B&B Update Wednesday 11/14/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/14/01

 By Matthew

At Spectra, Tony tells Kristen not to worry, his parents will love her. She wants to be there when they arrive but has to meet with the florist. She's about to cancel, but Tony objects along with Sally. Sally says she, Darla, and Sofia will host and entertain Tony's parents while Kristen is busy. Sofia says Kristen will love them because they are wonderful people. Tony informs us they are very excited to meet Kristen and are thrilled about the wedding. Just then Clarke pops in and asks if Tony's parents know about his HIV. Tony tells him to mind his own business. Clarke says he can't hide it forever, especially if the Forresters are a no-show at the wedding. Tony tells him to leave. Clarke goes on and on like another broken record. Tony starts to get really mad, but Sally intervenes and tells Clarke to take the rest of the day off. I don't know what this means, but Clarke tells Sally she could use a rest too. Kristen leaves to go to the florist. Sally tells Tony not to worry. She won't let anything spoil Tony's reunion with his parents.

They gang at Spectra is hanging out when in walks Tony's parents. Of course we knew his dad was going to be played by Erik Estrada. I hope they keep him as the dad the whole time and not just to lift the character off. The parents are really happy to see Tony and dad says he looks well. By the way Tony's dad is Eduardo and his mom is Liliana. They don't really look old enough to be his parents, but make-up always helps. Anyway Sally and Darla welcome them to the LA scene. His parents finally see that Sofia is also there and Liliana greets her in a multitude of Spanish. I took Spanish in high school so all they were really doing is asking how the other is doing. No biggie. Eduardo wants to know where Kristen is. Tony explains and says they are meeting for dinner later. Darla chimes in that Kristen is an amazing woman and they'll love her. We find out Sally sprung for 1st class and a limo ride from the airport. Man, I wish I had a Sally hanging around to do that for me. Eduardo says she is too generous especially since she already gave Tony a job and a house and other lucrative items. Sally says Tony has brought a lot to Spectra and in her usual dramatic voice wants to name a street after Tony. Liliana kinda looks at Sally like she's bonkers, but it's all in good fun. Tony is modest and gives Sally a lot of credit. Liliana thanks Sally for taking care of him. She was worried about Tony being so far away from home. What is he like 18? But I guess Miami and LA are a long way away at any age. Sally goes so far as to say that she cares for Tony as if he was her own son. Hmm, what about C.J.?

The parents look through Tony's sketches and what good parents wouldn't be impressed, especially since they really are good. Tony says Sally helped him through some tough times a few months ago. Eduardo thought everything was going well, and wants to know what's up. Tony reassures him nothing is wrong and more Spanish speaking ensues. Clarke, who was supposed to go home, comes in. Oh god.

Darla shows Eduardo and Liliana an earlier design of Tony's for a wedding gown. Liliana thought Eric would want to design Kristen's dress. Sally covers by explaining Ridge's accident and how he's not going to be designing for a while. Tony jokes neither will he once he and Kristen find a honeymoon spot. They all laugh and Clarke joins the party by telling him not to worry about it. He introduces himself to Tony's parents and says he'll take care of things while he is away. Everyone else looks really uncomfortable. Eduardo and Liliana agree this wedding will be a great celebration. Liliana goes even further to say that Kristen's parents are probably just as excited as they are. Everyone laughs and Darla gives Clarke a classic go to hell look. That cracks me up. Tony manages to get his parents outta there before Clarke does any damage. He says he may see them again before the wedding. After Tony and his parents leave the rest of the group chastises him for his behavior. Clarke says once his parents realize why the Forresters despise the relationship, the marriage won't be a celebration. In fact, it won't even happen. Everyone looks frustrated and the wheels begin turning inside Sally's head. Hmm, maybe Clarke will depart from the show.

At the beach house, Deacon looks stressed again. He calls Brooke and like two more broken records, she asks him if he's done it. He says no. Of course they are talking about Deacon telling Bridget he wants out of their marriage. Apparently Deacon wants to talk about last night. Ooh baby, what happened? She tells him to forget about it and focus on Bridget. Deacon says he's going to take Bridget up to Big Bear to tell her, alone. Brooke says that's good, but to not let Bridget drive upset. Yeah, she might go crashing into a tanker truck. Deacon says he won't let anything happen to her. Brooke asks him what he'll do once he's free. He says he's going to stay away from their family. Brooke starts getting teary, but doesn't object. She asks him if this is goodbye. Yeah, he'll work out visitation with Amber, but no more sex visits.

After she gets off the phone, Brooke is just staring into space at her house, and then Rick comes in looking for Bridget. Uh-oh. Brooke tells him they went up to Big Bear for the day. Rick says he just wants to get her out of town so she doesn't find out what a snake he is. Brooke informs him Deacon told her he is going to ask Bridget for a divorce. Rick thinks he's had his fun and wants free now. Brooke clues him in that Deacon isn't a bad person and knows he has to let Bridget go. Rick is got this "are you on crack, mom?" look on his face. I guess Megan calls Brooke at home about an appointment because Brooke's on the phone. After she gets off she and Rick continue. She and Rick argue about Deacon's good nature or lack there of according to Rick. Brooke explains this isn't about Amber. Deacon is doing this because it's best for Bridget. Rick is skeptical. Brooke says they may never see him again with those glazed over eyes.

Bridget gets down showering and wonders who was on the phone. It was Brooke and that doesn't please Bridget. Deacon says he wants to go up to Big Bear with her today. Apparently Deacon already packed the car so they can leave anytime. Bridget wants to know what's going on. I guess he got out of that question because a little later Bridget is looking for her duffel bag to pack clothes for the night. Deacon says she won't need them, because they aren't staying the night. Bridget wants to know why he's being so serious. He tells her to get her stuff so they can leave.

At Big Bear, Deacon and Bridget arrive. Bridget goes out to get firewood, but instead gets a whole bunch of leaves and dumps them on Deacon. She actually gets him to smile. She tells him coming up there was a great idea. This will help relieve her stress. Yeah, sure. Bridget eventually gets the fire going and gets warm beside it while Deacon watches her. He doesn't know how he's going to tell her he wants a divorce. He recalls earlier times with Bridget and when he gave her a wedding ring after her accident. Bridget snaps him out of it and asks him what he's thinking about.