B&B Update Thursday 11/15/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/15/01

By  Matthew

A week until grrrrrrreat food!!

At Rick's house, Thorne is staring out in to nothing when Rick comes out and offers him a beer. Is little Rick drinking tonight? Nah. Either because he isn't old enough or maybe he's realized awful things happen around alcohol. Rick asks Thorne if he's talked to Brooke lately. Thorne hasn't and I wouldn't blame him if he never talked to her again. At any rate Rick thinks Brooke is losing it the way she's been defending Deacon. I guess the parallel to Amber is the most annoying thing. Thorne asks him how all that's going. Rick says it's okay, but he's not sure he can ever get over seeing Amber and Deacon kissing. Thorne says to give it time. He doesn't need to do anything right now, but Rick thinks he's sat back too long. He could have ended Deacon and Bridget's marriage, but didn't. Thorne says at least that will be over after tonight.

Up at Big Bear, Bridget calls Amber who is in the other room at Rick's "house" folding clothes. She's returning Rick's call from earlier, but doesn't want Amber to interrupt him and Thorne. She'll just call him later. She tells Amber she's up at Big Bear. Of course, Amber wants to know why she's there. She tells Amber about how Deacon has been asking weird and wants to talk to her about something. While she isn't sure, she's starting to think he wants them to have a baby and she's all for it now. What!? What is wrong with all these people?! I want to know what 18-year-old wants to have a kid right then. I also want to know what married couple decides to have a kid 6 months into their marriage? Unless the biological clock is ticking there is no rush and I say you gotta enjoy being with the spouse. Amber is shocked and Bridget is just to gung ho about all this. It really freaks me out. She talks about her and Amber's future kids going to school together. Amber tries to be sincere and she wishes her good luck. Oh boy.

Deacon sets the table as Bridget finishes her conversation with Amber. He thinks about what he's going to say to Bridget as he ends it. Bridget walks in and marvels at the table set up. They kiss. Apparently Deacon cooked her macaroni and cheese. I can do better than that. Skillet Sensations baby! That stuff's good and easy. He serves her, but Bridget wants to know what's going on. As Deacon is about to tell her, cue in the dramatic string dominated background music. Deacon tries to start explaining, but it's one big misunderstanding because Bridget thinks this about having a kid. Bridget says it's cool and he's going to be a great dad to their kids. Uh-oh. Deacon sets her straight and says it isn't that, it's about their relationship. Bridget is surprised and embarrassed. Deacon asks her if she's disappointed. Bridget is more relieved she doesn't have to crank out a kid yet. There's that teenage spirit! She still wants to cut back her schedule. Deacon doesn't let her get too far with that. He says he doesn't want her to do that. He starts buttering her up and beating himself down. He says getting to know her has been a gift. He says he has to be honest with her now. He tells her he can't do this anymore. He wants a divorce! Owwwwwww.

At the other beach house, Tony and Kristen get the wine and coffee ready as Tony's parents take a walk on the beach. They talk about how to tell his parents he's HIV positive. Kristen wants to stick to the plan to tell them tonight. Tony doesn't want to just blurt it out like that. He's afraid it'll kill them. He does agree they do need to know tonight, but after they get to know Kristen some. The parents arrive. I love how he calls them "Mommy" and "Pappy." Of course the vowel a in Spanish is more of an "Ahh" sound, so it doesn't look like it sounds. Tony introduces Kristen. Liliana says they feel like they know her already. Tony talks about her a lot I guess. Eduardo adds that Sally Spectra had nothing but good things to say about her. I guess she isn't the "ice-princess" anymore. Hah! Kristen says Sally must have said even better things about Tony. Yea, that's true. Eduardo has the philosophy that a man's worth is measured by his family rather than his career. Kristen says that Eric feels the same way. Liliana says that's true, but a strong wife creates a strong family. Wow, parallels to Stephanie on that one. Liliana says they remind her of when she and Eduardo got married. They were so young and didn't have a care in the world.

Eduardo asks if the wedding will be in LA. Yep. Liliana wants to know if they'll be coming back to Miami, to live, after the wedding. Nope. Ah, a mother can only dream of when all her babies and grandbabies to spoil will be back in town with her. Eduardo asks Kristen if it's true she recently reunited with her family. Yeah. But the problem is they aren't excited about the wedding. What's worse they don't have their blessing either. This surprises Eduardo and Liliana. Kristen explains how Eric forbids their marriage and the family is against it. Ouch. Eduardo can't believe they'd get married without her parents blessing. Hey they're adults. Liliana wants to know why they don't approve. Eduardo gets defensive and wants to know if they think Tony isn't good enough for Kristen. Nah it ain't that or that he is Hispanic. Eduardo wants to know what it is then. He gets a little mad, but Liliana tries to calm him down. Tony explains that isn't the Forresters; it's him. He's about to say it.but doesn't.

Rick doesn't think Deacon's ending crap tonight. I mean he'd have to give up the good life: which includes Bridget's beach house and some other things. Rick that excuse blows. Deacon has money. He owns a successful club and has a nice looking apartment. Plus it ain't Bridget's beach house; it's Taylor's. Amber interrupts to say Bridget called. She wants him to call her, because she thinks he's going to ask her to have a baby. This confirms all Rick's suspicions, but Amber says he is going to end it with her. Rick doesn't seem to like how involved Amber is with this. She tries to get him to warn her, because Bridget wouldn't believe it if it was coming from her. Rick says he won't because he doesn't believe it especially since Amber isn't leaving Rick and is pregnant. Amber says this has nothing to do with her. She lets it slip that Deacon told her himself that it was over. Uh-oh. Rick's more than a little mad that Amber saw Deacon. She says it was because Deacon missed his last visit with Eric. Rick told her to let him handle that from now on. She tries to calm him down and tell him that Bridget needs his help. She has no idea what's about to happen. Thorne agrees and says she isn't ready for this. Rick doesn't want to do anything. If Deacon really is going to divorce Bridget, then he's all for it. He just hopes Bridget can handle it.