B&B Update Tuesday 11/06/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/6/01

By Matthew

Brooke is walking around her house on pins and needles because sheís worried about Bridget. I think she also feels guilty about her activities with Deacon or sheís just worried Bridget will find out.  She wonders why she hasnít called her yet.  Then Brooke flashes back to some foreplay between her and Deacon.  Yikes!  Brooke canít believe she slept with Deacon.  She admits it was wrong, but itís irrelevant because Deacon will end the marriage with Bridget and then she will come home.  Suddenly the lady of the hour, Bridget, comes in the door.  She seems a little sad.  Brooke thinks Deacon has told her the marriage is over, but I donít think itís that simple Brooke.  Hehe.  Brooke says she isnít upset with Bridget and that is isnít her fault.  Bridget disagrees and says she needs to start taking responsibility for things.  Slowly we find out that Bridget bombed her first big test in one of her classes.  Donít worry Bridget, you can pull it up!  Bridgetís mad at herself for not studying.  What!? I at least studied for mine.  She says she was too busy trying to get in the sorority to focus on her work.  Brooke is completely taken aback. (and probably glad she didnít spill the beans)  Bridget thinks that Deacon told Brooke about her nasty F.  She says he seemed spacey over the phone and thinks he is bummed about it too.  Brooke tries to tell Bridget something, but Bridget says she has to get home and study for another test she has tomorrow.  She promises to buckle down and Brooke will never see anything but Aís.  Ah, we can all dream.  Brooke lets her go home, but promises theyíll talk later.  After Bridget leaves, Brooke calls Deacon. 

Apparently the phone call to Deacon was to get his butt over to Brookeís house, because in he walks.  Brooke asks him if he tried to tell Bridget.  Deacon says he couldnít do it.  He tried, but Bridget is a popular and busy girl and there just wasnít time.  Brooke says itís okay.  She tells him Bridget was just here, but she couldnít tell her either.  Deacon asks what they can do.  Brooke says they canít give up and offers to tell Bridget herself.  Deacon says Bridget will hate Brooke forever if she does that so heís going to do it. He says for the first time he realizes how wrong his marriage to Bridget is.  (They say sex clears your head)  Brooke wants to handle it, because she knows what it is like.  Deacon doesnít buy that and think Brooke is protecting him and wants to know why.  Brooke thinks she can be gentler with Bridget when she tells her the marriage is over.  Deacon still doesnít buy it.  Brooke just wants to spare Deacon the pain of having to see Bridgetís face as she is told.  Brooke had to go through that with Thorne.  Deacon again says heís going to do it, because he cares about Brooke.  Brooke wonders why they feel this way about each other.  Deacon moves to Brooke, but she backs up.  But whoops, they kiss anyways.  Yuck. 

At the ďhouse,Ē Amber greets Stephanie at the door.  Amber says sheís the luckiest woman in the world and Stephanie asks her if she and Rick are still together.  Yay! They are, but Amber isnít out of the woods yet.  I guess she has to suck up for the next 3 years or something.  She says heís only with her for the babyís sake, but Stephanie says that will change.  Stephanie wants her to take all this one day at a time.  Eventually sheíll win back his trust and love.  Well, I think he still loves her, so just work on the trust Amber.  (I guess sheíd get an F in that?)  Amber reveals she has something planned for her and Rick tonight.  Stephanie asks whatís up.  Amber says itís just something in appreciation of Rick.  She asks her if she can watch Eric for her.  Stephanie agrees to and wants to know if sheís taking Rick out.  Nah, itís more of an in-house dinner tonight.  Amber is cooking.  Stephanie tells her to slow down with all this and not push Rick.  Amber tells her that isnít her style.  Stephanie thinks that this isnít the best time to force sex on Rick.  I cracked up when she spelled sex out.  Amber thinks this will show him how much he means to her.  Stephanie claims the timing isnít right, but Amber thinks that if that is true, then itís up to Amber to make it right. 

Down in Thorneís office, Rick walks in look a little less pissy.  He says heís still married.  Thorne tells him heíll get pass this, but Rick is only sure heís having a baby.  Rick says he forgave Amber.  He even admits that he believes Amber doesnít love Deacon anymore.  He isnít even mad anymore, just sad and disappointed.  I can actually understand where Rick is coming from today.  He says life goes on, but he wonít be able to see Amber in the same way.  Well, Ridge said that about Taylor and heís just getting back from a vacation with her, so maybe itíll be okay.   

Rick comes home to a house full of candles and sensual music.  I take it Stephanie left.  Geez, the writers make me infer too much! Rick looks kinda surprised by all this.  Amber walks out in a pretty nightgown or maybe itís a dress, but isnít revealing at all.  Her hair looks pretty decent too, not frizzy, just down and simple.  Rick doesnít look in the mood.  They just look at each other for a minute and then Amber offers to poor Rick some wine, although sheís just having water.  It took me a minute to remember sheís pregnant.  He says she shouldnít have done this.  She asks him if he already had dinner. Nah, Rick didnít stop off at the Jack-in-the-Box for a burger tonight.  He says heíll just get something out of the fridge, but alas, Amber tells him itís empty.  He tells her he isnít and may never be ready for this.  She says they are still married and although she wonít win his trust overnight, they have to start somewhere.  Rick says he wouldnít put Amber out of the street while sheís carrying his child.  Amber says thatíd be better than being around someone who hates her.  Rick says he doesnít hate her, but Amber thinks he canít stand the sight of her.  He just canít stand the memories.  Amber tells him to remember the good ones.  Rick says they hurt more than the bad ones and leaves to go to bed.  Amber asks him to just stay and have dinner.  Rick tells her nothing will happen, but Amber knows that.  Amber just wants to spend time with him and be his wife.  She wants to ease his heartache.  Rick says she caused his heartache.  Amber makes a good point but saying sheís the only one who can ease it, since she hurt it in the first place.  Rick looks like heís going to change his mind.  In fact, he does and we start off with them finishing, I guess, he first course.  Rick looks uncomfortable and wants to go cut the roast, but Amber tells him itís not ready. Mmm, roast.  Rick gets up to leave, because itís not going to work.  Amber tells him she wonít hurt him anymore.  Rick is like yeah thatís true, because he doesnít care.  Amber asks him to pretend heís sitting next to their baby instead of her.  Rick agrees to it.  She asks him what heíd say to their baby.  Rick says heís tell her (the baby), he loves her and yada yada. Amber says she would tell the baby sheís going to be secure and to not be afraid of her mother as a role model.  Sheís going to teach her a lot.  Itís a pretty sweet scene and she and Rick get really teary.  

Bridget stops by Thorneís office.  She tells him about how she messed up on her test today.  He asks her about her home life.  She says itís cool and tells him about how Deacon treats her well.  She also tells him Deaconís wanted to talk to her for a while now, but they have both been so busy for it lately.  Bridget says she will make time for him tonight, but it wonít be for talking.  Thorne gets these huge bug eyes and Bridget remembers she IS talking to her half-bro.  Thorne is surprised that the two are so close.  He doesnít trust the guy.  Bridget tells him that Deacon is trying to make her happy and will never let her down. Yeah, whatever. 

Damn, no accidents today either.  See ya tomorrow.