B&B Update Tuesday 11/27/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/27/01

By Matthew

We start today off with a shot of a picture taken of Deacon and Bridget a few months ago I guess. I think it's funny how these characters go out and get portraits after only knowing each other for a few months. My family is lucky to get a family portrait once every 2 years. It's no fun! Anyways we move over to Deacon reading a magazine wearing his characteristic all black clothes. He's at the beach house and Rick comes by. Rick has stopped by to let Deacon know he doesn't buy into his "forgive me" routine with Bridget. Deacon says he doesn't know where he ever gave the impression that he gives a crap about the Forrester family's feelings. Haha, lotsa F's. Rick asks him if he really thinks the marriage will stand a chance with everyone against it. Here come the threats. Well, the family couldn't stop them when Bridget was against the family. What would happen if Deacon joined in the fighting too? Mean glares from Rick ensue.

Deacon hands Rick a beer and says they should bond over a football game. Hey enough beer and you can do anything you want. Rick isn't liking this much or the beer either. Deacon says he better play nice, because he'll be around for a while. Rick scoffs the marriage won't last. Deacon says if that's true, then he should get a life and leave them alone. Maybe he should buy some pregnancy food for Amber. Rick says Deacon is just trying to punish him because Amber is still with him. Not everything is about you Rick. Deacon says he loves Bridget, but he doesn't have to prove that to anyone but her. Rick disagrees, and says they're all watching him and one false move and he's toast. Deacon scoffs it off as Rick storms out awkwardly.

Wow a scene with Kristen and Bridget. That's a first for me. Bridget is psyched about going to Kristen's engagement party. By the way how old is Kristen supposed to be? The whole age issue confuses me in the family sometimes. Bridget says she and Deacon could use a good time, but this party may not be all fun and games. She explains how Tony's parents just found out about the disease, so you know they can only be so happy. Kristen and Bridget compare how Eric has always been their biggest fan, until he starts fighting their every move. But hey Eric hasn't tried to run Deacon over since May? Hey that's 6 months baby! Kristen marvels at how Tony has been her source of strength in dealing with Eric. He even still treats Eric with such compassion after everything that has happened. Kristen is amazed at how Tony's parents aren't wallowing in their grief. They're worried about her and Tony. That's why they went for their talk with Eric and Stephanie, but of course we know that didn't work. It bothers Kristen that people don't see the strength in Tony and his character. All they see is his virus. Bridget jokes that if everyone knew how great Tony was, someone would have snagged him by now. But of course she's kidding. Kristen doesn't want anyone to mention HIV at the party tonight. Bridget thinks it will be a blast, especially with Sally throwing it. But wait, she isn't throwing it. Kristen is doing the work. Bridget offers to do it, because a bride shouldn't throw her own engagement party. Kristen agrees and everyone is sooo happy.

Bridget asks if she should invite Eric, but Kristen says she needs to do that. She knows that won't go over well. She does care about him a lot. Bridget says she should tell him that. They walk out to the car.

Tony is measuring a dress for his mom at Spectra. Hmm, maybe what she wears to the wedding? Liliana finds it funny that Kristen proposed to Tony, but she likes it. She jokingly asks Tony if she is taking his name or what? Keeping up with the joking Tony says he'd like to be known as "Antonio Forrester." Hah! Both the dad's would have heart attacks if that happened, but I would love to see it anyways. J Tony has hope when it comes to Eric accepting their marriage. Liliana agrees and they are happy. Awww. Liliana loves her dress. How old is she? That dress is pretty though. Liliana says he makes her so proud.

Gosh a 4th scene and no credits. Stephanie is playing with roses, well I guess just putting another rose into a vase that already has a lot. I noticed the fire burning in the background. I swear, as soon as November hits, all the house's fireplaces go nuts. I mean it's LA; do they really need heat during the day? Maybe at night, but still, lose the nightclub outfits and put on some sweats and you'll be fine.okay.anyway..the phone rings. One more note, it's the same portable phone that got knocked into the pool by Morgan during her and Stephanie's fight. It's Mass. She's annoyed he called.again. He asks her if she thinks they can just forget about what happened. Stephanie explains that Kristen is getting married tomorrow and it's a hard time for everyone right now. She'll talk to him after the wedding. They get off the phone, and then on cue, Ridge and Eric walk in. They're ranting about how Taylor won't talk Kristen out of the marriage, because she's all for it. Ridge just gives Stephanie a huge hug and says they (he and Eric) won't let anything break the family up.

Eric isn't sure what else he can do. Ridge says he's done too much. He's pushed Kristen in a corner and now she's pushing back. Stephanie doesn't think she's doing this to prove a point. No, but she could have stayed with Tony w/o marrying him. The greatest point ever is made here. Ridge asks Eric if the whole "stay away from him/her" routine has ever worked with any of the kids. HAH! Nope. Ridge says Kristen isn't getting married tomorrow. He's going to stop here. What?! Oh Ridge..I think he's loss arterial flow to the brain.

Ridge claims he can talk to Kristen and get her to stop the wedding. Stephanie thinks he's overestimating the power of words. Ridge says that everything is so crazy; they just need to step back and get a better perspective of the situation. The main point is to calm down. Eric says he can't because Kristen is in danger. Lovely. Stephanie chimes Eric has no middle ground and brings up how Eric forced her to accept Thorne and Brooke's FARCE of a marriage. Eric rants it isn't the same thing, he could lose his little girl. Yeah yeah. Just then Kristen walks in. She gives him a big hug. Eric's about to cry.

Kristen says she wishes she could take away his fears. Eric says she can by calling off the wedding. Ridge suggests postponing it so they can get used to it a little. Eric says he will never get used to it. Kristen says it doesn't matter, because he needs to accept they are getting married tomorrow. Kristen says she's scared too. But it's not that kinda scared. She knows Tony will eventually get sick, and she doesn't know when it could happen. She says this is why she needs their support. It's going to be hard, but she can do it, especially with their help. She's ashamed of how she hasn't been there for them in the past. Some examples of not being there include, Stephanie's stroke(s) and Taylor's bout with TB. Kristen says that Tony is the one that brought her back and changed her perspective. He taught her the meaning of family. She says if all Eric sees is fear then he is wearing the blinders. Good point. She invites them all to the party and says she needs them there.

I guess Bridget got home to Deacon 'cause they are making out in the living room. He picks her up and they start acting even sexier, but Bridget stops him. She tells him the whole family is coming over for a party. Just then the caterers come by and Deacon is still holding Bridget. The caterers have probably seen worse and go find the kitchen. He says it isn't a good time for a party, because no one will come. She tells him it's for Kristen and Tony. Deacon refers to Tony as "that sappy guy." Hah! Caterer number three comes in and Bridget shows her the kitchen. Deacon doesn't look happy about all this, but what can you do.