B&B Update Tuesday 11/20/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/20/01

By Matthew

Stephanie walks out of the elevator to Mass' office looking pretty crappy. I'm sure she's wondering how she could have spilled the beans to him so fast. She goes into his office and apologizes to him for walking out right after dropping such a major bombshell. He asks her is she was going to carry this secret to the grave. Well, duh, yeah, but that never works. He also asks if Massimo Jr., I mean Ridge, was conceived that night on Lake Geneva. Ooh. Stephanie never once thought it could have been Massimo's kid. Did she ever think about how much Mass loved her and vice-versa? Well, she did, but she also loved Eric and all his wonderful traits, and FYI every girl on campus loved Massimo. Massimo and Eric weren't much alike then, but Massimo counters that Stephanie was just as much of a rebel as he was. Stephanie wants them both to agree that what happened that night was a foolish mistake, but Massimo won't agree. He asks Stephanie if she could ever trade anything for Ridge, because that was the product of that foolish mistake. He's gotcha there Stephanie.

Stephanie says this is getting them no where. Massimo argues that Stephanie is the closest to Ridge out of all her children. She says she loves all of her children the same. How many does she have, like 5? Angela, Kristen, Thorne, Ridge, and Felicia. I think that's all of 'em. Anyway Massimo says that the fact that Ridge is their son makes him special. He wanted children with Stephanie his entire adult life. It's what he has wanted most. He asks her if she had a feeling about the paternity back then, because he did. He gets angry about how it was the one time he didn't follow his gut. Massimo becomes bitter about how he and Stephanie were cheated out of a life together. Well that all ends today. Stephanie, Ridge and him are going to live like a family now. Yeah..we'll see about that.

Massimo wants to take Stephanie over to Forrester Creations so they can sit Eric and Ridge down and tell them the truth. Damn, he moves fast. Stephanie doesn't like that idea. She says that yes, Massimo is Ridge's biological dad but that's it. Eric is his father in every other way. Massimo argues he can still be a father to Ridge. Nope, he already has one and if Massimo wants to do what's best for Ridge, he'll leave him alone.

Massimo can't believe Stephanie is asking this of him, especially when she knows how important family is to him. Stephanie retorts that there are times in life when we have the choice of doing the right thing, even if it is painful or unfair. She asks him to think what it would do to Ridge and Eric. What about him? She knows it's painful for him too. Massimo says it 's his responsibility to inform Ridge of his true paternity, though he won't try and come between Ridge and Eric. He can't stand the fact that Ridge hates him and considers him the enemy. Stephanie asks him if telling him will change any of that. Well I doubt he'd believe it coming from Massimo. Massimo says they have years to rebuild their relationship. Stephanie refuses to do this. She says that she expects Massimo to keep this between them and if he doesn't, she will never see him again. Massimo gets all sad here and talks about how he always wanted a son to teach the things he knows to. But as the years went by that dream faded. Yeah, guys don't have tons of options, but I guess he could adopt. Anyways Stephanie is pretty adamant it can't happen and he needs to accept it. She does try and comfort him, but she's asking a lot.

In her office, Brooke is looking at some sketches and I guess Megan is hanging around. Megan asks her if she really is not going to see Deacon again. Yep, once he ends the marriage to Bridget, he's out of their lives for good. Megan doesn't seem to like that because she thinks Brooke and Deacon sound good together. Okay, Megan has problems. She seems to think if two people have good sex and seem to like each other that means they're meant to be together. A lot more than that plays into a relationship, like I don't know, if the person is available, and so on and so on. Most people would probably tell Brooke that not wanting to see Deacon again is a good thing and she'll find someone else. Anyways, Brooke says they were two ships passing in the night.3 times. Megan says they did have a connection, though. It was only physical, or was it? Brooke told her that Deacon was sensitive so maybe there is more. Brooke can't believe Megan is telling her to pursue something with Deacon Sharpe. Megan says she's known Brooke a long time and can tell she's lying to her and herself. She needs to admit her feelings now.

Brooke says that Deacon is married to her daughter and even though he will be available, she can't very well be supportive to Bridget AND see Deacon. Being totally unrealistic, Megan says Bridget will be over Deacon in a month so that makes it okay to go after him. Megan adds that Brooke has finally connected with someone and shouldn't let that go. Brooke says that Deacon gave her hope that she can find another man after Ridge. Megan asks if that man could be Deacon. Nah, he isn't the right man for her or Bridget. She hopes Bridget has realized this by now.

At Big Bear, Deacon and Bridget are going at it in bed.oh man. He does get around doesn't he? They look like they had a fun night together and Deacon feels pretty lucky. It is pretty crazy how last night was supposed to be a break-up dinner, but it turned into a new beginning for the marriage. I guess they are as close as ever now. Bridget assumes Brooke must think they are broken up now. Deacon says he'll talk to Brooke because he knows HE has to convince Brooke that this is the best thing. He can't believe he almost lost Bridget. Bridget asks about the other woman. Whoa, that was random. She asks if it was serious. He says it wasn't and it's over. But does the other woman think it's over? Yeah, they are on the same page about that. Cue the sexy music and kissing. Whew.

The lovebirds make it out of a bed and Bridget offers to cook Deacon some breakfast. He's more interested in them getting back to LA. Bridget says he must be surprised about what happened. He finally acknowledged his feelings for her. Oh, so that's what he did. Deacon says before he wasn't sure things would last between them. He thought maybe she was in love with the tough guy image he has. She's a teenager and could get bored quickly. Bridget says that's absurd and realizes how much Brooke got to him. She suggests they go down to LA and tell Brooke how it's going to be. Deacon says that's cool, but he has that worried "oh crap" look on his face. I would probably look like that too if I had to face Brooke after all that has happened.

Deacon and Bridget drive up to what I guess is the Forrester Creations parking lot. It's supposed to be an outside shot, but it's blatantly obvious that it's a set. Eh, it's a parking lot. Save the outside shots for riots and stuff. Anyway, Bridget gives him a good-luck kiss and Deacon makes her promise that she'll let him handle Brooke. She doesn't exactly promise, but it's good enough I guess. Deacon leaves Bridget in the car. She remarks he's going to need some help and we don't need Miss Cleo to figure out Bridget isn't going to stay in the car. Damn I really like Deacon's car. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas.or maybe not.

Deacon walks into Brooke's office looking as scared as ever. Brooke wants to know what happened. Deacon tries to get out that he didn't break things off with Bridget, but Bridget waltzes in and interrupts. She says Deacon did ask her for a divorce, but changed his mind. They're more in love than ever. Oh boy, Brooke's pretty upset and maybe slightly hurt.ya think?

We'll see how this all pans out tomorrow. Bye!