B&B Update Monday 11/26/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/26/01

By Matthew

Hope everyone had a great vacation!

Bridget shows up at somewhere.does Rick have his own office? Anyways Rick is all are you okay? Bridget says she's great, which confuses Rick. Bridget knows what's up and assumes he knew Deacon was going to ask her for a divorce. Rick figures out that Deacon chickened out, but Bridget fills him in on what really happened up there. Rick can't understand why Bridget just won't let him go. He says that Deacon has been lying to her since day one, but Bridget says he can't tell her anything she doesn't already know.

Rick can't believe that Bridget would take Deacon back after knowing about the whole Amber thing. I mean you need trust in a relationship, right? Bridget trusts him, but Rick calls her a fool for doing that. Sometimes Rick can be a little harsh. Rick speculates that since Amber is out of the picture, someone else will be Deacon's other woman. Bridget says that Brooke will tell him anyway so she might as well. She informs him that Deacon slept with another woman, and it wasn't Amber. Uh-oh. Bridget tells him it didn't mean anything so he had better not start with her.

Rick is livid when he finds out about Deacon's infidelity. Well if they both knew who it was he slept with, they could pull up a trashcan to puke in. Rick wants to know why she is putting up with all this. Bridget says it was Brooke's fault this happened. She reminds him about how Brooke and Charlie schemed to break up him and Amber last March. Yeah, that was pretty sleazy of Brooke and especially Charlie. Haven't seen much of him since the tennis trip. Bastard. Anyway she says that Brooke has been working on him and undermining his confidence. She explains Deacon's feelings to him, and how much they love each other, but Rick still looks skeptical.

I guess Bridget has been crying or she has a head cold or something because she's getting a tissue. Rick argues that Deacon is toying with "Budge" i.e. Bridget. Weird nickname. Budge says that Deacon wants this marriage just as much if not more than her. Bridget says she isn't mad at Rick though, because she gave him a hard time about getting back together with Amber earlier this year, or last year, I can't remember. Bridget says that they turned out fine, but realizes that they are in fact having problems. Rick says to not use them as role models. Well how about you guys use us as role models? Rick scoffs at that. Bridget says he should try forgiveness; it made her feel a lot better. That's true. Holding on to anger sucks. Rick agrees that works, but only until they do something else to hurt you. He says with people like Amber and Deacon, it's bound to happen. Bridget says people can change and he'll see that Deacon has and he won't ever let her down again. Yea.one can only hope.

In Brooke's office, she and Deacon are still going at it. Nah, nothing sexual, just arguing. Brooke wants to know what made Deacon change his mind. She assumes it was because the two (he and Bridget) had wonderful sex up at Big Bear. Deacon being the smart mouthed ass he is says he loves Bridget and as for sex, he can get that right here. Brooke slaps him into next week! Ouch!

Brooke is pretty mad about the whole situation. Brooke is more upset about how she slept with Deacon when he wasn't going to leave Bridget. She asks him if he planned all this out. No..it was spontaneous sex. Deacon says they'll forget about it in a few months and years. Heh, yeah. They can work through the awkwardness. Brooke says it's the most disgusting thing she's ever done. Brooke says they had a special connection and that it wasn't just sex. But now the whole thing is sordid. Deacon says the fact that he is staying with Bridget shouldn't change what happened and it wasn't a betrayal to Bridget. He also adds he wouldn't hold this over Brooke's head. Brooke doesn't think he can keep it a secret. Deacon really confuses me, because he says that if he thought that he and Brooke had a future, he'd..then he stops short. Brooke says it would be sick for them to have a relationship. Brooke speculates he'll always be tempted to cheat on Bridget. Brooke then asks him what he would do if she said she was available to him. Geez.

Deacon thinks Brooke is testing her. Brooke teases him and says maybe she isn't. Deacon tells her to save the seduction routine. OOH. That ticks Brooke off. She says that whether or not he leaves Bridget, he'll never touch her again. Deacon says she's been rejected a lot lately, which is a new thing for Brooke. Brooke says she doesn't want him. Deacon says maybe that is true, but Bridget sure as hell wants him. Brooke uses the young and confused argument again, but Deacon doesn't have it. Deacon says that Bridget is just like her mom in that she'd do anything for love. Deacon tells her she is pushing Bridget away with her interference. Maybe she should try and help them out like Stephanie does with Amber and Rick. Brooke retorts that Amber is ruining Rick's life. Deacon says they are both doing the best they can. Well that isn't good enough for Brooke, but it is for Bridget. Deacon understands why Stephanie can't forgive Brooke, and he feels sorry for Brooke and any man that has ever tried to care for her. Hmm, like Thorne? No one can live up to Ridge. He says that she cannot do anything to make him leave Bridget. He leaves and Brooke cusses some and then laments about betraying her own daughter.

Tony and Kristen are talking with a priest at Tony's place. Kristen is freaking out that Tony's parents are going to meet her parents. She says they are already going through a hard time finding out their son has HIV. She's worried that having to face Eric and Stephanie will be too much for them. Tony says that his parents are worried about Kristen and what she is going through with her family. Looking into the future Kristen says this whole thing could be a disaster.

At the Forrester mansion, the four 'rents (parents) are having a nice cup of tea. Stephanie sympathizes with Liliana and Eduardo about what they are going through with Tony. Stephanie tries to smooth things over by saying Tony handled his HIV with dignity and grace, but Eduardo says their opinion of Tony hasn't changed, but it's people like Eric and Stephanie who have changed their opinion of them. Eric jumps in by saying they'll do whatever they can for Tony, but the in-laws didn't come over to talk about their treatment of Tony, rather, their treatment of Kristen.

Eric gets a little defensive and says that's not of their business. Well, Kristen is about to become family, so maybe it is their business. Liliana says they wouldn't normally jump in like this, but they realize how special Kristen is and they don't want her to lose her family. Stephanie says they wouldn't do anything to alienate Kristen. Ummm, what? That's what you've been doing for weeks! Eduardo agrees with me. Eric goes through his "scared parent" excuse for keeping Tony and Kristen apart. We've all heard it before so I won't repeat it. Tony's parents say they can trust him. Eric says that ain't good enough for him, when it comes to his daughter's life.

Eduardo calls Tony to update him on the meeting between them and the Forresters. Unfortunately, the news is not good, at least from Tony's perspective. He says it was worth a shot. Tony apologizes to Kristen for coming between her and her family. Kristen says it's not him or even Eric. It's the AIDS disease. The priest agrees that it is keeping them apart now, but in time it could bring them closer together. Kristen isn't sure. The priest says that crises can bring two people closer together by changing their priorities. It also cuts down on the chitchat and allows them to "speak from the heart." Sounds like one of those soft rock songs. Tony says Eric is speaking from the heart as well, but it's out of fear, despite all of Kristen's arguments that she will be okay. The priest says that this is too big a job for any of them. Kristen figures out they need to pray to God to take away Eric's fears. The priest quotes a Bible verse. It's the "fear no evil verse." I'm bad with verses but is that a Psalm? Anyway Kristen and Tony share a special moment.

Later on.