B&B Update Monday 11/05/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/5/01

By Matthew

Well according to scoops thereís going to be a confrontation, terrible accident, and an unbelievable discover.Hmm, I wonder.

Well we start off today at Brookeís house.Sheís peacefully waking up in her bed and then horribly shocked as she sees Deacon in bed with her.Haha, she finally remembers what happened last night.Deacon says itís his fault, but Brooke says it wasnít.She and Deacon both agree that no one can know about what happened between them.Deacon says they were just two hurting people reaching out to each other.Umm, okay.Brooke reminds him he is married to her daughter.Well not after today, sweetheart.Brookeís got more clothes on now, and asks Deacon to be gentle, but resolute with Bridget today. Deacon says last night never happened.Brooke says it did, but she doesnít know why.The more important thing right now is Bridget and being there for her.Deacon says he wonít let her down.

After Deacon leaves, Megan pops on over to say hi to Brooke and catch up on business.She tells Brooke she gave several groups the day off, especially since Ridge isnít getting back from Athens until tonight.But really the main reason was to give Brooke a mental health day.Geez, I need one of those big time.Megan knows Brooke hasnít been herself since she got the major thumbs done from Ridge.Brooke says sheís over and done with Ridge.Megan can either smell sex or read Brooke very well because she suspects that someone is upstairs.Brooke admits she had a one-night stand, but doesnít tell Megan who it is.She does tell her the most important thing to her right now is Bridget.Megan realizes Brooke is still upset about their marriage.I mean Bridget is an adult right?But not mature enough according to Brooke.I still donít know about all this, but what can you do?Brooke reveals that Deacon is putting an end to his marriage as they speak.Megan feels bad for Bridget, but Brooke says she knows Bridget has to be with someone who truly loves her.After last night, Brooke knows it isnít Deacon.I still donít get how last night happened.Maybe with lots of alcohol, but they barely had any.If I couldnít control myself anymore than they do, Iíd check myself into a mental hospital pronto.

At the main house, Thorne and Stephanie are talking about Rick and Amber.Stephanie says they slept in the same house, just not in the same bed.Amber is in the doghouse so sheís out on the couch.Stephanie is confident they will get past all this in spite of Rickís anger.Thorne isnít so sure.Stephanie says he really shouldnít be this mad.Thorne is totally understanding, I mean, Rick did catch her kissing another man.Oh but she was saying goodbye. Thorne asks her if she really believes that.Of course she does.She knows Amber is totally committed to Rick.Thorne doesnít think so at all.He got the impression Rick was giving Amber the boot.Stephanie canít believe heíd say that.I still donít think she knows the whole story. Thorne says he understands what Rick is going through, because he went through it with Brooke.Stephanie is stunned and says there is no comparison between the two.Stephanie says Brooke canít love anyone (but herself) and Rick and Amber are too compatible to break up now.Later on, Thorne has to jet and offers Stephanie a ride to work.Stephanie says she can drive herself, but Thorne sees she just wants to find out what happens with Rick and Amber.Stephanie admits thatís true, but only because she cares about them so much.If they can get over this last hurdle, theyíll be set.Easier said then done.

On the couch in the ďhouseĒ Amber recalls when Rick says that after all these years he realized that Amber is not worth his love.Amber really looks in pain here.She asks him if Eric is up.Not yet, because he didnít sleep too well.Amber says she heard him crying.Rickís being a little bitch and asks Amber if that surprises her.Eric knows something wrong, but is she going to lie to him too?Amber changes the subject by asking him about what he wanted to tell her last night.Ahh, now it makes sense.I was getting confused about the end of that conversation, since we left off at that point Friday.Rick says she isnít going to like it any more this morning than last night.Amber says she canít lose Rick this way.Amber pleads with him to believe that she is not in love with Deacon.Rick asks her why she said that at the Lair then.Another good question.Then he says it doesnít matter because there will always be some other guy.He lists Raymond, C.J., and Deacon.Well now, C.J. was with Amber after Rick and her broke up the first time, so thatís not a good example.Yes, Raymond was a no-no.He apologizes for saying hurtful things, but she just canít be faithful to him.Amber asks him if heís going to leave her.Rickís like ďwhy shouldnít I?ĒAmber admits she handled Deacon in a wrong way, but she never slept with him.She tries to convince him she learned her lesson.What is she 5 and she ate cookies before dinner?Geez.Rick isnít a ball of maturity either.Heís done some rather idiotic things in the past, but heís supposed to be all adult now.Okay anyway, long story short, Rick gives Amber another chance, not before she begs a little and then thanks him crazily afterwards.I wonder if this chance is more for their babyís sake than hers?Eh, maybe itíll all work out yet.††

Bridget gets home to see Deacon lightiní up, as I like to call it. (smoking) She asks him if heís okay.He says yea and wants to finish their conversation.Bridget gets a little ticked off and asks him what his problem is.Bridget thinks Deacon is mad at her for leaving him last night to go hang out with her sorority sisters.Deacon says that isnít it, in fact, he wants her to get out and be around people her own age.Well Bridgetís confused, because I think she was sure that was what it was about. She then just shrugs its off and tells the girls Deacon is cool with it.Deacon asks Bridget whatís going on. Apparently the girls are all hanging out in the car waiting to come in.Girlís night out continues into girls day out.Well, out on the beach anyways.Bridget wanted to run all this by Deacon first.Well before Deacon can protest too much Bridgetís friends come tromping in.Deacon tries to get rid of them, but they think itís because he wants to be all kinky with Bridget.I guess heís already stressed and that just unnerved him, so he says to forget about it.Bridget promises to make this up to Deacon as she leaves for the beach with her friends.But the girls canít play all day Betsey has a 1:00 class.Wow,I just sleep all morning if that happens.Different strokesÖ

Hmm, well no accidents, or discoveries, or confrontations yet.Stay tuned!