B&B Update Wednesday 11/28/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/28/01

 By Matthew

Man if you live on the east coast, it does not feel like November 28th does it??

Brooke is talking with Megan about how what she did was so wrong. For those of you who don't know, she's talking about sleeping with Deacon. Megan defends Brooke by saying she was vulnerable and the marriage could probably be challenged legally, so it's no big deal. Brooke says things have changed and Deacon is sincere about his love for Bridget so the marriage is real. Brooke doesn't want to believe that's true for Bridget's sake. Hah! Not quite, deep down she's upset because Deacon doesn't want her anymore. Megan sees right through that.

Brooke feels duped. By Deacon? We don't get a straight answer out of her on that one. Brooke claims to feel nothing for Deacon and he had better not hurt Bridget like he hurt.but she stops short. Megan completes the sentence, like he hurt you? Brooke makes another claim that Deacon could not hurt her. Megan senses BS and leaves for her desk. Brooke sits down on the bed in her office. Oh that must be nice. I'd be napping all day if that were my office. I know some professors that put recliners in their office. Same kinda thing I guess.

Bridget's looking at her dress in the mirror, and yeow it looks nice. Deacon comes in and Bridget exclaims how she likes his outfit. Um, Budge, it looks like all his other outfits, all black. Anyway she's pretty excited about the party and is glad to hear the caterer's have everything ready. Deacon and Bridget share a special moment and smooch a little. Then Deacon gives Bridget a toe ring. It's pretty nice, but my sister tells me they can break and man I can only imagine how smelly it would get unless you washed there every 6 hours. This is especially true in the summer. Deacon says Bridget is everything he always wanted and thought he would never have. Awww.

Kristen is on the phone with Tony telling him not to worry about the party. Everything will be great. She's walking down the stairs of the Forrester house and he's at his house with his parents. Kristen says her family will love his parents. He isn't worried about them liking his parents, but them liking him. She tells him not to worry, because the party will be fun and tomorrow they'll be man and wife. Tony says he has a surprise for Kristen. Just then someone knocks on the Forrester door and Kristen has to go. Tony doesn't reveal what the surprise is to her. Tony's parents don't think his plan is a wise one. We find out he's going to ask Eric to be his best man. I already know Tony's parents are right. If Eric actually would go to the wedding, wouldn't he want to walk his daughter down the aisle? Isn't that customary? Plus, asking him in front of everyone at the party spells for disaster, and it's a big assumption Eric will even be there. Tony seems to think it will bring Eric closer.

Ridge was the one at the door and Kristen isn't happy Taylor can't make it. Yeah, contract negotiations are a bitch aren't they? Turns out Steffy has a cold and Taylor wants to stay home with her. I guess Katherine can't handle them for a few hours. Ridge is hopeful Taylor will make it tomorrow for the wedding. Ridge asks if Eric is still giving her a hard time. Nah, Kristen thinks she got through to him. But unfortunately, Stephanie walks in and says that Eric won't be coming to the party. Man.Who needs him anyways?

Kristen wants to talk to Eric, but in walks Thorne and he says that isn't a good idea. He just got off the phone with him and he isn't in the mood to talk. Kristen doesn't really care and is about to call him, but Stephanie stops her. She asks her why she wants Eric there. She knows how he feels about this and how he won't compromise. Kristen asks if Stephanie would. But before she can answer, in walk Rick and Amber who are ready to party. Sorry, Rick doesn't seem like much of a blast to me. Ooh, hanging out with the family, because I have no friends. Hehe. Amber wants to know why Eric isn't coming. I guess she doesn't know the whole story. Kristen quickly covers and says it's time to go and tries to act happy as she leaves.

Eric walks into Brooke's office and is surprised she isn't at Bridget's party for Kristen. Brooke says it wouldn't be good for her. Eric says he doesn't want to go either. Brooke tells him that he should go whether or not he approves so he can voice his displeasure there. If in the end, Kristen does get HIV, he'll have wanted to be more involved. That hits something in Eric.

At the beach house, Bridget and Deacon are introduced to Tony's parents. He thanks them for hosting the party. Deacon shows the parents the wet bar, while Tony talks to Bridget. She says that tonight will be a turning point for support from the Forrester family. Just then, the Spectra gang, minus Clarke, thank god, walks in. Sally says Bridget has done a wonderful job setting everything up. Sally thinks it's funny that she's at a Forrester party. She never thought she would be again. Sally says she may not always be a fan of the Forresters, but she's a fan of love. Deacon comes over and says hello. You may remember the last time Sally saw him was during the whole Little Eric fight with CJ, Deacon, and Rick last fall. Man it's been a while, but Sally is cordial. Sally tells Eduardo and Lililana that Stephanie and Eric's reaction is not personal. They do that whenever someone marries into the group. Tony says he thinks things will change, especially with Eric. Sally wonders how he could do that without spiking the punch. Eduardo tells them THAT has a better chance of working than Tony's plan.

Kristen arrives at the party seeming a little happier now than when she left the Forrester house. The whole Forrester gang is with her (Stephanie, Rick, Amber, Ridge, and Thorne). They are all introduced to Eduardo and Liliana, except Stephanie who has already met them. Amber says it'll be nice to get to know them because they are all friendly people. Sally chimes in with a "most of the time." She tells Stephanie she's glad she could make it. Tony finds out however, that Eric will not be coming. Bummer for the ol' plan.

Eduardo isn't surprised at all about Eric's absence. The caterers are serving the food. The house is so small for that. I would of just set up a buffet. But hey! Anyway, Rick doesn't mine taking down the bubbly and hors d'oeuvres. He still isn't legal, but who cares. Amber refuses both and looks sick, either because she's pregnant or depressed about Eric. Wow! The priest is there too. Man what a boring and typical clique party. Everyone is in their own little groups. Bridget laments this isn't going like she wanted it to. Deacon says it isn't her fault. She says she's going to give it to Eric, because he should have been there. Deacon's pretty defending of Eric, but that's because he understands how he feels.

Tony comes up and asks Kristen how she is. Fine. The priest joins them and asks if they are satisfied with their vows. Ahh man, I like traditional vows. The self-written vows are usually sappy and long. I also wonder how they memorize them so damn well. Hehe. I know I know, suspend my disbelief. The priest says the wedding will be like none other. Tony says he's sad Eric didn't come because he had something special planned. He wonders if Eric will show for the wedding. Kristen is less than hopeful. But who will give her away? Probably one of her brothers. The priest says he had concerns when they first approached him about a wedding. But now he sees they are an amazing couple and he has faith Eric will see it eventually.

Time for some fighting words. Sally goes over to the Forrester group (i.e. Stephanie, Thorne, and Ridge) and asks them what family means to them. Stephanie tells her to knock it off. Sally thinks family is about acceptance, love, and realizing Kristen is A GROWN WOMAN and can make her own decisions. Thorne counters that it doesn't mean that her decisions won't have tragic consequences. Shut up Thorne, and I bet he wishes he had. Sally reminds him about a bad decision Macy made in marrying Thorne the last time. We all know that ended months later in her death. But did Sally boycott the wedding or the marriage or try and freeze Thorne out? Nope. Thorne looks down in shame and Stephanie gives Sally a mean glare.

Tony gets everyone's attention and first thanks the party hosts. He thanks the rest of the guests who came despite their reservations. He does say that someone he has always admired professional and as a role mode is missing and that saddens him. That person is Eric Forrester. He says it's difficult for him to accept that Eric disapproves of him so much. He fills them in on his plan to ask him to be his best man. Stephanie is surprised. Tony says he guesses it's a silly thought since Eric probably won't be there tomorrow. Lo and behold Eric shows up. Tony approaches Eric and thanks him for coming. Eric's feelings haven't changed, but he's here. Tony asks him to be his best man despite his disapproval. Eric looks over at Kristen who's about to cry. Oh geez.. I think he'll say yes, hmm maybe Tony was right to ask.