B&B Update Friday 11/02/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/02/01

By Matthew

Hey itís Friday! Weekend time!  Have a good one.

First off, a little B&B trivia for you.  Last night I saw Dan McVicar (Clarke) on an Orbitz commercial.  Funny I remember Orbitz the drink, but not the travel company.  Pretty neat. 

At Brookeís house, she and Deacon are looking at each other intensely.  He puts his hand on her mouth, eww.  Thatís a good way to catch a cold mister.  They semi-snap out of it and Deacon apologizes.  Brooke says thereís no harm done and besides they really shouldnít be toasting to Bridgetís marriage being kaput.  They change the subject from Bridget to something Deacon needs to tell Brooke.  He doesnít want to overstep his bounds, but he feels he has to say it.  No, really, you donít have to say it.  He says he thinks Ridge is a fool.  He says he doesnít think anyone understands how special Brooke is.  He doesnít see her as immoral, but as a fighter, someone searching for her soul mate.  He likes how she just went after Ridge with no excuses or apologizes.  Of course now this is coming from Deacon who doesnít have a problem with doing things like that to other people, so take this as a grain of salt.  Brooke was just following her heart.  She says Thorne might disagree.  Deacon says she was trying to overcome her feelings but couldnít.  In the end, love is worth fighting for.  All I say is, if you arenít totally sure youíre over someone, and then you shouldnít go after someone not available.  Deacon says they both want a real partnership.  They want a relationship where they both desire each other.  Brooke says she thought she had that with Ridge, but that looking back it wasnít as important to him as it was to her.  She realizes she was wrong.  Brooke tells him itís getting late and that he should go.  Deacon agrees to, and says heíll call her tomorrow about the divorce.  Brooke stops him before he leaves and thanks him again. 

At Thorneís house, Rick and Thorne are talking about what else? Amber.  Thorne says he knows Rick wants to protect Bridget but what if Deacon and Amber are really through.  Rick says that doesnít matter.  Amber lied and threw his trust away.  Her first reaction is always to keep mouth shut and pretend everything is great.  Rick doesnít know how she could let herself get pregnant with all this mess going on in the background.  Thorne said she did it for Rick.  She knew how much he wanted this.  Rick asks what kind of a person gets pregnant to wave off suspicion.  Not a bad question.  Thorne admits Amber has some problems.  Rick says this isnít about Deacon or a kiss.  Itís about the pattern Amber goes through.  Basically, sheís a liar.  Rick thought she would change, but says heís tired of being disappointed. 

Ginger comes over to Rickís house to comfort Amber.  Apparently, Rick hasnít come home and heís not at the main house.  Even Stephanie hasnít seen him.  Ginger suggests he may be at Brookeís house. This doesnít thrill Amber who realizes Brooke must be enjoying all this since she predicted this would happen way back when.  Amber still canít believe Rick thinks sheís trash.  Ginger says they are going to pull through it.  Ginger says she doesnít care how angry he is, Amber is pregnant and Rick wonít abandon her.  Speaking of family, where is Little Eric? I havenít seen him in a while.  Oh geez, are they aging him up?  Amber says she keeps telling herself that, but when she thinks about her mistakes it makes her feel so bad.  Why does she keep doing this to herself? Ginger tells her to not get worked up, for the babyís sake.  Amber tells Ginger that Rick thinks she doesnít even want the baby.  Ginger says that is crazy.  Amber says she tried to talk to him, but it didnít work.  Ginger tells her to try again and not give up.  Amber asks what if Rick has given up.  Could she have pushed him to his breaking point?  She says this could be the end of her relationship with him.  Amber says she ruined the best thing that ever happened to her. 

Rick suddenly tromps in, but he doesnít look so mad.  He asks Ginger if he can talk to Amber alone.  Ginger leaves.  Amber says sheís so glad he came back because  she was so worried.  Rick asks where Eric is.  See? Itís not just me.  Apparently heís asleep in the other room.  Amber has something to show him.  She got the tattoo she got with Deacon removed.  Rick doesnít look impressed.  Amber apologizes again.  Rick just looks at her, and he kinda does look mad now.  He has a pretty good mad face.  Amber asks him if heís going to say anything.  Oh in due time Amber.  Rick says sheís not going to like what he has to say. 

The slumber party continues!  This night is never going to end for us I guess.  Betsey complains about being tired.  I know how you feel, after 11PM, Iím toast. Not!  The girls tease her that itís way too early to be sleepy.  She says she had to write a paper and didnít get much sleep last night.  Neither did Bridget and it isnít because she was doing her paper or getting ahead for midterms. (Midterms?? Itís November! Does their semester end in January or something? I guess it could be a quarter system)  The girls figure out Bridget was fooling around with Deacon.  Julie says she doesnít have to give all the details, but to tell them what itís like to be with an older man.  I hope she doesnít because I really donít want to know.  She says itís incredible, not because of Deaconís age, but their love and trust for each other.  She also says when you are really committed to someone sex isnít just sex; itís a way of expressing yourself.  So did she have sex with someone else before Deacon as a basis for comparison? Hmm.  We get a shot of the fire and then shots of Deacon and Bridget about to go at it.  This is pretty graphic.  A little nudity and this would be on HBO.  Bridget is narrating this whole thing.  She says sex is Deaconís way of saying ďI love you.Ē  Whew.  Bridget says she is the luckiest girl in the world. The other girls look jealous and horny at the same time.  Steamy TV-14 material.

Bridget tries to call Deacon, but he isnít at home.  Yeah.  She says heís probably out with guys.  Bridget decides to call her mom, because she gets worried if she calls the house and no one is there.  Doh!  Mommyís busy, honey.  Again no answer, the machine picks up.  Bridget leaves a message and hopes Brooke isnít at the office.  She wonders where everyone is tonight.   

Later on Brooke stokes the fire and gets ready for bed.  Lo and behold, Deacon sneaks into the bedroom as Brooke stands on the balcony.  He scares her when he speaks.  Slow, seductive music ensues.  Oh boy.  They go back in the bedroom and Deacon starts taking off Brookeís nightgown.  He asks her if she wants him to leave.  No way baby!  They start really making out intensely.  Both Brooke and Deacon have hit a new low.  We get more make out shots.  Okay they kiss well, but thatís all Iím saying.  Then Brooke kinda half straddles half sits on Deaconís lap.  Oh geez!  The background music is an old timey song that sounds pretty good.  I guess they are going to do it.  Poor Bridget.  Okay well, if you have any comments/questions/concerns drop the site a line via email or the guest book.  See ya Monday.   


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