B&B Update Thursday 11/08/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/8/01

By  Matthew

Hey everybody! It's almost the weekend, so there should be a terrible accident soon..

Up at Café Russe, Eric and Stephanie are having a nice dinner. Stephanie looks pretty good too. Some days she looks younger than others. Stephanie pulls out her cell phone to call Ridge, but Eric stops her and says Ridge will be fine, unless Massimo is capable of harming him. Stephanie says he wouldn't. Charles walks up and suggests a wine, but Eric is there for the champagne. Stephanie is confused, what's this all about? Eric says that's the point. They haven't done anything special lately, and he wants to change that. Stephanie says she loves Café Russe, but thinks it ironic, because they wouldn't be there tonight if it weren't for Massimo. She thinks she should write him a thank you card. That doesn't bother Eric, on the surface, even agrees with her. Massimo made him realize he's been ignoring Stephanie lately. He's been so focused on the children and their problems he's forgotten about the good things. Stephanie says that's cool, but this wasn't necessary. Eric makes a joke about how he wishes he had known that because he's missing football. She says she isn't high maintenance and doesn't need a lot of attention. Eric agrees, but says the family does need attention and Massimo would say Stephanie is doing everything and risking her health and happiness.

Eric says he remembers back when they first knew each other and how carefree Stephanie was. Stephanie says she would have been kidding herself if she thought a life with Massimo would have been all fun. Massimo didn't know what he wanted to do or where he wanted to be. She says it wouldn't have worked out. Eric says she must have thought about marrying him. Stephanie says at 17 she wasn't thinking about marriage at all. Damn straight! Eric asks Stephanie how she feels after all these years, about getting pregnant so young. Does she have any regrets? Stephanie doesn't answer, but thinks they got married too young. So many people were worried about them and then Ridge was born. She remembers when they put Ridge as a newborn in Eric's hand and how Eric looked. She knew everything would be all right then. Eric remembers that no matter how hard the day was at the shop, coming home to see Ridge sleeping made everything okay. Stephanie finally answers Eric by saying if she hadn't married him, they wouldn't have the kids and the kids wouldn't have Eric. She knows they've caused each other pain, but the joy out weighs that ten-fold. Eric says the only regret he has is all the sacrifices he didn't make. They share a tender moment and Eric thanks Stephanie. They get up and dance.

Brooke is looking at some dresses or something in her office, and in walks Taylor. I haven't seen her in a while. She's still pretty hot, but she has a bump and bandage on her head. Apparently she had a biking accident in Aspen. Okay, for the record, they were in Aspen the whole time. The closed captioned that one time must have typed Athens by mistake the other day. Anyways, I wonder what Hunter Tylo was doing that caused that nasty bump. Or maybe, this was just a part of the script. Hmm. Brooke is surprised that Taylor came by so soon after getting back, but she knew she would come over to rub in the fact that her marriage is solid. Taylor says she had it all wrong. She just wanted to come by and ask her how she's been doing. Brooke brings up some choice words Taylor used to describe Brooke before. Taylor says they said things they both regret. Brooke asks her if she regrets destroying her family. Taylor says that was a mistake, but Brooke doesn't think she's sincere. Taylor asks her if she has spoken with her dad. Taylor tells her that if it helps, her dad was trying to get her isolated from Ridge, to help her. Brooke doesn't want to talk about it and Taylor is cool with that. She hopes she does have someone to confide in. Brooke wonders who that could be; Taylor and Stephanie have practically destroyed all the relationships she has. Brooke almost slips by saying Deacon had sympathy for her, but stops short. Taylor wants to know who it is. Brooke says it isn't a Forrester and Taylor thinks that's good because she needs a fresh perspective.

In Massimo's office Ridge is not having a nice chat with Massimo. Ridge wants to wipe Massimo's smile off his face. Massimo wonders what Ridge could really do. Threats and insults don't bother him. It's also difficult to make him mad. He says Ridge is acting out of ignorance. Ridge can't believe that, because he is all knowing. Massimo says he doesn't know anything about him or why he does the things that he does. Apparently, Ridge does know why: Massimo hates Eric. He thinks this is some revenge ploy for stealing Stephanie away all those years ago. Massimo says that's BS and he has better things to do. So does Ridge. Massimo points out he have a beautiful wife and kids who he should be with now. Ridge is warning Massimo, he wants him to stay the hell away from his family and Brooke. Massimo can't believe he still defends her after everything. Ridge says he doesn't have a clue what he has done to the Logan family. How does Mass justify that? He says war is never pretty. Hah! Ridge wonders why he is involved in all this. What's in it for him? Mass says he has nothing to gain; he did it for Stephanie. We find out Massimo is in love with ol' Stephanie. Sorry, Sally. Ridge can't believe that he said that. Ridge says he's behind in the game and missed his chance because Stephanie is more than happy now. Massimo thought that too, until he came to town and saw Stephanie in what I like to call "Post-Brooke Syndrome." She was shaking so bad and said she feared for her life. That's what Mass did all this, and doesn't regret anything.

Again Ridge warns him to stay away from the family. Massimo says it's cool because he doesn't have time for all the Forrester dramas. I can understand that perfectly. I'd run away screaming. But.if Stephanie calls Mass he'll be there for her. Ridge is sure she won't, after all, Stephanie's pretty tough. That's Massimo's point, Stephanie wasn't always this way. She still has her grace and charm, but used to be so carefree and independent; no fear at all. Now, however, she's disillusioned and is happy for any caring she gets from Eric. I mean, she gave up everything for him and then he shoved her aside for Brooke and some others. Yeah maybe they worked it out, but it took its toll on her. Massimo will never forgive Eric for that. He says she needs to live her life to the fullest. Ridge assumes he means with him. Massimo has no problems with that because it'd be a step up from Eric. Uh-oh. Ridge can't believe he's criticizing Eric. Massimo has lead a pathetic life with many many women. Well that's not really pathetic, just different. Hah!

The shot of Massimo in front of one of his boats on the theme song is also in his office and it's pretty big. Massimo says that Eric would be nothing without Stephanie. She'd have a great life if she weren't with that fool of a man. Ouch! Ridge says this isn't about her, it's about him. She picked someone else and now he needs to get over it. Massimo thinks her decision was rash at the time. However, she was in love with him then. Massimo wants he and Eric to let Stephanie go to experience life. Ridge says he doesn't want her. Massimo sees through that. If she had no feelings for him Ridge wouldn't be there. Massimo could take her away from all this stress in LA. Ridge picks up one of his model yachts and heads toward Massimo. Massimo tries to get him to calm down. Then Ridge goes psycho and starts breaking it over the desk and destroys it. He then finds the samurai sword and goes after Massimo, but not really. Really, he goes after the office and goes even more psycho. I see a terrible accident ensue. The sword gets caught up behind and above Ridge's head, whatever the workmen were working on apparently. It's a large wooden fixture and it comes crashing down on Ridge with the sword up on his neck. Owwww!! The fixture wasn't the real culprit, but the sword was. Ridge's neck looks pretty sliced. Massimo better call an ambulance and fast! It all makes sense now. The workman warned Massimo to be careful yesterday, because they weren't done yet. Gotta love that.

Whoa geez. This could be really bad for Ridge and Massimo. Tune in tomorrow!!