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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/9/01

By Matthew

Whew, here's a great recap..

Oh geez, Ridge is being pulled down a hallway on a gurney. The paramedics are working on him fiercely. Ridge has lost a lot of blood and is unresponsive. They page a surgeon down and while they've been holding the wound, he's still losing blood. Dr. Fetter is busy talking a lot of medical jargon I don't understand and then a nurse tells Massimo to leave the emergency room so they can work. He does but watches from outside. Ridge had better get some blood and fast.

Back at Café Russe, Stephanie is marveling at how good her food is. She ordered it because she loved it on the cruise ship. Eric asks her where she 'll go next time. Stephanie isn't sure, but she can call Pam (her sister) and see if she wants to do it again. Eric was talking about them taking a vacation. Stephanie says Eric hasn't taken a vacation in forever, except for his numerous honeymoons. Eric says they are definitely going somewhere, and Ridge can handle everything while they are gone. She says maybe they could, once Ridge calms down about Massimo. He's pretty calm right now. She says she doesn't understand why Ridge is walking around with so much anger when everything turned out okay. Eric says it didn't from Brooke's perspective. Stephanie says it is nice to see Ridge and Taylor happy again. You know they've had a rough year.

Massimo asks the nurse if they are going to operate on Ridge. Basically he gets nothing but "They're doing the best we can." crap. Massimo then calls Stephanie's cell phone. At Russe, Eric thinks he sees some dude named Brian and his wife, but can't remember her name. Stephanie doesn't know who Brian is so wouldn't know his wife either. Her phone is ringing this whole time. Eric chastises her that her phone is ringing. Apparently that's a restaurant no-no. She says she is so embarrassed because she thought it was on vibrate. Massimo says Ridge has been in an accident and he is with him at Cedars. He tells Stephanie to get there as fast as she can. Cue in a shocked looked from Stephanie and dramatic "something bad is happening" music and roll the credits.

At Ridge and Taylor's, Thorne is visiting and sharing a glass of wine with Taylor. She tells him about how Ridge told Brooke once and for all they weren't going to be together. She says she should have had more faith in their marriage, but she panicked especially when she thought of telling the kids their dad was gone. Taylor says that she knows Ridge loves her, but up until a few weeks ago she had always wondered, in the back of her head, what if Brooke goes after Ridge? Now, she knows what will happen. She says she's glad it happened, even her mistake in being apart of that hare brained scheme. Now she knows that nothing can take Ridge away from her. Oh, the irony.

Thorne and Taylor toast and Taylor thanks Thorne. After all, he's partially responsible for fixing the situation. He told Taylor to trust her husband. Thorne thought it was obvious because Ridge would never leave such a great woman. Ridge isn't that dumb. Taylor tells him that Ridge went to see Massimo. Thorne can't believe Ridge would do something like that. He wonders what there is left to talk about. Taylor says they are both worried about Stephanie. When she's around Massimo she becomes a totally different person. Throne wants to know what's the deal with those two. Apparently they were close way back when but Stephanie hasn't mentioned at all over the years. Taylor thinks she didn't mention just to spare Eric's feelings. It's like she's ashamed of her relationship with Massimo, but still cares for him deeply. Thorne doesn't think he'll be around much longer if Ridge has anything to say about it. He's also glad Ridge is protecting Stephanie rather than Brooke. Taylor says she doesn't care anymore. She's settled are her insecurities with Brooke. She says the little mistrust she had with Ridge was keeping them apart without her knowing it. Now that it is settled she's excited about their future and watching their kids grow up and stuff. Suddenly I feel really bad for Thorne who has no woman or any kids. Taylor says she's going to appreciate every minute of their future together.

Eric and Stephanie get off the elevator at the hospital. They find a nurse who says he's in surgery and in critical condition because of his blood loss. They want to know what happened. The nurse only says that he was in an accident and either lacerated the carotid or the big ol' jugular vein. That shocks the hell out of them and Eric asks if they know which one. No, but the surgeon will find out during surgery and repair it. Stephanie asks if he could bleed to death. Eric suggests they give blood for Ridge. The nurse likes that idea since Ridge is gonna need a transfusion. Eric goes with the nurse to do that while Stephanie hangs around to call Taylor.

Wow it's Catherine! Haven't seen her in a real long time. She tells Taylor the kids are all tucked in. Taylor asks Thorne to read Thomas a bedtime story. He's all about that and then the phone rings. It's Stephanie and she sounds upset. She tells Taylor Ridge is in surgery there at Cedars. Taylor freaks out.

Down at the blood donation lab, the nurse shows Eric to the door. He is about to go in, but sees Massimo in the waiting area. Massimo tries to talk to him, but Eric throws his coffee aside and grabs Massimo wanting to know what he did to his son. Anger management time!! Massimo demands Eric take his hands off him. Eric accuses him of trying to kill Ridge. Massimo explains Ridge did it to his own foolish self. He says he's a hothead like Eric. He goes on to say Ridge destroyed his office and if he hadn't called the paramedics, Ridge would be dead. He says if he had an ounce of self-control this whole thing would have been avoided. Eric counters that if Massimo would have gone away this wouldn't have happen. I'm waiting for a fistfight to start, because these two guys are mad as hell. Eric says tonight Stephanie finds out what Massimo is really like.

Back upstairs, the nurse and Dr. Fetter, the surgeon talks to Stephanie. Fortunately, Ridge is out of surgery and stable. He didn't slice his jugular, but the carotid was severed. It's repaired now, but since it carries blood to the brain, there is some concern over how Ridge will be affected by this. The doctor doesn't expect any problems, but you know how things happen. They won't know the extent of the damage, if any, until after he wakes up. Another bad thing that could happen is Ridge's body forming blood clots, since he's lost a lot of blood. Those clots can lead to strokes and you know what those can do. Stephanie seems overwhelmed by all this. She wants to see him, which is cool with Doc Fetter.

In Ridge's room, Stephanie walks in to see him hooked up to a ventilator and not looking so hot. She kisses him and tells him he's had surgery, but is going to be just fine. She tells him Eric is giving blood for him, but he' ll be up soon and so will Taylor. Speaking of her, Taylor walks in and is really upset at seeing Ridge like this. She hugs him and cries along with Stephanie. Whew.

She leaves them alone and walks out of the room. Eric and Thorne walk up with Dr. Fetter who explains Ridge could wake up at anytime and then they will have a much better idea if he has any permanent brain damage. Looks like Eric has given blood, so his altercation with Massimo was cut short. Thorne hugs Stephanie. Stephanie says she saw him and Taylor's in with him, but he looks so pale. Thorne and Eric go in to see Ridge and Stephanie goes down to give blood. Eric tells her not to give up on Ridge.

Taylor talks to Ridge about how scared she was on her way over there. She tells him he isn't going anywhere. Taylor believes that now and says she'll wait for him to come back.

Stephanie walks with Dr. Fetter to give blood, but Massimo stops them and needs to talk to Stephanie. The doctor goes on in. He asks about Ridge. Stephanie explains they don't know much now and wants to know how this happened. Massimo says it was accident. Stephanie gets this NASTY look on her face and asks if he is telling her the truth. Of course he is, he knows how important Ridge is to her and wouldn't hurt him. He asks her if she believes him. She says it doesn't matter right now, because she is too worried about Ridge. It does matter to Massimo, who knows how she has sacrificed for Ridge. He realizes now that they could have never been together. Stephanie can't talk about this right now. Massimo says that's fine and he's going to go. The doctor comes out with the paper work for Stephanie.

And then, the weirdest thing... The doctor says it turns out Eric's blood is incompatible with Ridge's. I thought that was unusual but the doctor says it happens. Ridge just got all his blood from Stephanie. He says that Stephanie must be a B or and AB. Stephanie says she's an O. Hey me too! The doctor says that can't be right, but says they can figure it out in there. Stephanie says she knows her blood type. Since it's universal donor type, the Red Cross is probably always calling her up at 8AM on Saturday morning to give!! Okay, that was for me. The doctor says if Stephanie isn't an B or AB, and neither is Eric, then Eric couldn't possibly be Ridge's dad. Oh geez!! Apparently she and Massimo didn't just go out. Whoops. Be careful writers, there's no turning back. This is probably that important discovery they were talking about.

Y'all have a great weekend!!

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