B&B Update Wednesday 11/21/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/21/01

 By Matthew

Stephanie wants Massimo to promise her that he will never tell Ridge that he is his father. Massimo looks at her sadly. I don't know if I could do something like that, but we'll see if he can. He asks how he can do that after all these years. He wants to share his love with Ridge and tell him about his true family and stuff. Stephanie says that Ridge has been given all the love he needs from Eric and her, but she knows Mass would have done the same thing. However, it's too late for that now, and the truth would only cause chaos with everybody. So is Mass supposed to go on knowing that his son hates him? According to Massimo, it's too much to ask of him. Stephanie tries another angle. She says that he'd be protecting her family by protecting his son and to Massimo, family is the most important thing. Nice one Stephanie. When she sees that doesn't have an effect on him, she asks him what he wants from her. She starts to break down a little and then Ridge comes in and as usual asks what the hell is going on.

Stephanie wants to know why Ridge is there. Ridge wants to know why Stephanie is there as well. Mass tries to calm everyone down and says there 's no reason to be upset. Ridge will be the judge of that. Stephanie wants Ridge to leave, but Ridge is only going if Stephanie is. Stephanie is all cool with that, but Mass interrupts and says he has to tell Ridge something. Stephanie gets a terrified look in her eyes.

Hah! Mass makes a good effort at trying to win Ridge over. He says he understands what Ridge was trying to do in his office, before he got hurt. He was just protecting his family. He also regrets that they got off to such a bad start. He thinks they could one day be friends and he doesn't need to fear him. Ridge is a big ass and can't take anything graciously. Ridge says he isn't afraid of Massimo and doesn't want to hear what they have in common. The only thing he wants to hear from Mass is goodbye. Man grow up Ridge.

Stephanie tells Ridge that Mass has agreed to respect boundaries when it's comes to coming on to her. Ridge asks Massimo if that's true, but he has trouble answering. Ridge doesn't buy into Stephanie's claim at all. He says Mass' empire isn't a big deal, because Eric created a family. He tells Mass to think about that when he's dying alone somewhere on one of his yachts. Stephanie intervenes and tells him that's enough. It certainly is. Stephanie tells Ridge to wait for her downstairs. She apologizes to Mass, but he wants her to just leave her alone. It's a pretty sad scene.

Okay we're picking up where we left off with Brooke, Bridget, and Deacon. Bridget is pretty PO'd at Brooke, but not for everything. She's mad because of Brooke's interference. She tells Brooke that she must have given it her all, but it still wasn't enough to break the two up. Brooke berates Deacon for not being strong. Bridget counters that being strong isn't synonymous with breaking up a marriage. What marriage, Bridget, Deacon doesn't love you. But Deacon never said that, right? I thought he did, but I could be dreaming that up. Brooke says that Deacon has done plenty of things to show he doesn't love Bridget and that she doesn't know everything. Here's where Brooke gets scared. Bridget says she knows how Brooke has been playing on Deacon's insecurities. She also knows about the affair. Yikes! But in reality, she doesn't know Brooke was the other woman. It IS fun to see Brooke squirm a little.

Now Brooke either tries to play dumb with Bridget about the affair or she's angry with Deacon for telling Bridget the truth. The line I'm talking about is "What have you done?" She said this to Deacon. Bridget sees it as her playing dumb and tells her to knock it off. She even goes so far as to say Brooke is responsible. Brooke's like what?! Deacon intervenes here and tells Bridget not to blame Brooke. Bridget says that Brooke practically pushed him into it. Brooke backs off for a second while Deacon tries to convince Bridget that it was his mistake.

Brooke realizes that Bridget doesn't know, but opens up her big mouth and Bridget says that Brooke must know who it is. She speculates that Brooke probably hired someone to seduce Deacon. Deacon says that wasn't the case. The other woman was hurt and lost like him. He says he didn't want to hurt Bridget or Brooke. Bridget tells Brooke she should be ashamed of attacking a man who defends her. Brooke counters she never attacked Deacon, but Bridget says that telling someone he isn't good enough for her is a cruel, vicious, attack. Brooke says what is cruel is wasting her life away in this marriage. Bridget just about loses it here, because she's fed up with people telling her that this is a waste. It's her decision, plain and simple. Brooke wants to know why Deacon changed his mind about their marriage. Deacon explains that Brooke convinced him he wasn't good enough for Bridget, but he's all cleared up about that now. Brooke threatens to tell Bridget the truth, by saying there is no humiliation she wouldn't endure for her. What about physical pain, because Bridget is going to kick your ass if she finds out.

Deacon tells Brooke not to do it. Bridget says that Brooke can't hurt them anymore. Well, edit that, Brooke can hurt Bridget. In fact, the more she tries to break them up, the more she hurts her. Bridget asks her what has happened to their relationship. She can't talk to Brooke anymore; in fact she doesn't even think she can trust her. Bridget says it's a good thing this didn't break her marriage up, because if Brooke were to break them up, Bridget could never forgive her. Brooke asks Deacon to leave them alone, and Bridget complies, but not without arguing a little first. Once she leaves Brooke tells Deacon once and for all to end it, but Deacon refuses. Cue in dramatic violins and teary eyes from Brooke.

Long story short, Brooke and Deacon talk for a long time and Deacon basically says that Brooke can do what she wants but up until now he hasn't had anything worth fighting for, besides his son. He thinks they are strong enough to take it from her.

Eric looks like he is actually doing work. He's closing a briefcase as he leaves his office, but Sally walks in at this moment. Eric isn't interested in seeing Sally, but she says he better make time because she wants to help him save his marriage. Eric says his marriage is all good, but Sally says he's in denial. She explains how she is interested in Massimo, which seems to make Eric's ears perk up, and how the only thing standing in the way of a serious relationship with him is Stephanie. She says they should put their heads together to figure out how to break them up. Well they aren't really a couple, so I guess keep them apart? Eric doesn't want to have anything to do with it. Sally gets angry and says one day he'll need her and she'll remember this encounter. Meow!

Just to let y'all know, B&B is preempted Thanksgiving Day and Friday November 23rd. Have a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday!!