B&B Update Tuesday 11/13/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/13/01

By Matthew

Yay! It's time for B&B...

Stephanie goes into Ridge's hospital room. By the way, it's still the same night it was before. She says it just can't be. She recalls her conversation with Dr. Fetter. He explains to her that because of the mismatched blood types, Eric couldn't possibly be Ridge's father. She winces in pain and shock I guess. She goes over to Ridge's bed and kisses him. She starts thinking aloud about how her and Massimo slept together only once, while she was on his boat. Apparently, she never thought about it again and was with Eric for weeks before she found out she was pregnant. She questions why she would have even considered it was Massimo's baby. Well, you didn't consider it obviously. Man people really need to be more careful. Then she starts to accept that Ridge might be Massimo's son. I thought she already had. Eric comes in. He doesn't mean to, but he sneaks up on Stephanie. Stephanie and we find out Eric has been talking to Dr. Fetter which semi-upsets Stephanie. But it's all good; Eric just got a good prognosis from Dr. Fetter about Ridge. He says they are so lucky. He then says Massimo tried to kill Ridge. Stephanie says it was an accident. Eric brings up how Brooke went toppling off the Eiffel Tower under Massimo's evil scheme. Stephanie again says that was an accident. Eric wants Massimo to stay away from their family. Just then Ridge starts calling out Massimo's name. Eric tells him Mass won't ever hurt their family again.

Eric doesn't want Stephanie to blame herself for this. Ridge hates Massimo and that's what caused the accident. Stephanie doesn't want to talk about it, but Eric thinks they should if it's going to be a problem between them. Stephanie says she loves Eric, the children, and their marriage. That is all that is important to her. She won't let anyone or anything interfere with that. Thinking herself, Stephanie says Eric will never find out Ridge isn't his.

Sally bursts into Massimo's office and is relieved to see him. She heard about what happened with Ridge and was worried about him. How did she hear about it? Oh, maybe through Kristen and Tony. She looks around at the Mass' mess of an office and asks him if it really was an accident. He says yes and explains how dumb Ridge sliced and diced his neck up. She asks if Ridge is going to be okay. Mass thinks so and asks Sally if she's heard differently. Sally has even less info than Mass, but I think he asked her because he's still confused about Stephanie's reaction to him after she spoke with Dr. Fetter. He thinks something's wrong with Ridge. He explains to Sally how Stephanie kicked him out of the hospital. Sally wonders if she blames him for the accident. Massimo infers correctly that there is more to the situation than that. Sally can't believe Stephanie would do such a thing. Massimo thought she believed him when he said it was an accident and what's more Stephanie wasn't angry at first. He tells Sally about how bad Stephanie looked during her conversation with Dr. Fetter. He hung around to see if he could help her through the bad news the doctor gave her and that's when she freaked out at him. Massimo has never seen her this way in all the years they've known each other. Hah and the only thing Massimo did hear Stephanie says is "Eric can't lose his son." Oh how ambiguous and easy to misconstrue.

Sally asks if Ridge's surgery went okay. Massimo says it went fine and in fact he regained consciousness. Sally speculates that maybe something unrelated to the accident is wrong with Ridge. Doctors do a multitude of tests and perhaps they found something like I don't know a tumor. Massimo isn't sure why Stephanie would want to keep that a secret.

Brooke is at her house stoking the fire when she glances at the liquor on the table and remembers her first kiss/sexual experience with Deacon. Please, no more flashbacks. She wonders what she was thinking when she hopped in the sack with him. She says that is important. The important thing is that he's divorcing Bridget and wonders if it's happening now. Just then, Bridget runs and says Ridge has been in an accident. Brooke is shocked and asks if he's okay. Bridget says he is and Taylor and the rest of the family are there with him. Brooke is relieved, but surprisingly turns down a ride to the hospital with Bridget. Brooke says she'd be in the way there. Bridget wants to know why. Brooke explains she'll go over when things have calmed down tomorrow. Bridget says that Brooke really is over him, but can't believe it happened so fast. Brooke says it took her years to realize the whole idea with Ridge was an illusion. If she had learned about the way love is supposed to be when she was Bridget's age, she wouldn't have gone through so much pain. She tells Bridget some relationships aren't meant to be and you can't always fix them. Hmm, subtle hints about Bridget's marriage here. Randomly, Bridget says she wants to change her major from pre-med to biology or chemistry. I think you can get into to med-school with almost any major if you have taken certain required classes. Brooke is shocked. Apparently Bridget wants an easier major so she can focus on her marriage more. She hasn't been fair to Deacon who's been more than understanding lately. Brooke tries to get her to change her mind. Bridget says she's going to make her marriage last.

At the beach house, Amber tells Deacon he missed his last visit with Eric. Deacon's been busy with Bridget and Brooke, hehe to see him. He tells Amber he's going to ask Bridget for a divorce. Amber is surprised. Deacon explains he doesn't want Bridget to throw her life away, blah blah. Amber sees right through to Brooke on this one and asks Deacon if Brooke finally got to him. Amber wonders what threat she used to get him to do that. Deacon defends Miss Logan and says they both agreed on what was best for Bridget. Amber can't believe those two agreed on something. Deacon says she isn't a monster and they have a lot in common. Amber says that's ridiculous. Amber wants to know exactly what they have in common. Well for starters, they've both been hurt by people they love. Oh ho, nice one Deacon. Amber says that isn't fair, but Deacon says he's not trying to lay a guilt trip or anything on her. He just needs to move on with his life. Amber doesn't want to think about Deacon and Brooke having major chitchats. Deacon says Brooke's an incredible woman. Amber is impressed with Brooke's effect on men.

I guess Brooke called Deacon over to her house in a panic, which means Amber left and so did Bridget. Brooke says he has to end it tonight. Deacon wants to know what's going on. She fills him in on Bridget's change in major and the reason for it. Deacon is pretty pissed off. Brooke says she tried to convince her not to do it, but she wouldn't listen. He says he can do it tomorrow, somewhere neutral where they have no history. He promises to be gentle with her. He promises to never bother her family again and she'll never have to see him again. She says they shouldn't think about that and then start making out hardcore. Ah the love and betrayal. Have a good Tuesday!