B&B Update Monday 11/19/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/19/01

By Matthew

Okay a lot of revealing took place today. So get ready.

At Brooke's place, Megan comes over because Brooke needs to talk to someone. Apparently, she's worried about Bridget. Well, except when she's having sex with Deacon, but we get it. Brooke's worried about how Bridget will react to Deacon's ending of their marriage. Megan says that stinks, but it's for the best, 'cause Deacon is such a creep. Of course Brooke defends Deacon after that remark and then adds the two got it on. Man, I hope Megan starts acting like a real friend instead of always buttering Brooke up with things she wants to hear. Tell her she's nuts or at least a bad person for what she did. Megan is blown away by the news. She asks if he came on to her. Brooke explains that they were both trying to figure out what to do with Bridget. They were reaching out to each other, not once, not twice, but three times. Yeah, lots of reaching going on with that explanation. Megan agrees Bridget can never know about this. She even suggests that once Bridget is over this mess with Deacon, she might not even care that Brooke is involved with Deacon. Whoa! Brooke says they are not involved and it won' t ever happen again. Ooh, someone's sensitive. We get a little comedic relief from Megan who says Deacon must be really good. I guess it was funny, but I'm still grossed out. Anyway, Brooke doesn't want to talk about it anymore. She has to prepare for Bridget's return from Big Bear.

Bridget is dead set on knowing who Deacon had the affair with. Then when Deacon doesn't say anything, she thinks he's making up crazy things like this to get her to hate him. She starts to try and prove he isn't holding her back, but he interrupts and says he did have an affair, well sort of. He's not sure what it was. Bridget realizes he IS serious and we're back to her wanting to know who the hell it is. Does she know this person? Deacon says she's missing the point. He is a failure at marriage. We get a brief period of silence, but it's a 30-minute show so not too much. Then Bridget asks him why he did this. Well, for starters he was all confused about their relationship. Bridget's his only friend, but he couldn't talk to her about that. About what? Of course ending the marriage. Bridget counters that screwing someone else really helped that along. He apologizes, but she doesn't have much to do with that. Why should he be sorry? He got what he wanted. Long story short, he explains that because of his low self-esteem, he didn't think he could add anything good to Bridget's life even though he meant what he said to her in the hospital about being committed to her. So to hash out these problems he confided in someone. But it was just sex, nothing more. Bridget asks him how he really feels about her. Then I get confused, because he says what I think is the equivalent of him loving her. Bridget realizes that Brooke's pressure on Deacon was what caused his insecurities. She says he needs to act like a man and make his own decisions. If he can't be like that, then she doesn't want him. Whoa! Nice Bridget. Bridget grew some balls. Haha.

Deacon tells her not to question his manhood 'cause he's all man and has been since he was 6 when his dad left. Bridget tells him to act like one and do what he knows is right. Problem is, Deacon doesn't know what's right. Funny thing is, children don't always know what is right, so maybe he is a boy. Aha! Okay here's where I get really confused. Deacon basically says that he doesn't know what he's doing and tries to get back with Bridget. He says he's been a fool. What the hell is wrong with these people!? Make a decision and stick with it! So, Brooke caused his insecurities in his relationship, but then when he tried to end the marriage they all got worked out? And what happened to not loving Bridget, just caring for her. Oh boy.I'm not a writer so I don't know. Anyway, Bridget says he has one more chance, but he had better not make a fool out of her. I love how an 18-year-old is making a guy in his 30's grovel. Hehe, justice in the world for all young people.

In her office, Stephanie looks at a picture of Eric and Ridge together. She starts talking to herself about how, after all this time, Ridge is Massimo's kid. She'd better be careful saying all this junk aloud. Everyone in LA seems to be good at eavesdropping. Anyways, she goes on talking about how this whole thing is a dream. She tries to figure out how to handle the situation. Shut up and forget, Stephanie. Just forget about it. Instead of doing what I suggested, she hashes out how hurt Eric and Ridge would be if she told them. She knows it'd be better if Massimo never knew. She says nothing good would come of them knowing, so she finally decides that no one can know. Then Massimo walks in. Wow what great timing. He wants to talk to her, but of course she's not happy to see him. He wants to know why she' s treating him this way. Stephanie says they have nothing to talk about and wants him to leave. He says she's been acting weird since Ridge's accident and he wants to know what the hell is up. We get what I like to call the "oh no" ominous music and then some credits with beautiful people in poses.

Stephanie says she's dealing with something personal. Massimo wants to help, but Stephanie says he can't. She covers that the terrible thing has happened was Ridge's accident. Massimo says he's been checking up on Ridge and he's fine. Stephanie gets angry and tells him to stay away from him. Massimo says she can't believe that he did anything to Ridge. Stephanie refuses to talk about it anymore and wants to drop the subject. Then he brings up how he saw Stephanie and Dr. Fetter talking. He says he heard her say, "Eric can't lose his son.." Stephanie, being the good liar she is, says that she was worried about Ridge because he had lost so much blood. Not so fast, Steph, Ridge was out of the woods by then. Stephanie tells Massimo to stop interrogating her. She says that whatever she said, didn't mean anything at the time and that she doesn't love him and doesn't want his help. Ouch. Massimo then brings up how Stephanie said that no one could find out about this. We know she was referring to the paternity problems with Ridge. Massimo wants to know what secret she has. Stephanie says if she really is hiding something, he should respect it.

Stephanie says the best thing he can do for her right now is to leave. Massimo wants her to unburden herself, but she says she can't. He grabs her arm and says she must! Oh how dramatic. She pulls back. Massimo threatens to go talk to Dr. Fetter to find out what is going on. Stephanie you better come up with a decoy problem that you can tell Massimo about, because things are unraveling fast. He starts to leave and Stephanie loses it. She calls him a son of a bitch and tells him Ridge is his son not Eric. Haha! Damn, that's something that's hard to digest. She leaves him alone in there to sort it all out. So much for Massimo never knowing.

Ridge and Eric are talking at Ridge's place. Ridge is up and around but still bandaged up. Lucky guy. He can't believe Stephanie is still hanging around Massimo. Eric says she's been acting weird lately. She's been preoccupied. Ridge asks if it's the accident that is causing that, but Eric doesn't know. He seems to think it's something else. Ridge tells Eric to be more aggressive with this. He knows that Massimo only respects power. He says that while he was going psycho in Mass' office, Massimo was a completely different person. Eric laughs that Ridge is a better match for Massimo than he is. Oh the irony! Ridge says he got most of his fighting spirit from Stephanie, but respects Eric's classy way of handling problems. He wishes he could be more like that. Aww. Unfortunately class doesn't work with guys like Massimo. But never fear Massimo isn't going to be stealing Stephanie away from them.