B&B Update Monday 11/12/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/12/01

By Matthew

Well, I picked up B&B a little late because of the news preemptions, but here's what I've got..

Stephanie is making Dr. Fetter promise to not tell anyone that Ridge isn't Eric's son. Remember she found out because of conflicting blood types on Friday. Dr. Fetter promises not to tell anyone. She knows this will devastate Ridge, Eric, and the entire family. She knows Ridge has always wanted to be like Eric and recalls when he told them he wanted to be a designer, just like daddy. By the way Massimo is listening in on all this. Yikes. Dr. Fetter tries to comfort Stephanie. Dr. Fetter tells her to calm down because Ridge will be waking up soon and will need her. She says this news will only hurt them, and Dr. Fetter promises again not to tell a soul. Massimo doesn't look pleased.

Ridge wakes up apparently a commercial break before and Taylor runs over to his bed in joy. She asks him if he's in pain. He doesn't say much and Taylor runs to get the doctor. Thorne asks him how he is and tells him he got in a fight with a sword and lost big time. Eric asks him if Massimo did this to him. Ridge says he didn't, it was his own dumb fault. He says he still is a bastard though. Ridge asks where Stephanie is. Thorne says he'll go get her. Ridge asks Eric if he is okay. Eric says he's fine now that Ridge is okay. Ridge says he heard what Eric says and he feels the same way. He says he loves him. Aww, how sweet.

Dr. Fetter gets paged and he leaves Stephanie down in the lab, but not before giving her a hug. What a nice doctor. Stephanie talks to herself and says the biological aspect doesn't matter. Eric and Ridge's bond can't be broken. She stumbles out the door and sees Massimo waiting for her. Apparently he didn't hear all the conversation because he wants to know what is wrong with Ridge. Stephanie tells him he has to leave now. He tries to talk to her, but she loses it and screams out for him to leave right now. He leaves and Stephanie looks like she's going to have a stroke. Well.it has been a rough day for everybody.

See you tomorrow...