing that everyone is taking their seats. Eduardo hugs Tony and tells him how he proud he is of him. Today he will have a new family. Awww. The priest comes in and tells everyone it's time.

In the sanctuary everything looks like a wedding. Amber is talking to Rick about weddings and how the bride feels at that moment. Rick looks all pissy AGAIN. Man it's been weeks, either dump Amber or get over it. Just then, Bridget and Deacon sit down next to them in the same pew. How appropriately timed. The music they are playing sounds like the same music before Amber's wedding. Stephanie walks in and looks all sad, but not as bad as Brooke looked during Amber's wedding. Thorne and Ridge hope she isn't changing her mind about the wedding. Eh, if so, then it's too late. Father Rivera and Tony enter. Darla and Sofia marvel at how handsome Tony is. Something cues Sally, because she says it's time. Cool, Eric is going to walk Kristen down the aisle. Finally some tradition. Sally enters with some roses and Darla takes her picture. Ridge figures out why Stephanie is upset. Bridget is thrilled everyone is so happy, and knows some day it'll be the same with her and Deacon. Here comes the bride!! Nice song. Eric and the bride are about to walk down the aisle, but not before some gazing between the pre-newly weds. It's kinda odd looking, but whatever.

The bride and dad start walking. Okay the wedding starts. We've all been at weddings and there is a transcript if you want to follow the wedding exactly. The priest starts things off like normal. Ahh everyone looks sooo nice. There is a prayer. Haha, not everyone has their eyes closed, during that one. :) One keynote, Eduardo grabs Stephanie's hand and it's kinda special, but I'm not sure it made her feel a lot better.

Brooke's looking at two models in a dress as Megan makes notes. Brooke is pleased with the changes that were made and the models exit. Megan says she'll take the notes to Henry, but Brooke tells her to run them by Eric first. Well duh he isn't there Brooke. Remember he's at Kristen and Tony's wedding. Brooke is still surprised he agreed to stand up for Tony. Megan is so happy for them and how the Forresters finally have accepted the relationship. Brooke hopes they stick with it, I mean Stephanie made a big show at Brooke's wedding, but that marriage blew. Well that wasn't Stephanie's fault. She actually supported you for once and you threw it away. Brooke seems unusually upset about this and this cues Megan to shut the door and ask Brooke if she's okay. Brooke's angry she wasn't invited to the wedding, but ol' Deacon is there. Megan says this is about Deacon and someone finding out about what they did. Brooke thinks it's ironic that the one thing that could free Bridget from Deacon can never be told to her, because she'd never forgive Brooke. No joke.

Megan and Brooke are impressed with Kristen and Tony's relationship. Brooke thinks they were meant to be together. Somehow the conversation gets back to Deacon, man one track mind, and how Bridget doesn't know the real him. Just then Brooke gets all nauseous and has to go get water. Megan gives her a weird look. Oh god, please nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! No more weird pregnancies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, people need to visit drug stores or barroom bathrooms.

Brooke is in major pain and can't drink the water. Lately, she's been achy and stuff. It hasn't been this bad before. Megan realizes that Brooke might be pregnant. Uh-oh!!!!! Man, I guess Christmas isn't going to be happy for everyone. Brooke won't be able to enjoy Christmas dinner.