The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 11/17/00



B&B Update Friday 11/17/00  

By Linda C

Amber tells Rick that she is so overwhelmed by all he did. He says he told her he wasn't going to let her go. She asks how he tracked down the baby's father and persuaded him to give up custody. He says he kept making Deacon offers until he couldn't refuse. She says he means he paid Deacon. Rick says that is not the point. He says the point is there is nothing he wouldn't have done to get her and the baby back. He wants to be a full time husband and that is all he can think about. The way it used to be and is going to be again. Amber says she doesn't know quite what to say to him. She wonders what will happen if Deacon doesn't go along with it. Rick says he has to because he already paid him. She asks how much. He says it doesn't matter; he would pay anything for this dream. She asks if he was so certain she would go along with it. He says he was because he knows her better than anybody. CJ doesn't come close and he won't settle for less than her. She says like she is some catch and wants to know why she is so special to him. He says she has grown over the years and is the most incredible woman he has ever met and he wants her as his wife and has never been more certain. She pulls away. He follows over to her and says he has been given a second chance to get her back and he is not going to blow it. No one is going to stop him from getting them back together, not even her. He says he needs her to be his wife. She says he had her as his wife before. He says he didn't know what he wanted back then, or what he had. She says she is supposed to marry CJ. Rick says her feelings are more for him than CJ. She tells him to stop. She says CJ loves her and she is not going to do this to him. Rick says he knows and is sorry about that but CJ is just going to have to learn to accept this. He says he would be a fool to walk away and he is not a fool. He then tells her that he loves her. He goes to kiss her but his cell phone rings. He gets off the phone and tells her that the custody papers are ready and they will have the life he promised her. She hugs him and he leaves. Amber tells the baby that so many people love him. The Spectra’s and the Forrester, Rick and CJ and she will always be his mommy. She asks if he can say mommy. He says mommy. She says she will never let anyone hurt him. She kisses him on his head.

Stephanie tells Taylor that they are so close; as soon as Deacon signs the papers they will be safe. Rick will have custody. Taylor says they already gave him the money. Steph says Rick didn't have a choice. He needed to get Deacon to the church to stop the wedding. Taylor asks how Sally is about all this. Steph says he hasn't heard from her since the church, which means she is probably plotting something. Taylor thinks Amber must be going through a terrible ordeal and wonders if Steph thinks she was just marrying because of the baby. Steph says she thinks so, yes and feels Rick rescued her from making a big mistake although, Amber would never admit that to anyone. Taylor thinks Amber must really love that little boy. Steph says she thinks of herself as his mother. She has since the day he was born. The phone rings and it is Rick letting Steph know that the papers are ready.

CJ tells Deacon he knows what went down. Rick gave him money to get the baby. Deacon says he isn't going to discuss it with them. CJ says he isn't going to give up his son without a fight and whatever sleazy deal he and Rick put together, he will make sure the whole world finds out. Deacon turns around and says he is his kid and he will do what he pleases with him. CJ says the baby is not some thing he can just sell. Sally tells them to cool their heels. She asks again how much money the Forrester’s offered him for his services. He won't say. She asks if he has signed any documents giving up the baby. Deacon says not yet. Sally says then it is open for negotiation and offers him twice as much money the Forrester’s offered him, without even knowing how much. Deacon asks her if she knows what a hundred percent of one hundred thousand is? CJ can't believe they paid him that much. Deacon says, yeah, could you believe it? Sally says that means she has just offered him two hundred thousand. He asks if she is willing to pay that much for this kid. Sally says in cash if that is the way he wants it. He tells her to get out and that she is blowing smoke. She says she is a successful businesswoman and can raise that cash with a phone call and wants to know if they have a deal. He tells her to hold that thought and yells out for Carmen. Sally wants an answer; she is not going to hang around all night waiting for an answer. Deacon tells her to watch it; he is in the driver's seat. CJ says his mother is willing to give up everything she has. Deacon says, everything she has, he thinks he will take a pass. They are in over their heads. He says it was good talking to CJ again and walks away. He kisses Carmen passionately at the bar. They get ready to leave when Sally tells him they aren't finished with their business. Deacon turns to her and says he told her, no deal. Sally says she made him a bonified offer and he shouldn't listen to what CJ says, he was just watching out for her because that is how their family is, they watch out for each other and if he cares one bit for that boy, he will hand him over to them and they will watch out for him. She says the Forrester’s will just spoil him rotten as they did the rest of their children. He will be much better off with CJ. Jonathan and Rick come in and CJ alerts Sally. Deacon says, looky, looky, it is the competition, he has to go. Sally takes his arm and tells him not to be a fool; two hundred thousand is a lot of money. He says is sure is and walks away. Deacon looks at Jon and says, well, well, well, he must be the lawyer. Jon says he is Jonathan Young, he has the papers and Deacon has the money, so let's go. Deacon watches him walk away. Stephanie walks in. Deacon asks if she is breaking out in a cold sweat. She says not really. He is surprised. He says he would with Rick being so careless and writing him out a $100,000 dollar check with no signature on anything. Jon says they are about to rectify that. Deacon points out that it was an offshore check too so there isn't anything anyone can do if he cashes the check. Jon asks if he cashed it. He says no, how could Mr. Young think he would try to steal all that money. Sally wants to get down to details and asks Jon to explain the details to Deacon. Jon explains it all to him, how Rick will have custody and he is not to go near the child. Deacon yawns. He says to Jon, hey you don't know me mister, but I know these people, they are all about money. Rick says they gave him money, lots of it, so sign the papers and they can get on with their lives. Deacon says that is what he likes to hear, honesty. Jonathan hands Deacon a pen and shows him where to sign. Deacon looks at the paper and then up at Sally and CJ who are way in the background. They look frantically at him not to sign. Deacon looks at Steph and says he is beginning to think she would do anything to get that baby back. Rick says they have so sign the papers. Deacon says he wants two hundred thousand. Rick says what? Jon says damn it Sharp. Deacon laughs, they heard him, the money or no deal. Steph agrees to give him the blood money. She writes out the check and holds it while she waits for Deacon to sign the papers. Deacon looks again at Sally and CJ. He picks up the pen, looks at the paper and then back up at them with an evil glare.

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