B&B Update Wednesday 11/07/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/7/01

 By Matthew

Oh god, I think I can make it to the weekend.  What’s going on in the world of LA? Read on…

Well looks who dropped back into town.  Ridge is back and apparently his trip, wherever, went well.  I thought he went to Aspen, but then we found out he was in Athens.  Maybe they went all over the place. Anyways, he’s catching up with Stephanie and Eric, in Eric’s office.  Eric says things have been going well in spite of Ridge’s absence.  Ridge asks him if he needs a vacation and Brooke as well.  Well Brooke’s been a no-show the last few days and Megan told Stephanie that Brooke is acting strangely.  Stephanie doesn’t know if she’s up to something, but is aware she’s keeping her distance.  Ridge can’t blame Brooke for that after all she’s been through lately.  He hopes she has someone to confide in. Stephanie wonders if she could with anyone whose last name isn’t Forrester.  How about Sharpe?  Ridge didn’t like that comment, and probably wouldn’t like my comment either.  He says at some point Stephanie is going to apologize to Brooke in person or by letter.  Stephanie is like “I can’t believe you just asked me to do that. Are you on crack?”  No, he isn’t Stephanie, but he’s mad at the problems you caused in the Logan family.  Stephanie says it was justified after what Brooke did to their family.  Besides, Stephanie thinks she’ll forgive ol’ Stephen for lying and all will be well.  Not so fast, apparently while Ridge was in Paris Beth was about to divorce Stephen.  Stephanie finds it interesting, but irrelevant to the situation at hand.  Ridge says nothing justified what Stephanie and Massimo did to Brooke.  Ridge wants to know where all this integrity is that Stephanie refers to so often.  Now he and Stephanie start going at it.  He tells her he doesn’t want her to see Massimo anymore but he’s come between her and the family and Eric.  Stephanie says Massimo saved his marriage.  Ridge thinks that comment is an insult to him and Taylor.  I mean, they are adults and can work out their problems.  Stephanie gets mad and says she’s the parent and he had better not try to tell her who her friends are.  Eric steps in and says Massimo isn’t much of a friend to the family.  Stephanie tells him to not be so jealous.  Stephanie says Brooke isn’t a threat anymore, because of Massimo.  He actually took action, unlike Eric and Ridge who can’t do anything for themselves.  After that last comment, Stephanie was outta there. 

Ridge can’t believe how his mother defends Massimo all the time.  I think he wants to deck him again.  Eric says he doesn’t know what they should do about the situation, but knows his influence over Stephanie is powerful.  Eric is worried, because he didn’t think Stephanie could be that vulnerable to another man.  Ridge wants to know if Stephanie is in love with Massimo. Eric isn’t sure and assumes Stephanie isn’t sure either.  Eric says he tried to talk to Stephanie as well as Massimo about this, but ends up sounding like a jealous teenager. He’s given up on that.  Ridge tells him not to sink to Massimo’s level.  He’s going to teach Massimo a lesson.  Eric tries to stop him, but Ridge stalks out.  Oh boy!  I wonder if this is the confrontation that was supposed to happen?

Oh god!  They’re in bed AGAIN!  I thought once was bad enough, but twice seems much more forbidden.  Yeah Brooke’s bed has been a-hopin’ the last few days.  She and Deacon are in each other arms and kissing.  He tells her last night was incredible.  Brooke tells him he has to leave and she’s on the rebound, well maybe.  Brooke wonders what else this could be.  Deacon says it isn’t just sex, that’s for damn sure.  Again Brooke says it was wrong and Deacon agrees, but geez I doubt that will change anything.  Brooke puts her head on Deacon’s chest.  I can’t help but wonder if Brooke has really thought about how Bridget’s head has been there just nights before.  Yuck.  Hello, Jerry Springer.  Brooke says she kinda regrets what happened, but not.  Deacon wonders why they feel this way.  Brooke doesn’t want to analyze what’s going on there.  Brooke says if anyone had told her this was going to happen she would have said they were crazy.  Deacon says he is at peace when he is around her.  Brooke says she lost a war that has spanned 3 decades.  My god, it’s been a long time.  Brooke says everyone thinks her behavior has been sick and pathetic.  Brooke beats herself up some more and Deacon defends her some more.  He says she went after what she wanted with all she had which is impressive.  Yeah yeah.  Again consider the source here Brooke.  He tells her there is someone out there who understands her better than Ridge.  Deacon seems to be hinting it’s him, but Brooke doesn’t quite realize it until she looks at him.  Oh no…not just sex, she’s going to steal her daughter’s husband. 

In Massimo’s office, I think, some work guys are doing repairs or whatever.  Massimo looks pretty tired, but allows Sally to come in and see him.  Massimo has a pretty feisty, secretary/assistant named Heidi who doesn’t care for Sally much.  The feeling is mutual with Sally.  Heidi is pretty blunt by asking Massimo if he really wants to see “that woman.”  In walks Sally who says he really DOES want to see “that woman.”  I thought that was pretty funny.  Sally is impressed with Massimo’s (new?) office or at least some of the changes that have been going on.  Massimo welcomes her to his inner sanctum and they hug.  Heidi is like “remember me? I’m still here.”  Sally asks her if she needs to be doing something like taking a letter.  Sally says she can handle Massimo’s dictation.  Heidi reminds Massimo of a conference call in an hour.  Sally promises not to keep him very long, so he can prepare and tells Heidi she can go off and do something blonde. HAH!  Heidi gets the workman to help her with something outside.  Sally loves his decorator.  She asks him about a samurai sword that General Nakamura gave him as a gift for a big business deal.  Sally says the security guards in his building were easy to get by; it was Heidi who scared her.  Massimo asks her why she is pretending not to care. Sally asks him if he wants her to stop pretending.  Massimo says there are times when he can’t read Sally.  He did think, just then, she seemed vulnerable. Sally tries to tough it out, but saying she isn’t ever vulnerable.  She changes the subject by asking about Stephanie.  Massimo talked to her just this morning, apparently.  Sally finds out Massimo called her and I think is a little disappointed.  Massimo explains how dear Stephanie is to him, but she is married.  Massimo still hasn’t gotten over how he lost Stephanie so many years ago, but he isn’t pining away for her anymore.  They finish their talk pleasantly, but Massimo explaining Sally is more important to him than she realizes.

After Sally leaves, Ridge knocks on Massimo’s door.  Ridge said “Mass” made his first mistake by letting Ridge up there to his office.  Well, Ridge it wouldn’t have been any fun if Massimo had cowered behind his guards.  Massimo asks Ridge if he’s threatening him.  Ridge says he’ll do whatever it takes to get Massimo out of LA.  Hmm, murder? Eh, I doubt it, at least not first degree.  Soaps are big on 2nd degree murder, except for the evil characters. 

Eric is outside of his office, and Stephanie comes up asking him why Ridge left in a huff and where he was going.  Eric says he suspects he went to see Massimo.  Stephanie wants to know why he didn’t stop him.  Ridge is a grown up, darling, an over the hill grown up.  He’s like almost 50 is real life, geez.  The ages of some of these actors compared with the ages of their characters confuses me at times.  Eric says they have an appointment and have to leave now.  Stephanie looks surprised, but Eric tells her he’s going to focus on her and him now.     

Here’s some more news apparently Erik Estrada is going to be coming into town as Tony’s dad next week. Sounds pretty cool, but I have to wonder if he’ll be riding in on a motorcycle.  Bye!