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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/16/01

By Matthew

Since this weekend's game is so special for my school, I just want to give props to the Clemson Tigers!!! I know we can kick some USC ass! Hah. Okay I'm done. On with the recap.

Well the mess hit the fan yesterday for Bridget. Deacon tells her he wants a divorce. She's really good at the "almost, but not quite" crying face. Eh, what a depressing way to start a weekend, but hey it's dramatic. She asks him what he said. He says he wants a divorce! No jokes baby. Bridget looks like she could use a toilet to vomit in. Bridget can't believe he's serious. She asks him why he wants this. He says he's doing this for her. She tells him to shove off with that excuse. He doesn't shove off, but she pushes for what the real reason is. Oh I don't think you wanna know. He says it's about her and it's about him. He isn't happy either. She says he's been happy for months, but he claims it was all an act. She doesn't buy that and says he loves her. He says he cares about her, but isn't in love with her. Finally she gets it and it's pretty sad. Deacon says they tried to make it work, but it's over. He couldn't get Amber out of his system while they were married, even up to a month ago. He says she deserves much better. He wishes it could have been him, but it ain't. She asks him why he didn't divorce her months ago. He says he should have. She asks him if he slept with Amber. Nope. She can't believe he begged her to take him back, but didn't mean it. Why would he do all that if he didn't love her? She says he does love her, because he wouldn't be unfaithful. He counters he was unfaithful. He did sleep with someone else. She wants to know who it is. Uh-oh..if Deacon spills the beans, Brooke is going down hardcore. I could see Bridget take her out.

Clarke is all busy measuring gowns and in a big hurry. The rest of the Spectra gang isn't very happy. Clarke wants to know what's up. Darla's like duh!? The whole Tony/HIV and he has to tell his parents thing. Darla and Clarke are about to go at it, because he's an insensitive jerk. Darla should deck him. Sally breaks them up and Clarke reminds them he said it was going to be hard for Tony to break the news to his parents and it won't work. Sofia disagrees and says their marriage will work. Clarke argues Tony's sick and getting sicker by the minute. Sally reminds him that we all die a little bit every day. The more important thing is how one handles his life. He asks Sally how he thinks Tony's parents will react. Sally honestly doesn't know. She says if CJ came and told them he had HIV, she isn't sure how she would react. What about if he said he was getting married? Darla suggests she would throw him a huge engagement party. Bonk! Wrong, Darla! Clarke jumps on that and says she'd try and stop it for the sake of his bride and the risks to her.

Tony finally spits it out. That has to be really hard. Kristen tries to help him get it out. Oh lord, dad and mom are shocked as hell. Liliana can't believe it. Oh and then he says HIV positive in Spanish. This is even more depressing that Deacon and Bridget. Spanish talk ensues. Oh the horror! Liliana says he can't have HIV because he isn't gay. C'mon Liliana, you know better. Eduardo and Tony remind her that anyone can get it. Eduardo asks if it was a prostitute that gave it to him. Nah, nah. It was Ellen, who he says died of AIDS. I really thought she killed herself, but maybe I have it wrong. Y'all can correct me, if you want. And yes, Tony didn't use protection while with Ellen. Kristen chimes in they have a great doctor for him. Eduardo says Kristen has been a very good friend, but she can go now. Tony says she isn't going anywhere. Eduardo can't believe it. He thought he was using the wedding to get them there to break the news. Eduardo doesn't support the wedding at all. He says Kristen is marrying Tony out of pity. He understands why Kristen's parents are against it. Eduardo is stubborn and says Kristen needs to leave and tell her parents it's off. Tony starts to get Kristen to leave, but she walks back in and says she has something to say. She says she loves Tony, and she isn't here out of pity. She claims they share a passion and despite Eduardo's skepticism, she says doctors have informed them safe ways they can be intimate. She says with all respect they can't stop them from being married. Finally, they accept it and her to the family. It's really nice. The groom's parents are always easier to work with aren't they?

Rick is still pissy and Thorne tries to keep the peace between him and Amber. He says that Deacon is garbage and is glad he's out of Bridget's life. Amber points out that Bridget seems to see the good side of him. He throws a low punch and reminds her she had a thing for him. She says he can throw it back in her face all he wants, but she thinks Bridget and Deacon are good together. Uh-oh. Amber apologizes for arguing, because she doesn't want to. She says if they did stay married it was make Rick feel more secure in their marriage. Rick doesn't buy that and neither does Thorne. Thorne doesn't care how Deacon feels, he wants him out.

Well we'll have to wait until Monday to find out if Brooke is toast. Have a great weekend!

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